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  1. This is so good! The mood the record sets it's almost magical, thank you for posting (:
  2. Can I get these in mp3 320 please? Lucas & The Woods - Cultura Pop Mellah - Loco (feat. Sontje & RDN) Mellah - Family Fun Camila Moreno - Es Real Prehistoricos - Que Estes Bienés-bien-single/1502731854
  3. I haven't heard it but I love it 😍❤️
  4. Spanish speaking people wtf (I'm the only Bolivian tho)
  5. You do realize they had more commercial sucees when they made "rock" music, BNE and Riot! are actually their best selling albums xD
  6. I love this! But it kinda sounds like bury a friend by billie eilish 🤔
  7. Can I get these in mp3 320, please? Rh2 - In My Head Rh2 - What would you do without me? Rh2 - Swallowing Emotions Rh2 - Supersonic Dreamland Moontower - Rerun Moontower - Season 1: The Ballad of William Hollywood A Girl Called Eddy - Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart Cold War Kids - Who's Gonna Love Me Now I know it's a lot, thank you in advance!
  8. Can I have these two songs in 320? Lucas & the woods - Todo lo que fue Lucas & The Woods - Friendzone
  9. Can I get these in mp3 320? Hey Violet - Queen Of The Night Ashnikko - Hi, It's Me Nick Bolt - Comeme Ma (feat. Neven)ómeme-ma-feat-neven-single/1461648763 Amaia - El Relampagoámpago-single/1463188385 Amaia - Nadie Podria Hacerloía-hacerlo-single/1466815876 Amaia - Un Nuveo Lugar Carolina Durante - Perdona (Ahora Si Que Si) [feat. Amaia Romero]í-que-sí-feat-amaia-romero/1441713296?i=1441713310 thanks
  10. After listening for a few days - I can say this is my favorite album by them, so good
  11. Can I get these in mo3 320? thanks Bastille - VS (Other People's Heartache, Pt III) Bastille - Other People's Heartache, Pt 4 Bastille - Basket Case
  12. Can I get these in mp3 320 please? The Unlike Candidates - Novocaine Sunset Sons - Problems
  13. Can I get this in mp3 320 please? And thank you
  14. Can I get these in mp3 320 please? SED - Aves de Museo (EP) Wallows - 1980 Horror Film II Bettween Friends - we just need some time together Sakima - Virtus Domum The Aces - Last One (Spanish Version)
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