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  1. Battlefield 1945 might be a sequel to the arcade game Battlefield 1943 but its probably just a mistake and supposed to say Battlefield V. Also I doubt they will show Gears 5 and Halo 6 Microsoft normally have a year between them.
  2. I'm curious if you hate the band this much why even listen in the first place like did you used to like them or what?
  3. People tend to put it "sounds like Architects" now
  4. Architects haven taken that place from BMTH lol
  5. Who cares what genre it is, its sick lol
  6. I feel like their covers are slowly getting worse and worse, still like their own material though
  7. Puts the album down a couple of points for me it just ruins the flow completly for me
  8. I Don't Mind throws off the flow of the album completly, that "fuck" at the end of the song summarises it perfectly tbh