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  1. After listening to this album a lot I do like it but Freak Flag and SAVAGES really do suck probably makes it not an AOTY contender due to them two songs tbh. Them two songs just seem like two generic songs that any half decent core band will have on an album as fillers pretty much.
  2. I thought this would be a lot more popular on here, killer music from these guys as always
  3. I personally like this more than INKs album its fucking awesome
  4. Its pretty meh compared to their previous albums tbh, might just need a few more listens though
  5. Its great probably my most listened to ep ever
  6. Listened to this a lot over the past few days, probably will be the deathcore AOTY to me
  7. A good effort like it more than Aggressive not as good as Disgusting or the Sick ep imo. I liked Beartooth a lot more raw and "aggressive" to tell the truth, Caleb still writes awesome music though I will support them still. 7/10
  8. Sorry to be that guy but Sick ep >
  9. Slash should quit Guns n Roses and just make albums with these guys tbh
  10. When Drew Fulk can't even make a band sound good....