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  1. Yeah the music videos are very cringey but the music itself is decent imo lol
  2. These are actually really good if you like ambient instrumental music, I've listened to them for years didn't even know they were bringing out an album tbh
  3. Shit son is this Kirby doing cleans, dudes really improved
  4. Every Deftones album Of Mice and Men - The Flood Motionless in White - Creatures The Ghost Inside - Returners The Ghost Inside - Get What you give Bury Tomorrow -Runes Bury Tomorrow - Union of Crowns Erra - Augment Every Counterparts album August Burns Red - Messengers A Day To Remember - Homesick For All Eternity - Metanoia (Thats all I can bother to put atm)
  5. Not sure how I feel about this, it feels too mellow to me at least for Crossfaith. I will re-listen though just seems very average to me
  6. It's like what happened to neck deeps old guitarist and the rest of the band like a lot of stuff is just BS. Like I can't even remember that much evidence against the guitarist but it caused him to leave.
  7. I honestly don't know with allegations these days theres so many fake ones floating about these days so idk
  8. So much good pop punk getting released, then we have With Confidence releasing their mixtape as well
  9. I mean I just looked them up and have 2k likes and are Russian sorry I didnt know who they were
  10. Yes never heard of them
  11. One of the better deathcore albums even though theres been a lack of them this year