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  1. They are on hiatus they legit made a Facebook post about it
  2. Parkway Drive teases new song "Wishing Wells"

    It's 1/2 for the teaser videos guessing they will release the next one later in the week then the song next week
  3. Lotus Eater - Branded [Single] (2018)

    Loathes singer produces Lotus Eaters music btw
  4. Secrets - Strangers [Single] (2018)

    Yeah even the bonus tracks were
  5. Attilla - Callout 2 (Single) (2018)

    What's stopping Attila dropping their new album right now lol
  6. Lotus Eater - Branded [Single] (2018)

    Can someone sign these guys already
  7. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (2018)

    I still think Don Broco is the best album I've heard all year. This is a good album, HISD is the better album but I swear they had longer to work on that either way solid effort.
  8. Traitors - Discography (2013-2016)

    I think the EPs are better than their albums you might like night terrors if you haven't tried it
  9. You even have the black the greatest metal album since St Anger from Metallica
  10. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (2018)

    The entire discography just got put up on here it's pretty good, it's a mix between metalcore and post hardcore
  11. One Decade - Coma Visions (EP) (2018)

    Probably will just buy this to support Andrew even if I don't like it
  12. Caliban - Intoxicated (Single) (2018)

    Good song
  13. Secrets - 3.17.16 (Single) (2018)

    This isn't the YouTube comments lul
  14. TesseracT to release new album "Sonder" this Spring

    Guess this answers my question about the album cover, it's still cool I guess. I wish there was more than seven tracks but can't wait.
  15. TesseracT - Luminary [Single] (2018)

    Is that the album cover if so I like it