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  1. About time, luckly it slaps be pissed if it didn't lol
  2. Yeah definitely better than the last single but it doesnt look like this album will top the masterpiece of a record which is Dreamless or any prior material, they used to mold the old vocalists voice with the instruments so well and legit created the most beautiful death metal ever created. I want the new vocalist to live up to him but it looks like they are going for a different vibe with this album it might or might not work but I don't it will top previous material.
  3. Ah a local band, nice to see them get some attention
  4. You chat a lot of shit so its probably true
  5. Don't listen and move on instead of making a big deal out of it but you will probably not listen cause you love the attention
  6. Better than amo after first listen tbh
  7. Man this guy should just stop with music
  8. If their next album is like these songs it should be interesting
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