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  1. Damn these guys are still around?
  2. It's alright. Thanks for posting. It definitely has a few gems on it. Havent skipped a song yet. Was dreading this for awhile since godsmacks boring album came out. Felt they were going in the same direction. But this has way more good to it than that did. If this is the direction they choose to go from now on I'm ok with it. On 2nd listen it grows on you.
  3. Can you send me some links to this info? I had no idea new movies were coming!? New tenacious d movie too?
  4. This band has always been amazing. Stoked for new music.
  5. Same. This band has been consistently good since point #1
  6. Amazing masterpiece of work here. My friend finally came through while I was asleep this morning. I'm sorry I couldnt get it to you guys last night. But behemoth is finally back and I cannot stop listening. It's pretty damn close.
  7. Someone else suggested that too. I listed to the album after and hated it but I dont recall after man so ima give it a listen tomorrow when I'm on destiny.
  8. Havent listened to this band since no hope for tomorrow. But this is pretty good. Thanks man.
  9. Sweet tits. Thank you. Ready to hear the other 5 songs we didnt hear at the show.
  10. Pass the leaks only like 2 clicks and you have an album.
  11. I had no idea this was even coming. Appreciate it I got a long drive and this will help.
  12. I'm pretty stoked for this. I dont get all the hate myself. To each his own I guess. I like them.
  13. Way better than their last one. Way better. Channeling the devil at work
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