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  1. Anybody get sevendust vibes? Going to see them in 9 days with ffdp and bad wolves.
  2. I only listened to half of this album so far. I was so excited for this but man it is very poppy compared to the other two. I hope it grows on me. Full immersion tomorrow morning.
  3. Jared dines. His videos are sometimes funny and entertaining. Hes a decent drummer/guitarist.
  4. Dude. We need some new meshuggah. Totally downloading this though.
  5. I mean it's ok for just being the last thing we will hear from vinnie. But the album as a whole is kinda the same thing they always do. Wish there was more of something I cant put my finger on here. But regardless vinnie is missed. Irreplaceable is a pretty nice touch they added at the end there.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks hes trying to sound more like austin every release?
  7. Kinda crazy only a few comments on opeth. I'll give it a spin tomorrow. But I miss his harsh vox. However the single sounds pretty good so I have Hope's this is better than the last 2. Edit: it is better than the last 2. I wasnt a fan of the more jazzy approach. But this album is pretty damn good. It would be a disservice to progressive rock/metal not to spin this at least once.
  8. It's not bad. Definitely niles better than the last 2 were. I dig it.
  9. It's so good. I really dig this one. Thanks guys.
  10. Ah shit I totally forgot about this gem.
  11. Alright gonna give this a go although I didnt enjoy the last one very much, but I love jesse and this band. So I'm hoping it's better. Yall give me yalls honest opinions here cause I cant listen until tomorrow when we go get my stepson.
  12. I havent listened to any singles from this yet. What am I gonna be walking into on release? Yay or nay?
  13. So I have listened to the record several times now I can fully digest it I think. Solid album. Miles better in terms of what a slipknot album should be than .5 was. Nero forte is my favorite track off of this one. The fast choppy screaming on top of that weird chorus really hits me everytime. I think we got the album we were hoping we were gonna get from them although my only gripe is that the interludes are not what I would think a slipknot interlude would be. But that's about it. I love it. I'm absolutely happy with this. I give it a 9/10. It is definitely a contender for aoty for me.
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