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  1. This album was the best since untouchables or talitm. Thanks for the new links. Giving it another spin.
  2. I love this band. Yes they have a similar style to bmth. But as of writing this this album will probably be better than what bmth have become. Satiate my need for rock bmth bad omens.
  3. Anyone know when the album is due out? Or news? I havent been able to find any info since 17. Shit I just flipped back to the first page ignore my dumbass.
  4. Ya that sucks dude. I'll just put it on the same playlist with the album and make it a part of it.
  5. I like it. But I've been a fan since 1998. My first concert ever was Iowa tour 2002. So I may be biased but my undying love and support hasnt changed. Also it seems a lot of people forgot they had a few softer songs on Iowa as well. I can hear the elements of Iowa in this song but as a whole it wouldnt belong in 2002.
  6. That. Was. Fantastic. Creatures influence on that one. Hope for more like this.
  7. This is bad. I dont like the new direction they have been going in at all. Last good album was just like you. I used to really love this band but damn this hasnt been for me in awhile. I wish they would focus more on their rock side because ronnie is not a good rapper. It's cool every once in awhile but it's easy to tell that's the direction hes taking this band and it just sucks. Another disappointment here and it really sucks cause I was hoping to like this. The Corey feature was cool and all but the use of autotune the heavy rap elements and the "rapping" he does is just bad. Damn this makes me sad. I'll always have the old albums I guess...I'm glad so many other people like it though. Hope the album is better than you expected.
  8. Dude yes. The last song "there is no tomorrow" leaves the album on such a badass note. 9/10 for me as well
  9. These guys are still around I see. I'll give it a go. Thanks.
  10. Holy shit batman this is unexpected and I am beyond stoked for this. Thank you.
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