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  1. Well damn. Guess its finally time to write this band off. Kinda makes me embarassed to wear my old reckless and suas merch now...
  2. Way better than and justice for none. Way better. This album is pretty fucking good considering all factors. Songwriting is better. Music has more passion. This is what we should have got instead of ajfn. Doesnt feel like they just pushed this out to appease people. I like it.
  3. Suhweet. Thanks. Saving rest of album for my virgin ears when my boss is around. He fucking loves these dudes and is stupid stoked for this.
  4. Holy fuck I forgot about these guys.
  5. Not bad. Wasnt expecting great. But sounds better than catharsis.
  6. I liked it. Better than anything from ritual. In between is still better.
  7. It's not for me. But my wife's cousin loves it. So thank you.
  8. Album in my humble opinion is a lot better than Carter v. I really like this one.
  9. Yessss. Thrash needs to make a legitimate comeback. I miss it so much.
  10. I hope we get a full album soon. 3 songs go by too quick.
  11. So far kinda 90s sounding. True to original sound but a little different. Pretty cool.
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