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  1. Division was good too. Second album. Theyre all good but some stand out more than others.
  2. Im sold now. Bring on the album. This song is the tits.
  3. Its almost like he took a huge rip, coughed his ass off, then told them he was fine keep recording.
  4. Dude. I love this album. Such an underrated band. Listened today all day, pre-ordered album, virtual concert ticket for tomorrow's show, and me and the wife album release shirts from the show. Can't wait til tomorrow night, im digging these virtual tours bands are doing. when is sevendust dropping? Im out of the loop and that news made my day.
  5. man his voice is completely shot. Its time to give up. He was a legend.
  6. Hell yes. I forgot about these dudes.
  7. Nice insult try though. Guess we know how bothered you were about what i said. Struck a nerve. Have a good one
  8. I like this dude and never would have heard the rest of his albums without yall. So thanks. Gonna be buying them from now on. Libertarian too bro
  9. I liked it a lot. Listened for a few days straight. I've been waiting on a cd rip though before I wear it out because I'm sure its gonna sound a lot different than this.
  10. Nah. 9 times out of 10 here they aint got shit. Been here for like 8 years and its always either walmart or target. And also they dont have a disc drive or way to send it. Also maybe get a friend to come with his laptop. Never happens. Ever.
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