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  1. I hope we get a full album soon. 3 songs go by too quick.
  2. So far kinda 90s sounding. True to original sound but a little different. Pretty cool.
  3. Holy shit I didnt even know these guys still existed.
  4. 1. Korn - the nothing 2. Tool- fear inoculum 3. Slipknot - we are not your kind 4. Fit for an autopsy- sea of tragic beasts 5. Rammstein- self titled 6. Whitechapel- the valley 7. Motionless in white- disguise 8. Norma jean- all hail 9. As I lay dying- shaped by fire 10. Shadow of intent- melancholy
  5. Anybody get sevendust vibes? Going to see them in 9 days with ffdp and bad wolves.
  6. I only listened to half of this album so far. I was so excited for this but man it is very poppy compared to the other two. I hope it grows on me. Full immersion tomorrow morning.
  7. Jared dines. His videos are sometimes funny and entertaining. Hes a decent drummer/guitarist.
  8. Dude. We need some new meshuggah. Totally downloading this though.
  9. I mean it's ok for just being the last thing we will hear from vinnie. But the album as a whole is kinda the same thing they always do. Wish there was more of something I cant put my finger on here. But regardless vinnie is missed. Irreplaceable is a pretty nice touch they added at the end there.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks hes trying to sound more like austin every release?
  11. Kinda crazy only a few comments on opeth. I'll give it a spin tomorrow. But I miss his harsh vox. However the single sounds pretty good so I have Hope's this is better than the last 2. Edit: it is better than the last 2. I wasnt a fan of the more jazzy approach. But this album is pretty damn good. It would be a disservice to progressive rock/metal not to spin this at least once.
  12. It's not bad. Definitely niles better than the last 2 were. I dig it.
  13. It's so good. I really dig this one. Thanks guys.
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