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  1. This is bad. I dont like the new direction they have been going in at all. Last good album was just like you. I used to really love this band but damn this hasnt been for me in awhile. I wish they would focus more on their rock side because ronnie is not a good rapper. It's cool every once in awhile but it's easy to tell that's the direction hes taking this band and it just sucks. Another disappointment here and it really sucks cause I was hoping to like this. The Corey feature was cool and all but the use of autotune the heavy rap elements and the "rapping" he does is just bad. Damn this makes me sad. I'll always have the old albums I guess...I'm glad so many other people like it though. Hope the album is better than you expected.
  2. Dude yes. The last song "there is no tomorrow" leaves the album on such a badass note. 9/10 for me as well
  3. These guys are still around I see. I'll give it a go. Thanks.
  4. Holy shit batman this is unexpected and I am beyond stoked for this. Thank you.
  5. I liked bring me home too though I thought it was a nice takeaway for the emotion in the song. In my opinion.
  6. I bet at 320 this shit will bump in my car. I've listened to it probably 15 times now so I have an official verdict now. Every single song on this album is fucking amazing in it's own way. The slow the brutal the fast and the melodic. Theres not one song on the entire record that i dont like or have to skip. I am totally in love with this and it is probably the best album of the latter half of their career. Granted i have liked everything that they have done so far but i really do love this album. 10/10 for me. From start to finish is the only way to fully digest the excellence that is this album. Thank you whitechapel for making it and thank you KL for streaming and posting it. Ima go listen to it again. Later guys. I love you all. Aoty it has my vote.
  7. It's about CD quality I guess maybe a little less. It's good enough for now.
  8. Hey thanks for the update. I think both will be cool to have in case one goes down. Which tends to happen with big leaks on here so ya sweet action Jackson. Yall have angood one.
  9. The cleans feel out of place to me like they were thrown in just so the dude could be on the song. Overall though million times better than anything on lifelines. Will need to hear more.
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