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  1. But a million times better than icp. I think the same thing when I listen to these guys though.
  2. I shall start with those. The single gave me an atreyu vibe. But a later atreyu vibe. I like the growls though. Thanks man.
  3. Thanks man gonna give it a listen tomorrow along with drowned god
  4. Never heard of the drowned god. Went to check it out since you mentioned and you are correct. Also thanks for the good new music suggestion.
  5. Its all good man. I love the genre myself but the single just seemed like it was bland to me. That's why I was asking if the album would be better than the last song. I figure they would put the weaker stuff at the end ya?
  6. Dude I was just asking. I wasnt talking shit about it. Really what I'm asking is if the rest of the album is better than the single or about the same.
  7. Not a big doom fan but this band is pretty great. Thanks for this.
  8. You mean like reading poetry or "rapping"? Only a few parts are the old spoken word style not entire songs.
  9. I probably wont like this. But I have high Hope's. Will update after tomorrow. Edit: after listening three times I feel like this is the weakest album for me. It's just ok. Will continue to support band though but I could take it or leave it with this one.
  10. I hope the rest of this album isnt all as poppy as this
  11. I'm late to the party but damn this is good stuff
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