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  1. Also fit for an autopsy to add to that list 👌
  2. Yeah after a few listens this is far superior in every way to reclaimer. The songwriting is better, the vocals are better and the guitars sound better. Reclaimer was great but this is their best album in my opinion.
  3. Fuck yeah! This album is so good. Thanks so much!
  4. Great album! Big step up from the last release. Thanks!
  5. Disagree, shadow of intent is on par but this is solid. Thanks
  6. Fantastic album! Definitely miles ahead of boundless. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! This album in incredible! I see some 7/10 reviews out there... makes me wonder why they let deaf people review albums. Didn’t know what to expect from the singles but this is elite musicianship at its finest.
  8. I’ve always liked currents since I had their first ep. but this... I mean it’s good, but every song sounds exactly the same with the same riffs. The creativity has diminished with each release. I’ll still listen to this, but they aren’t at the top of the genre after this release imo.
  9. Great album. Get an old reflections vibe mixed with some afterimage and erra. Thanks!
  10. This is decent, but it’s very confusing. They have always done their own thing which I respect and appreciate, but at the same time I wish they would focus their talent and translate it into an album from start to finish. 6/10 from me.
  11. Amazing album! I like it better than the other 2. Thanks
  12. Can’t wait to dig into this! Thank you!
  13. Love this album! Much better than drift imo. Thanks!
  14. Excellent album! Thanks for sharing! Had never heard of them
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