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  1. Stupid excited for this album. Thanks for the upload!
  2. Thousand Belows little brother that he has to drag everywhere
  3. I really like this. Their last LP was pretty solid.
  4. This is the most important thing today. Thank you so much Summers!
  5. thanks man! the reason I asked is because the drum tone sounded super familiar, and I was right by thinking it was the same producer as whoever did Eternal Nightmare! I loved everything about Deathgrip expect the drum tone, it kinda puts me off a little but this one sounds a lot tighter IMO!
  6. who produced this? I don't think it's Nick Sampson again, It's super tight this time.
  7. "Featuring Mark Poida" I thought he was still in the band?
  8. this is solid. Redemption for Self Inflicted for sure. Thanks for the upload!
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