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  1. Thank You! Super excited for this one! GCJ is such a good musician
  2. The fact that I9K got Sam Kubrick .. Stanley Kubrick's (The Shining) grandson to do vocals on a song about The Shining makes this 1000 times better
  3. Been jamming a lot of WSTR Red Green or Inbetween is too good! Thanks for the other recommendations i'll be sure to check them out!
  4. Trophy Eyes are sweet! Can't believe I forgot to mention them Chemical Miracles was one of my favourite from 2016. Carousel Kings are awesome too if you get a chance to see them again I highly recommend going up and talking to them they're super nice dudes. My former band played with them a few times and we bumped into them at warped tour and they let us hang and watch their set from the stage!
  5. Listen to a lot of Seaway, Rarity, Coldfront, Neck Deep, Boston Manor, Grayscale, Catch Fire, Like Pacific, Homesafe .. wondering if anyone's got some less than mainstream pop-punk recommendations, would be appreciated!
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