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  1. Thank you!! The missus will be very happy later.
  2. Thank you guys, looking forward to this so much.
  3. Its some skill to use effects to turn one of the most distinctive voices in modern rock into something totally different. I really don't understand why you'd mess with his unique sounding voice.
  4. Thank you so much! My favourite artist is the whole world.
  5. Really solid album, some excellent heavy & melodic parts, some amazing riffs too. I have major gripe with it though, the snare tone is horrible. It 'Pops' like a downtuned kick and feels flat as hell. Besides that, it's really great. Cheers as always guys.
  6. Juggalo's of the world will rejoice with this leak! I don't usually have a go at artists as we all like different stuff, but this is terrible. I'm older and grew up with Rakim, Big L, Nas, Company Flow, Wu, Mos Def, Monch, Gangstarr, Mobb Deep etc. Its basically walmart discount rap.
  7. Missus was a huge fan of these way back when. Hopefully they've still got it. Thanks as always.
  8. Not too shabby, but interested to see how it fits into the flow of the album. This Is the second track (excluding intro) after Unsainted and it feels more like a mid album track to me.
  9. You believe this is best album they've ever done? better than Guitar Gangsters? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but come on. I'd rank this near the bottom of their discography, its got a couple of decent songs, the rest is just insipid.
  10. Cheers guys, will have a happy wife when she's back home.
  11. It's alright, nothing mind blowing. Bands MiW, Crossfaith, Issues etc have been doing the electronica stuff for ages so dunno how this is 'fresh' tbh. That being said, music is subjective, if you love this, that's great, we all like different stuff. My personal favourite Aussie releases this year are from 'Dealer' & 'The Gloom in the Corner'
  12. Is this still the new Motionless in White thread? Its standard Nu-Metalcore that we've heard a million times before. Not really feeling it at all.
  13. Not bad, I think the album flows better than graveyard shift, but not saying it has better songs overall. They can be an infuriating band to follow at times. They put out great tracks like Undead 2 and Code. Then have legacy, which sounds exactly like a Shinedown song my wife plays. Overall, pretty solid 7/10.
  14. Cheers guys, wife will be pleased!
  15. My issue with the vocals isn't the style, but the mix. At times they sound separated from the rest of the tracks and it sounds awkward as hell. Cheers as always guys.
  16. Thanks guys, looking forward to this.
  17. Ooof, this is lovely!! Step up, without sacrificing anything. Cheers as usual guys.
  18. Thanks guys, looking forward to this.
  19. Did they share a studio with Motionless In White? Solid production, just pretty uninspired and It's something that's been done to death. Was expecting more from them tbh.
  20. It's alright, its Amon Amarth, they have formula, stick to it and its what you expect. Nothing amazing, but not bad either. Cheers as always guys.
  21. It's just 100% Rammstein, its what they do. Definitely a live head nodding track.
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