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  1. Thank you, need to re-add all of these after the death of my ipod. Much appreciated.
  2. Thank you!! Looking forward to giving it a spin.
  3. He's so desperate to be a 'pop star' he's forgotten what he's actually good at.
  4. Lyrically this is pretty poor, their worst album in terms of lyrics by a mile. Some of the stuff is cringy emo type stuff. I'm huge fan of lyrics in general and they are often a killer for me (personally) There older stuff used have some really well written stuff too, oh well.
  5. Lot of input into the actual album. You listen with your ears, not your eyes. That being said, it's nowhere near their best work, pretty poor tbh.
  6. Thank you Ashtiel!!! I no longer have a wife asking me 'Check to see if its leaked yet' every hour. Much appreciated & have a great Christmas.
  7. How's everyone's ears working? He's clearly saying 'BURY'
  8. Thank you so much!!! Broadcasting was awesome, hopefully this is too.
  9. Featured track is KSE by numbers song. Will give the full album a whirl as they have all the elements of a good metalcore band.
  10. Give it a twirl after seeing the responses. Generally not my thing, so this isn't a sleight, just an observation. Didn't dislike it by any means, was some catchy fun moments. I just found the melodies and vocal delivery to be very samey on each song. No expert on this kind of stuff, so that might how it's supposed to sound and I'm an idiot.
  11. Really unsure about both tracks. Last album was an absolute banger, hopefully the new album as a whole entity works with these singles. Thanks for the links as always guys.
  12. One word 'Insipid' It's like an over produced B-Sides album, feel sorry for die hard fans.
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