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  1. Thank you Lord Rorschach!!! My prediction was right for once.
  2. Solid enough sound, production and vibe. Lyrically it could be better, but definitely potential, will keep an eye on them. Thanks as always guys.
  3. Thank you so much for getting those albums for me pal. Very much appreciated, happy happy guy tonight.

    1. Lord Rorschach

      Lord Rorschach

      Anytime my man. Always here to help. Enjoy them - they are amazing.

  4. Cheers guys, looking forward to hearing this.
  5. Not too shabby, decent enough album. Cheers.
  6. Haven't heard anything by these at all. Saw a lot of hype and gave it a whirl, not for me at all. Don't really like bagging on stuff that others enjoy, so a gentle overview. I can see these as being a gateway band for younger fans. The sound is something you'd easily grow out of as you mature. One thing I will hit them hard on is the lyrics. I love good songwriting and this is pretty poor at best. I can see what they aimed for, but lyrically its like a 12yr olds fb page full of depression memes.
  7. Enjoyed the featured single, so will give it a whirl. Cheers guys.
  8. Thank you, looking forward to this. Such an awesome voice.
  9. Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  10. Thank you, need to re-add all of these after the death of my ipod. Much appreciated.
  11. He's so desperate to be a 'pop star' he's forgotten what he's actually good at.
  12. Lyrically this is pretty poor, their worst album in terms of lyrics by a mile. Some of the stuff is cringy emo type stuff. I'm huge fan of lyrics in general and they are often a killer for me (personally) There older stuff used have some really well written stuff too, oh well.
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