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  1. Check out letlive. infinitely better than anything he's done in Fever or this No Yourself is the first noteworthy thing Jason's done since letlive.
  2. Amazing. In my top 5 Joji tracks after first listen
  3. 6 fucking pages of discussion over a 7/10 at best album from a previously awful band... God how overrated these folks are Album is surprisingly dope, opener reminds me of Slaves a lot, but the lyrics in Where Did it Go? are fucking dogshit arrogant fuckery, does the guy seriously think they are "rejecting the herd, ahead of the curve"? Cmon xD
  4. Absolutely phenomenal. This is their best album yet. The cleans and the more traditional song structures here and there bring just enough versatility to make the album thoroughly loveable and interesting with absolutely no filler or dull moments, the emotion is still there, the lyrics are better than ever, dealing mostly with the issues of self-discovery (as always), love, and even evolution as a band and in their sound. There are some tunes that are straight up light-hearted jams by Hotel Books standards (like Celebration or I Knew Better...), there are some straight-up top-tier movie soundtrack-ish cuts with absolutely outstanding poetry (like Fears We Create) and there are some (like the second to last three) that are absolutely emotionally CRUSHING. Where I Am is fucking incredible. I knew they were on to something big since I've first heard Van Nuys, but I had no idea it was going to be THIS big. The hardest of bumps on this. Run Wild, Sad Bois
  5. This is gonna be their best album, no doubt. Celebration is genius, and the other two are heartbreakingly beautiful and monumental. Can't wait.
  6. So this is what you were feeling compelled to let the internet know. What a damn shame. Really should've kept it to yourself.
  7. Fuck yeah Posty. The feature was completely unneccessary, but it's hella lit.
  8. I'm lowkey disappointed because he abandoned the Pale Emperor sound, but this slays so I'm not gonna complain
  9. Holy fucking shit. I consider myself a huge-ass Shikari fan and I went from being EXTREMELY underwhelmed to absolutely loving the ever-living fuck out of this. I need this in my life. Almost all of the songs are insanely uplifting and catchy, they are far from shallow but are very accessible, and some of them are straight-up monumental. This is exactly what my depressed ass needs rn. Shikari never disappoints, only my expectations do
  10. The first single off this album that got me, but it got me hard... This is not the good old Stray I miss, but brand new Stay I can certainly get down with
  11. Wow the new sample in this is awful. I'm sooo glad the single version leaked, this version is actually way worse. I hope OK and Dissolve didn't take this hard of a beating.
  12. They went straight experimental with this one. Fucking stellar.
  13. Same here dude. I actually adore it to death. I consider it a modern classic, a voice of a generation that people will hopefully grow on to celebrate as one of the greatest albums of all time.
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