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  1. Debut was too short, kinda spotty and overall a mess, but this... This is fucking amazing. It has mad atmosphere, is brutal but insanely catchy at the same time, and every single time I found myself getting bored of the usual Z&A formula he/they pulled something that totally caught me off guard... The styles they incorporate into their music are explored more, neither the soul nor the black metal are as by-the-numbers as on the debut, the electronic tracks flow better with the album, it's a lot longer and infinitely more captivating than the debut. Loving this. Gonna be in my top 5 albums of the year for sure Fav tracks: Gravedigger's Chant, Don't You Dare (been waiting to hear since I've heard the live version half a year ago), Fire Of Motion, You Ain't Coming Back (my new favourite), We Can't Be Found, Stranger Fruit (holy fucking shit what is this track), Coagula/Built On Ashes
  2. Check out letlive. infinitely better than anything he's done in Fever or this No Yourself is the first noteworthy thing Jason's done since letlive.
  3. Amazing. In my top 5 Joji tracks after first listen
  4. That We Look Like Lightning rip is basically earrape in headphones. It's a damn shame because the track itself is fucking transcendent. Can't wait for this holy shit
  5. Second half is pretty fire, which is strange because first half is atrociously bad
  6. 6 fucking pages of discussion over a 7/10 at best album from a previously awful band... God how overrated these folks are Album is surprisingly dope, opener reminds me of Slaves a lot, but the lyrics in Where Did it Go? are fucking dogshit arrogant fuckery, does the guy seriously think they are "rejecting the herd, ahead of the curve"? Cmon xD
  7. Absolutely phenomenal. This is their best album yet. The cleans and the more traditional song structures here and there bring just enough versatility to make the album thoroughly loveable and interesting with absolutely no filler or dull moments, the emotion is still there, the lyrics are better than ever, dealing mostly with the issues of self-discovery (as always), love, and even evolution as a band and in their sound. There are some tunes that are straight up light-hearted jams by Hotel Books standards (like Celebration or I Knew Better...), there are some straight-up top-tier movie soundtrack-ish cuts with absolutely outstanding poetry (like Fears We Create) and there are some (like the second to last three) that are absolutely emotionally CRUSHING. Where I Am is fucking incredible. I knew they were on to something big since I've first heard Van Nuys, but I had no idea it was going to be THIS big. The hardest of bumps on this. Run Wild, Sad Bois
  8. This is gonna be their best album, no doubt. Celebration is genius, and the other two are heartbreakingly beautiful and monumental. Can't wait.
  9. So this is what you were feeling compelled to let the internet know. What a damn shame. Really should've kept it to yourself.
  10. Nice troll fam, had a gigl. Chris Motionless is a joke indeed xD
  11. Stating that TTTS was their best, calling people fucking plebs. Faith in humanity lost. I hope you're joking. I fucking hate the TTTS worship going on. I mean, that album is fantastic, but they're in a whole different league now, and it's basically incomparable atp, also infinitely better IMO. They should've changed their name before Common Dreads tbh xD
  12. An Ode To Lost Jigsaw Pieces had me crying like a little bitch. For me, this is most likely the GOAT Shikari song ever. This whole album came out at a time and point in my life where I needed it the most, and it hit me like nothing else did before, especially (but not only) Jigsaw Pieces. I can't even put into words how eagerly I've been waiting for this and how much I'm loving it. A soul-elevating work of art. I don't know what I was expecting tho... after all, this is Shikari, one of the greatest things I've had the pleasure of experiencing.
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