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  1. Great song, I'm glad they're keeping the groovy ending formula from previous songs , the structure of this one is similar to Sumertime Gladness (which isn't a bad thing) . Each one of the singles have different sound , let's hope they accomplished that with the 11 songs that are left .
  2. I don't know how to feel about the three singles, I really enjoyed all of them, but I just can't listen to them casually. Either way, I think this sound is going to be huge at shows, just as Ire.
  3. Definitely going to listen to this later, Unfamiliar it's still one of my favorites EP's ever.
  4. I feel like The Bad Chapter doesn't sounds like Issues, maybe they're similar to Sycamour
  5. Loved this album, but this is true, the melody is exactly the same
  6. That's a feature done the right way!! This is so good, they said they were aiming to mix Satori and Connector for this album, the vibe in this song is amazing. Can't wait for hearing the rest. Connector seems hard to top, but this single is giving me high hopes.
  7. A Lot Like Birds-No Place(2013) A Lot Like Birds-Conversation Piece(2011) Tides of Man-Empire Theory(2009) Tides of Man-Dreamhouse(2010) Strawberry Girls-American Graffitti(2015) Strawberry Girls-French Ghetto(2013) Kurt Travis-Everything is Beautiful(2014) Hey dude!! Its amazing that youre doing this again, I know some of these are out there but on low quality, and most of these arent out there hahaha, maybe ypou can find those, thanks dude, youre amazing, and merry christmas
  8. The first half feels kind of weak, but the second half sounds really good, I hope it leaks this week.
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