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  1. Spent the whole day listening to this, I'm totally sold to these guys They've published a well written message on their facebook page about how they wanted to take their time putting out new material, more singles, less albums, less shows Can't wait for more
  2. Really loved Borealis, a band with a huge potential Expected something a bit heavier but I'm ok with that direction
  3. Ah ok, he's not that popular where I live in Europe but glad to hear that !
  4. A true artist, hope he'll make it big in music
  5. I'm french but I can't understand a single word from black metal, still enjoying it Overall, I almost never like anything from french bands But guilty was maybe not the appropriate word tho, yea
  6. This is hilarious, gratz @Ohm@PaidInFull for that track, top notch quality as usual @BenjaminBurnley that feat was really cool lmao I'd be honored if you guys can slip a quack in the next one long live kings, you deserve that VIP
  7. Totally digging those guitar tones, that breakdown was funny I really hope they're coming back to something closer than Scripted rather than their last album
  8. Probably the Passenger single I enjoy the most so far, album will be juicy af
  9. It's average at best imo. Def not that bad, but nowhere from their best
  10. Sound is actually ok if you're trippin balls irl eheh, balls, get it?
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