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  1. Cool song. These guys have been on the scene for so long, I'm still impressed they manage to keep it up
  2. Just came across that band randomly, never heard of them before, this release sounds really good, White Lies is catchy
  3. Was afraid during the first seconds of the song, but the whole thing is tasty and the chorus is damn catchy Count me in for that album hype
  4. This is damn good, video is weird af but this sounds really good. Vocals are amazing
  5. Absolute BANGER ! What an amazing song, that band is really insane
  6. Cool stuff. Always glad whatever these guys put out, the nostalgia of their first albums kicks hard
  7. Aight then, I honestly didn't know, thanks for telling me!
  8. Always loved that band, Four Walls was amazing, and so is this single Looking forward for more !
  9. Very similar tone to ABR for sure, a very pleasant first listen so far, I was really hyped by the singles, I'm a bit salty because the album is a bit short, but it's def really good
  10. Kinda weak but my fav songs from that band were always the non-single ones, so there's hope in this album
  11. Did I just find back the hope I lost in HU 6 years ago? Perhaps I did, this shit is good
  12. Bruv I can't recall how many times I've listened to this album, what a banger
  13. I remember this video of them doing a show in Portugal I think and they're like "c'mon guys get hyped or we leave", crowd is booing them and throwing shit at them, they finally flip off the crowd and leave while insulting them I sometimes wonder how these guys feel about their reputation
  14. This. Discovered Sycamour some days ago, that album is truly a masterpiece
  15. I honestly hate this music because I've heard it way too much some years ago but this cover is damn good
  16. Loving that one. Either hard or soft, any of their song is amazing so far
  17. Wonderful cover. Female singer reminds me of Lacey Strum Always a sucker for anything released by BB also
  18. Didn't really enjoy Sync but this one really does it for me Can't believe All the hell was already 3 years ago...
  19. Loving it after a few listens, on a par with expectations
  20. Dudes could have just put a damn triangle with a sun behind but nooooo let's exhume that emo trend
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