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  1. Their past album Claustrophobic is a really good jam, this one is really good as well, love it An alternative version of Currents band imo, Brian Wille is featuring on Claustrophobic also
  2. Very solid album, Modern Slave is a banger
  3. What an amazing album, love it
  4. I'm almost sure Tourniquet does not have original voice record, chorus sounds different and at some point there's kind of a twist where he says "take the fire from within" instead of "tame the fire from within", you can also hear there's less autotune. I'll assume some vocals are re-recorded BUT it's still a lazy album, I'll allow that
  5. Actually pleased with this one, different but lovely. Instru is reeeeally cool
  6. Alright so to anyone who expect anything new/amazing from this album, it will be a let down But if you love BB for whatever they put out and/or if you love every singer that features on this album because of nostalgia, album is really enjoyable I'm part of the second option, I'll understand every other dislike because that's a lazy record, but that'll be a kudos from me
  7. Low effort verses, everything else is really enjoyable. Can't wait to see how this single blends in the whole album
  8. Gr8 Chorus is very decent, verses are tasty That solo was refreshing af
  9. Lmao PD back at it again trolling the fans
  10. Artwork is fucking horrible. At first I thought song was decent but I actually fucking hate it as well
  11. It's actually not "that" bad imo, but lyrics are cringy af
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