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  1. I find it catchy, didn't expect much, pretty fun to listen to imo
  2. Promising, screams are good, instru is sometimes messy imo
  3. Surprisingly really good, I expected intrumental to be bland, turns out catchy
  4. Damn that slaps, not an Eminem fanboi but that's gud
  5. everyone: in which direction is your band going ?! OMAM: yes
  6. Screams & cleans are good & instru is heavy yet it's a bit boring somehow, definitely a good track but could be easily forgotten
  7. Oh yes dig those nasty spanish insults down my throat
  8. I'm honestly a bit disappointed eventho it's still very decent, I expected an insane instrumental as usual, that should be the reason why it's a little let down for me Just an opinion
  9. I prefer this one over Deutschland, quality Rammstein here
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