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  1. Amusing The reference to the Silver Scream was funny as well
  2. Hella catchy, first time I like a song from them in years, hope they'll keep it up
  3. No doubt they are good at what they are doing I find this one better than the first half of the album. Songwritting is really good imo, some tunes are really catchy My fav is still Selective Hearing, but I'm not disappointed
  4. I expected to be disappointed but this is actually damn good, never been into them that much aside some songs, but this is really catchy and impressive
  5. Way more promising than Noire, can't wait for more in b4 baguette
  6. We recently had a debate with friends about which artist would cause the biggest shitstorm worldwide if he/she was suddenly found dead I would have said Celine Dion but I'm not totally sure how big she is aside francophone countries so I might be biased, just like Johnny Hallyday Her or Madonna, idk
  7. Catchy chorus yea, love the drums especially
  8. I'm down for anything BB puts out Acoustic? Remaster? Featuring? Hell yeah and I'll suck a lot of things to get these Pumped af
  9. Yea after posting I thought myself someone would legit answer that it would only take me 10 mins, I'm just a lazy person Will give it a try then
  10. Enjoying it really much, far from their best work but it totally pleases me
  11. I've been an absolute fan of the first album but each release is a bit more disappointing to me (don't get me wrong: I'm not saying they are bad, I just can't get into them as much as before) Is this one worth listening to?
  12. I checked the songs I've listened the most back when the album released and can't hear any major differernce, so I'd say no, but I might be wrong Thriller is a really interesting cover
  13. That's kinda catchy, love the way that band's turning to
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