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  1. So what was the purple yellow one for?
  2. It's been some days and I've probably listened to Stay With Me 150+ times
  3. The more I listen to it the more I like it tbh Only thing that piss me off is that art cover which I find very uninspired A wolf, c'mon
  4. Love it, their previous work is really amazing as well
  5. That art cover is hella creepy man
  6. Welcome back in 2003 please have a sit
  7. I find it good overall, catchy, sometimes pop, sometimes heavier, riffs are entertaining, definitely a good jam Too short indeed, can't wait for more I wish they could produce more of their own music rather than covers, their creativity is always good and always on par
  8. Aight so, I can't seem to find really good songs like Arga on Dreamcatchers or Wildminds or Creeds & Vultures on Seven, except maybe Glitch or Avalon that I find really great (apart from the released singles that were very decent as well) I find the album consistent, it's really good, sadly it's not excellent, and I love The Royal since the beginning Will definitely buy the album to show support to these guys
  9. Dad Rock lol Wait is this a thing
  10. Cool stuff ! Saw them live some weeks ago with Wage War & ABR, won't say they stole the show but they put so much energy in their music, it was a total blast I highly recommend seeing them live if possible
  11. Slept on this one. Decent, RIP old In Flames tho Thanks for the share as usual @LKA !
  12. Wasn't a big fan of Kayzo's work with Our Last Night, I'm even more skeptical about this one It sounds good at start and as soon as the dubstep vibes kick, it sounds weird I don't really find the synergy, but that might be me
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