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  1. Loving it after a few listens, on a par with expectations
  2. Dudes could have just put a damn triangle with a sun behind but nooooo let's exhume that emo trend
  3. I don't know shit about J metal or J music at large but I find it really catchy and stimulating
  4. Totally forgot about that christian band, actually digging it a lot, so much nostalgia
  5. Wow I haven't enjoyed an IHW single so much in a long long time, this is hella good Ending is tight
  6. Honestly disapointed as well by the vocals but instrumental keeps me hooked for some reason
  7. Not really into the electronic part but that could totally fit in the rest of the album Rest of the song is fire for sure
  8. If this is at least as good as Inner Signals, this band will def blow up for sure
  9. That's hella good, those instru are talking to my soul, it feels really good
  10. Yo that's fire @967-EVIL I'm loving it, I'd totally workout listening to it ! EP when ??
  11. Like Vultures until 2014 had the same line up as Verah Falls. It seems there's only Jacob Krueger and Dylan Williams that still remain in the current line up, according to their current Facebook description, recently updated
  12. I'm totally addicted to that band for years, I really encourage people listening to Win some x Lose some, many catchy songs First version of this song released a year ago was slightly better imo, but it's still good
  13. I would pay a lot to play a game with that kind of funny shit & other stuff like audience laughing effects when you die etc.
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