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  1. Woah, didn't expect that from them Verses are insane and chorus is really catchy, love it
  2. Actually decent, that heavy bridge was more than welcomed, I wish the veses were like that Also on par with the first half of the release, but as their songs' structure is always the same, I just don't get why they release it in two separated parts
  3. Finally ! Thanks so much, can't wait to drown myself into this one
  4. Before this thread hits 5 pages of arguments: AILD good Tim bad Now let's enjoy the music
  5. Sounds like a Ellie Goulding song but ok
  6. Your average yet mediocre boner atempt music video of 2019 But what else could we expect from such a line up
  7. That's really good, rather surprised how good it is, I lost interest in this band years ago but that's something that would make me curious again
  8. I'm so glad this album is out, that's exactly what I needed atm and exactly what I expected from them Very solid album
  9. Reminds me of Periphery, but I don't know shit about VoM apart from last album That breakdown is hella tasty tho, I'm thristy for more
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