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  1. Amazing record. I honestly dropped interest since Release the Panic, but wow this album is really good, I'm finding in it what I used to love about that band Nothing will top End of Silence but I'm totally biased and not objective, however I'll spin this one a lot, for sure
  2. Amazing album. I'm totally in love, it's like the best of their past releases blended together Favorite tracks: Paramount, Dismembered memory, Extinct by instinct, Bloodletter, Three Fountains
  3. Oh I heard a lot of that guy's past covers, always found them really cool and powerful, didn't understand this guy didn't get more fame Halfway through this release, pretty cool, glad to see he's still going on
  4. Isn't that a one-man project, from what I recall? Or am I wrong? However, fucking love past releases, gonna blast this
  5. I'm totally stuck on that song since yesterday Really hoping the rest of the album is like this or Defender
  6. Fantastic song, best single out of the 3 hands down So cool. What does it taste?
  7. The end is something else, can't get enough of that band, each new song is really a fun listen
  8. Second half of the song is a monster, would listen again
  9. Really loving that one, so much energy, wish it was a bit longer
  10. Chorus is really good, otherwise it's ok But I've never really been into them, wasn't expecting much
  11. Their song structure never gets old, vocals and riffs are top notch
  12. Solid song, remarquable atmosphere, totally down for more
  13. Asking Alexandria. I already posted it two years ago, the feeling is the same I'll just never understand. Each time they anounce something new, people are sucking each others dicks in KL chat because of the hype When it's released it's total trash obviously and people are still surprised like "oh wow it's really bad how could that be?" Threads are always a fucking mess for weeks and it really makes me mad Years after, a new release is anounced, people seem to have no memory and it's time to whip out that dick for a new feast
  14. YES ! Finally, I'm so glad these guys are back !
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