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  1. Wow that's really solid, just a few songs in and I'm in love
  2. It's simple: 1) Some mods are doing black magic fuckery 2) We download 3) We yell quality is shit 4) We argue with each others based on our tastes & subjectivity
  3. When I see a new album I can listen to from a band I love, I have a feeling it's a special day, that happens only a few times every year Today is one of these days Thank you
  4. Uninspired cover Decent verses / screams Disapointing chorus / cleans
  5. Didnt' expect it to be heavy but expected it to be... heavier Gud nonetheless
  6. Oh wow, this one is so good, probably my fav single they have released recently among the others A solid album incoming
  7. Cool song, good vibe, as usual
  8. So good, now THAT is where the hype should be
  9. Imagine getting mad and arguing with people over a AA song
  10. Season 3 was really great, enjoyed very much the musics as well, glad this is shared around
  11. I'm late to the show but here's my 2 cents: Don't forget bands nowadays make music to sell show and if it's not broken, don't fix it And that's why Wage War do the same stuff all over again, because it's working
  12. Found it 📂C: └📁Recycle Bin
  13. You are obviously totally salty about people not liking the same stuff as you. Let's be honest, most people on this page actually gave relevant reasons why/how songs are different from previous releases. People are presenting arguments about why it is good or bad. Yet on your side, you give no arguments about how it is as good or better than their previous albums/other bands. I really hope you won't find a famous streaming website where people actually talk shit about everything like monkeys arguing all the day (hint, it's called Youtube). You'll have a real reason to be salty. Also, song sucks.
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