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  1. Favorite single by them so far. Tasty breakdown
  2. Had low expectations, got served. Crowd songs = instant nope for me. miss me with those "oooh oooh oh oh" Bye hype train !
  3. Song is good (or at least I like it on my side) Cover arts these days tho.
  4. Damn that gives me some The Listening feelings, missing it
  5. Totally this. I find the quality way acceptable and it just lifted up my whole week (month as well (and year probably))
  6. Never been into them before, but that's pretty good to me.
  7. Fantastic album. Expectations were high, and ABR delivered. I've had such a terrible week end, couldn't have asked for a better Monday.
  8. Not worse than the last one imo, which was REALLY awful, still not really good. This band is the perfect example of the "Rise and Fall" effect...
  9. OH BOY can't wait to listen to it Edit: It's GOOD.
  10. Jeez is it Christmas yet?
  11. Never heard of them before, only listened to few songs so far, that's great !
  12. I'll listen to that while working. Thanks mate. cheers
  13. Never been into these guys these last years, can you tell me some good songs (heavy) from them please? (if there are)
  14. Simple but effective That's gud
  15. Was expecting something else, still good. Never been a real fan of them tho, hard to get in