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  1. Went through half of the album so far, it's enjoyable for sure, can't get the hype of the topic tho but it's good lyrics are indeed a bit cheesy but that's okay
  2. Cool can't wait to listen to this one, thanks b0is
  3. So that's the song everyone's talking about in the chatbox k
  4. No surprise here for Architects Expected more votes for FFAK & Silent Planet tho Greyhaven won in my heart anyway Beware for Currents AOTY 2019
  5. Yea? Didn't see it myself, heard many reviews claiming it was boring, or that you need to really dive into the environment to like the movie I'd give a shot somewhen if I get time then, thanks for your advice
  6. You could easily guess it's an ABR cover even without knowing it lmao, dem drums & riffs love it
  7. Enjoyable, always liked their stuff !
  8. It's not that bad to me, but it's not that good The solo is really tasty, not into those cleans as well It's still okay I think, but far from the best they can do
  9. I love it I can't get enough of Wage War, they could put out 10 albums doing the exact same thing, I'd be ok with it
  10. If you close your eyes while listening to this song you can visualize World of Warcraft vanilla PVP movies or CS 1.6 frag movies
  11. In no particular order after Greyhaven Greyhaven - Empty Black Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream Currents - I Let The Devil In Hellions - Rue Fit For A King - Dark Skies Breaking Benjamin - Ember Silent Planet - When The End Began Atreyu - In Our Wake Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection Darkness Divided - The End of It All (miss you guys RIP)
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