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  1. We Set Signals - Abandon Ship [EP] (2018)

    Remember Me is really a great tune. Too bad they didn't re-record it, would have loved to hear a new version. Half-important band, I really hope they'll step up their game in the future
  2. Easy answer: Most ppl on KL listen to rock and hard stuff. Over all the final AOTY contenders, there were rock/altrock/metalcore/etc, genres, but only one "rapper". So all the folks into hard stuff divided their votes believing their contender were AOTY meanwhile folks into rap had only one pick so the choice was already done. If we had only While she sleeps VS Kendrick, would have been 75/25. However it's not the case, but that's okay. AOTY on KL does not recompense the "best" album, neither it does on reddit or anywhere else, it's just about some hype and stuff. It's the same story every year. But eh, that's ok ! Just enjoy what you like, enjoy discussing with people who like the same stuff and be grateful for the leaks. That's what KL is about. Edit: thanks for the collector edition OP !
  3. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone (2018)

    great release, never been into them as well, but it's solid.
  4. Of Mice & Men - Defy (2018)

    Have not listened to it yet tho
  5. Can we elect DGD as 2018 AOTY and skip to 2019 already? ,(
  6. Very proud of Currents' score. And AA didn't win. I'm ok with the result. Shout out to my girlfriend which who I listened to this album a lot.
  7. Escape the Fate - Broken Heart [Single] (2018)

    It's not that bad imo, it's just cheesy af. But that's ETF... gotta lower the standards when it's about the lyrics.
  8. For the Fallen Dreams - Stone [Single] (2018)

    Oh that's the same dudes that made Heavy Hearts album, I liked it pretty much. Expected better... probably because that's kind of a crowd chant song. And I hate crowd chant songs.
  9. I AM NOAH - Final Breed (EP) (2018)

    Actually pretty good, nothing very new, but sweet to hear.
  10. Cane Hill - It Follows [Single] (2018)

    It's pretty good.
  11. Breaking Benjamin - Red Cold River (Single) (2018)

    That's an arguable question, some songs are more or less fitting albums, but let's say Ben did not write any bad record, sober or not.
  12. Breaking Benjamin - Red Cold River (Single) (2018)

    HOLY YES ! Wonderful !
  13. Altruist these guys are from Israel and were, back to what I remember, looking for a vocalist their riffs are fucking insane, the ABR vibes are strong check 'em out
  14. Vile Ones - Teeth [EP] (2018)

    Very solid EP, definitely my pick for January as well
  15. Harakiri For The Sky - Arson (2018)

    Love it, can't believe I've never heard of them before