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  1. I'm ok with wow on console (even tho full lmao on the gameplay), but I doubt the game would have any interest if you can't chat with people just imagine the pain to communicate with people nah, I don't believe it
  2. TL;DR: this song saved me from a bad grade funny story: when I was in business school, I had a group project for an english class where we had to create some business about pills and stuff, long story short, I called the product "Last Resort", group project didn't know where it came from, lulz were had project was bad as fuck, expected a low grade, a professor (~40yo) in the final jury asked where the name came from after the orals, I told him it came from some song, he had a smile and told me he knew where it was from we barely passed the subject and I assume it was because of that matter, thanks dear professor who used to listen to Papa Roach That slow rhythm is really disturbing The cringe is really strong and my childhood is ruined
  3. Reminds me of Bullet of the album American Tragedy Not trash tier song, but not amazing either RIP Swan Songs style, you're still missed...
  4. band member: "ok guys we're releasing new stuff, what should we put on the cover art?" band member that loves goth chicks and color filters: "say no more fam"
  5. This is mediocre, radio tier music Nothing surprising
  6. * put the razor blade away * my suicidal thoughts will wait for the full album
  7. Surprisingly disapointed by it. Expected really much from them, I can't find the soul of the thing, Like, you know what's said: "the whole is stronger than the sum of its components" But I can't find the whole thing of this album. Vocals are sick tho, only thing I'll remember of this album Miss me with that artwork also
  8. TBH they are getting so used to do cover it's getting pretty easy for them, but it's not that easy for everyone However making a GOOD cover is way easier than making a GOOD song, fosho Just my thoughts here ! Still, I hate in their video when they end up like "hey check out more songs and do this and please subscribe and also don't forget to visit your grandma once in a while" yo I'm a grown ass nigga don't tell me how to waste my time on youtube
  9. Ah BABYMETAL... our guilty pleasure of us all metal heads (or maybe not)
  10. As I'm not involved into the last part, could you please rather recommend some music to have depression to?
  11. Bit generic but kinda good thx for the share !
  12. This makes me want to watch some world of warcraft pvp movies ah, good ol' days