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  1. Finally had the time to give it a spin despite all the uproar here Didn't like it, generic rock
  2. Didn't know about them. Interesting stuff here, her high notes are top notch
  3. Don't think it this way, be grateful they didn't disband yet or had a car crash that prevent them to release gold songs...! Anyway, song is good, can't wait for more
  4. > Listening to this > Confused > Checking Too Far Gone to see if we're talking about the same Cane Hill > But I like this single tho > Even more confused
  5. Always liked what these guys have put out I doubt it could be AOTY tho, but can't wait to give it a go
  6. So good I feel 10 years younger listening to this
  7. Yea I hope the songs will not be as long as on The Eternal Reign (~2:30 per song), or we would have a 20 min album
  8. Ahhh yessss can't wait to put my webbed feet on this bad b0y
  9. Good one. Dull video for the song imo, but still good song
  10. A surprise for sure, but a welcome one
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