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  1. It's entirely possible that them recording this independently freed them up to make much better music which is also the reason for the shit mix.
  2. I actually think Of Beauty and Rage is slightly overall better. Probably not a popular opinion. Nothing else really comes close to those two (haven't heard this album yet) in terms of a full album. They all have something to offer though, Until We Have Faces has my favorite song of theirs at least (Let It Burn).
  3. meh i dont think other bands have suddenly become better.. this band has just gotten worse.
  4. This is beyond awful; this is Emmure.
  5. Lmao imagine having such a condescending and superior attitude over "them filthy core kids" and their musical preferences while unironically proclaiming which version of shit tastes better. THAT'S not the good version of Craig Owens, THIS is! We in a fucking D.R.U.G.S thread, one of the most self-indulgent unapologetically "core" bands that may have ever existed who's basic existence falls under the lines of "well it's shit but it was kind of enjoyable at least" if not.. "it's just shit" and this guy talking about elitism.
  6. lol I thought this said Dredg at first =(
  7. I liked that part in the album where they sounded exactly like Architects.
  8. Even when this band was "good" it was formulaic generic garbage. 12 years later the shitty version of their generic garbage is not even listenable.
  9. Link not working not sure if that's just me or not. Either way just curious is it all as hard as Debt? I hope so
  10. Shaping up to potentially be as good as of beauty and rage, their best album. Can't wait
  11. Pretty good. In general I feel like their EP was better though, but some good jams on here. They definitely do a good job filling that Life on Repeat void.
  12. Limits is one of the better songs on the album heh
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