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  1. Waking up to seeing new Holy Fawn music.. This will be a good day
  2. not as good as amo. I didn't know it could get any worse.. yikes
  3. Band is as bad as their cover art. This one situation where judging a book by its cover is appropriate.
  4. Yea she used to say that all the time right before she beat me. Thanks for the trigger.
  5. Pretty good song. Not sure how/why I was following this band on spotify already. Where they from?
  6. wtf he started this band didn't he lmao. sounds like it's time to move past slaves.
  7. they cancelled this album but after hearing these two singles they should just cancel this band.
  8. THIS ALBUM IS SO FUCKING GOOD Seriously. If you like post-rock/shoegaze. Give this album a god damn listen. Just do it.
  9. Like I said there's post-hardcore bands that don't scream at all. At the end of the day it's completely subjective what the term means but to me it's all in the aggressiveness of the riffs and vocalization. Even if TCTT wasn't screaming, he sang with a lot of intensity, plus they had a ton of breakdowns. Honestly Haven't Been Myself is a harder album than other bands who do nothing but scream.
  10. They had a good amount of screaming. Even when he wasn't screaming he was aggressively singing. Definitely enough to fit in to post-hardcore. There's bands labeled as post-hardcore that don't scream at all.
  11. Well that was disappointing. Was hoping they'd catch on to the fact that everybody thought the last two EP's sucked ass but they seem content with going down this path..
  12. Their last album is legit one of the best albums I have ever heard.
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