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  1. I've had this EP on repeat for a week. It's seriously so fucking good lol
  2. I never really enjoyed this band before Bury Your Pain but that song and everything since has been great. If there's a real standard to hold them to it's the fact he's never even sniffed the peak of his career with Emarosa however many years ago that was.
  3. Man it's just their second album though, they should build upon what they did in the first one. Also reading that track by track description was really eye opening for me.. sometimes it was as simple as "well we had a hard song.. then a soft one.. then we wanted a piano song.." wow okay cool guys, that's your writing process? yeesh. Mostly their guitar work. Love it when bands pull off pseudo post-rock riffs but with the aggression turned up to 10. Closest thing it reminds me to at times is a lesser man's Of Machines.
  4. wow how disappointing. the first album was so raw and emotional. such an amazing debut. this feels very artificial and corporate. It's still a solid album but they went from a standout in the genre to just another decent post-hardcore band that I'll listen to on occasion with this release =/
  5. they released an EP featuring songs off of an LP coming out in a month? Strange..
  6. the thread is one of the best songs they have ever written. and one of my favorite songs of the year.
  7. This gets better with every listen. Def. AOTY contender. The best parts of this album are the stuff of legends that most bands never even come close to reaching.
  8. Yea honestly this song is really good. His cleans are so much improved.
  9. It's shocking anyone would still listen to this trash when the only reason for this mediocrity's existence to begin with isn't even in the band anymore. Now it's just a bunch of untalented fucks without a purpose lmao.
  10. I loved this album but it really sounds more like I can make a mess than TEN.. Really feels like Ace carried this album haaaaaaaaard. I wonder if that's why it was delayed so long =/
  11. Good album overall but nothing even comes close to the high of crooked soul which is disappointing and probably an even bigger disappointment is only 9 songs on the album.. Closer is good though Could be closer to a 9-9.5/10 instead of an 8 if it was like 12 tracks long. So damn short..
  12. I liked it. This isn't going to compete with transit blues though.. unless they just happen to have released the 3 worst songs on the album so far.
  13. Honestly one of the best post hardcore albums ever made without a doubt.
  14. Sick story bro everyone here was wondering if you were gonna give this a listen.
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