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  1. No it isn't that simple. You are objectively wrong as both structurally and sonically this shares many similarities with TTS, most specifically 'Avalanche'. Whether or not you like it or what you think it sounds like is entirely your opinion but at the forefront of all music consists of fundamental elements based on fact.
  2. Lmao it has almost an identical sound profile to Avalanche layering its very operatic open chords style guitar riff with some shitty generic keyboard crap going on behind it. Structurally the songs are also basically identical as they attempt to play up and highlight the vocalists voice in an attempted sing along stadium rock type of vibe. Like it's honestly basically the exact same song. To say it sounds nothing like it is some sort of borderline delusion or denial or lord knows what.
  3. If you told me this was a track off of TTS without knowing any better I wouldn't question it. All three of these songs are huge step down in terms of heaviness and far more radio friendly in terms of song structure. Not that it matters anyways, Bad Omens even at their best does not come close to the best tracks off of TTS so really who cares.
  4. Lmfao. Yea. Gotta hate that generic rehashed stuff this genre is filled with. That's why we leave it up to Northla--- wait a second.
  5. Uhh adding "Post" to anything is a completely arbitrary designation and does not inherently mean a god damn thing. So no, adding "post" is not obvious here and to be honest I have no idea what separates this band from the rest of the genre. It's especially ironic considering genres are usually defined by those who are the most influential and popular at the moment. In metalcore, Architects is defining (or one of the biggest bands out there right now anyways) the genre and this band is basically Architects. Anyways, song was decent and they can call themselves whatever they want but stating it as a fact the way you did is the most pretentious crap I have ever seen.
  6. They've always been awful lyrically. It seems like 90% of the lyrics on their S/T consist of somebody or some thing being the devil or being influenced the devil lmao.
  7. wow they literally are trying to be bring me the horizon lol. I couldn't imagine a more that's the spirit follow up to their Sempiternal Lite than what I just heard. Not the song I expected or wanted to be honest. I thought they might develop their own sound and identity on their sophomore album but it's even more regressive than the last as far as musicianship goes.
  8. Good band and good album but the influences you mentioned are better at their craft. You could call this a love letter to sempiternal or just a poor man's sempiternal but it's not necessarily an insult, that's still better than 99% of the metalcore genre.
  9. and youuuuuve beeeen tallllllllk iiiiiiiiiin in your sleeeeeep again
  10. They did that sound pretty well a few albums ago. Title track for screaming bloody murder is great. (seriously the second half of this song is like a really really shitty version of bloody murder) These new songs are like b-sides of b-sides from that album.. which most people say that album sucked anyways lol, but I still enjoyed it.. some of it anyways.
  11. Remember when this band was good? Me neither zing
  12. They are one or two more albums away from going full on BMTH pop. Can't wait to see the shit storm when that album eventually releases.
  13. It's embarrassing watching people attempting to "critique" bands such as Motionless in White or I Prevail, especially when it's within the context of "when they used to be good X albums ago". This is the band they've ALWAYS been. They are an unapologetically cheesy metalcore band. That's who they were on their first album and it's who they are now. They were not Deafheaven 3 albums ago. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with loving cheesy metalcore bands, I love lots of em myself. I'm also not saying that you can like one variation of this band while disliking another, but when you start making proclamations about the "glory days" of a band like this as if they used to be at the forefront of progression, it's just sad.
  14. They released one last year not sure if you are aware or not
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