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  1. On a ratio of Quality of Music vs Terribleness of Track Titles, this might end up being the best album ever made. "Yo this Annisokay song is so good" .. "what's it called?" .. "shut the fuck up"
  2. The problem isn't that it's bad, just that other bands have come around and progressed so much leaving this sounding like a relic.
  3. You can make softer songs without them being generic garbage. Not really sure how this qualifies as an excuse.. The last Wage War album was absolute garbage so I have no idea what you are even trying to say. This FFAK stuff so far is decent but with the amount of great progcore bands out there pushing the boundaries this is sounding incredibly dated. Coming off of Invent Animate, Currents, and Polaris this just doesn't even come close. Heck even If I Were You album sounding way more inspired.
  4. because seven was a registered six offender. everyone knows that
  5. EVERYTHING THE AOTY!! Fit for a King - God of Fire (Single) (2020) in Singles Posted July 7 · Report reply If the rest of the album is gonna be as solid and energetic as this song, it will definitely be my AOTY, no doubts.
  6. Solid song but literally every song off of Currents, invent animate and polaris is better lol
  7. Dispose was a great album. I can't remember a single acoustic song on it. Maybe there's one hiding there that I can't remember. It certainly wasn't a SINGLE
  8. This isn't a plot in you track why label it as such. that band name get more exposure than landon i guess? meh w.e
  9. Polaris was so damn good.. Still jam that album all the time. Hypermania is one of the most addicting tracks I've heard in a long time.
  10. People thinking incorporating fantasy lyrics has never been done before??? Guess you've never heard of Alesana.. let me introduce you.
  11. I didn't think there was a chance in hell this album would contain another song even close to as good as Second Skin. We know now there's at least 1 song better.
  12. Ya I mean I don't have anything against them. I remember listening through these songs as EP's and found most of them enjoyable then within the first week or two of release never listened to them again. That's basically this band in a nutshell for me personally.
  13. Nah they took the cover thing, ran it in to the ground and kept drilling so hard they came out in china. They hit diminishing returns on that shit like 10 years ago. I haven't listened to a single one in many years. I think it's less about "judging" them for being a cover band and more about it just becoming a complete meme. As far as their actual albums go they've been pretty erratic and all over the place in terms of consistency and quality. One could argue much of their stuff isn't even "good" music, it's all pretty formulaic that's been done by a million other bands a million times before. To me I'm not that stingy, sometimes they are a fun catchy post-hardcore band and sometimes it's super bland. Their last consistently good release to me was probably Oak Island.
  14. I don't think a playlist would have much of an impact on the forums since people still need an avenue to discuss. I really don't think it would impact site traffic at all. I mostly come here because I want to find out what's coming up and what I have to look forward to. A playlist doesn't change that, it only helps me find a new artist or maybe something I missed. I'm not going to sit in the dark and just wait to see what pops up on the playlist every Friday. If I was going to do that I already would be with Release Radar. This is just a better version of that. So personally speaking it really doesn't change anything for me in any way. It's just a better version of release radar, which doesn't replace or replicate why I visit KL.
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