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  1. lol. yes their best most critically acclaimed album was bad. nailed it! Let me guess, emmure is good? Edit* bahahahahahahahha. Nothing in the universe can make your apparent favorite band look good kiddo.. Favorite Artist:Asking Alexandria
  2. 2nd Sucks, Sometimes You're the Hammer, Violence, basically the entire FTWHH album. Yea, no.
  3. That was fucking garbage. Their last album in general wasn't very good, but it had a few good tracks. If the whole album is like this.. rip ADTR.
  4. Seriously you all need to give this a listen. Such an amazing EP.
  5. This was disappointing. Don't see the hype.
  6. stellar re-recording. Somehow better than the original.
  7. I never said anything about that, just your "2metalcore4you" comment. On another topic ..your favorite band is listed as black veil brides and you are mocking someone about listening to scenecore music? You cannot be serious lmfao.
  8. Only on KL can "what's wrong, couldn't handle all the metalcore this album has to offer you wussy??" be used as an insult unironically.
  9. I was expecting something decent after reading all the comments. This is fucking garbage lmfao.
  10. Was really good. I think some of their earlier material was better tbh. Was pleasantly surprised that a lot of their better songs weren't singles.
  11. hmm hope it's better than the last. not that it was bad per se.. just stale.
  12. Love their instrumentals, never been a fan of the vocals probably never will be. I'm torn. One of the few bands I'd just prefer for them to go full instrumental, especially on stuff like Jaws.
  13. Burning Out is such an embarrassing song. It's literally avalanche. It is LITERALLY Avalanche
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