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  1. Dude, the music is great, and the production is fine for the most part, the person mixing and/or mastering just missed cutting a certain frequency with the cymbals and it's almost headache inducing to me. I'm not shitting on the band. You read into that WAAAAY too much.
  2. I want to slap whomever mixed and mastered this. There are frequencies from those cymbals invading my ears that are just terrible. It's like someone turned on an old tube TV to a blank channel with white noise every time a cymbal is hit.
  3. I have songs 1 to 4 of the Self-Titled EP in true 320kbps if anyone is interested. Song 5 was added later on when they re-released the EP.
  4. The production on this track is just... awful. The guitars are buried. It's all keys bass drums and vocals. Wtf are they on about here?
  5. This would be decent metalcore if the production wasn't way way overdone. The engineer didn't even layer the vocals properly. you hear that it's dual layered the whole time. It just sounds bad that way. You always have one lower in the mix with a little reverb and/or delay to add a little bit of depth to them. Not just have both up front in the mix... yuck.
  6. Yo i had no idea this band was due out with new music. So super stoked. Can't wait for 320/FLAC
  7. Yo, upload more of this type of stuff!! This is dope!
  8. Any chance we can get a non-vinyl rip? A CD rip would have proper mixing for digital playback. Vinyl rips tend to have a different mix that sounds best with analog reproduction. Basically; vinyl ripped mp3's sound like doo-doo through the iHome i blast through at work.
  9. Know these dudes personally. they're real nice down to earth dudes, who are really really passionate about music. Support the fuck out of them.
  10. Wow. This is incredible. Anybody have any recommendations based on this band? I'm pretty floored, i didn't realize deathcore could be so unique.
  11. This guy randomly ventured into atmospheric black metal and he's great. He used to do anime themed grindcore under this alias and the alias "FUCKED" and that was pretty good too.
  12. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by this. Always loved their music. May be a metal head now, but hey, we all started somewhere, and this album was actually the beginning of the ride for me.
  13. the 320 is floating around out there right now. Anyone have it to share?
  14. I actually dont think Ken's vocals fit very well. The Spiraling Void still retains Derek's vocals and they fit the style WAY better. The album as a whole is okay, but it doesn't flow well at ALL, and the track Shake The Disease is awful, i dunno what Keene was thinking on that.
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