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  1. Not in Philadelphia they don't. Most we get is on 104.5 they'll occasionally play MCR.
  2. I'll be honest, I can't stand this. Sounds like pop rock with a little heavy guitars here and there. I miss the pop punk shit they used to play, now it feels like they're trying to push for radio airplay. I mean, good for them, let them do what they want, but I think I permanently hopped off this train when Bad Vibrations dropped.
  3. Actually, that is how it went down. Even if it wasn't, he still did it, and he still had her send him pictures. Which is beyond wrong. But that's okay. Keep showing that you're a pedophile apologist.
  4. He emotionally and mentally abused a young girl and had her send him nudes. She was under 18.
  5. Holy fuck that vocalist took me by surprise. Such range. I love it.
  6. Good riffs, really rough recording, sometimes guitars not playing in time. With some practice these guys could be really good.
  7. I saw these guys perform in a basement in some dude's house in Philadelphia. These guys know how to perform even as a two piece. Extremely intriguing music, and I was given a cigar with my purchase of a lathe-cut vinyl single! These guys are chill, and their music is sick.
  8. I remember when this limited edition version got released and I rushed out to get it. I still have this one, and the other special edition copy that didn't have bonus tracks but had the documentary DVD. This record opened my horizons up so broadly to new music. I still listen to these songs regularly and know all of the lyrics by heart. It's a shame that the newer SF just doesn't do it for me, but i still buy their records and support them as artists.
  9. The difference is I didn't call it bad. It was a great album. It just didn't live up to 8:18 or Dead Throne in my opinion.
  10. Did you mistakenly downvote me? haha. I said i thought this song was great and that those complaining are just looking silly. If you love this, then i feel like the downvote was mistaken?
  11. This is fucking great, and i've been a fan since A Beautiful Discord. This is an incredible new take on their sound, and is a peg up from Transit Blues (which was underwhelming for me). Anyone who doesn't like this, that's fine, but just know that opinions aren't facts. Everyone has one, all opinions are garbage, we all die eventually. Enjoy the music, or dont, but bitching about it only makes you look silly.
  12. Here's a link for everything missing from this discography. What's in this link will complete the entire discography for this band. Take note: the more who download from these links, the more risk is run to have it taken down. It's Google Drive after all. @calla just hasn't had the chance to update this post yet. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PB_p9KLyyYiNsmhsj8VJkdJ3uT7JTjdl
  13. You're missing a few things, notably the Demo, and the 3 live Parallax 2 tracks from the limited flash drive release from their 2013 tour VIP bonus. There's also the instrumentals of Alaska and A1/A2. Send me a PM if you'd like to update your discog post, i can help with links. Also, feel free to join us on the facebook group All Things Between The Buried And Me if you're a fan.
  14. Their name is way too similar to AM( )RA, and it irks me.
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