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  1. Their name is way too similar to AM( )RA, and it irks me.
  2. Ultimately, this sucks because you used a laptop microphone. The vocals themselves arent bad, but this is awful to try and listen to as-is. If you want a good mic to get you by that is extremely versatile, get an SM57. It's great for vocals, and it's great for guitar/bass applications. It's what i started out with and it sounds great. The SM58 is the mic literally 99% of vocalists use at live shows, but i don't recommend it for recording purposes. Also, get a mic stand. You don't want to have your hands on the mic when recording at all. I still think that this type of thing has no place on KL though and should stay on soundcloud/youtube. Also, i was hella drunk last night, so apologies for being so blatantly rude.
  3. This is fucking terrible. This has no place on KL. GTFO.
  4. Holy SHIT. Is it 2008 again? I'm in such a fit of nostalgia right now. This band is KILLER. It reminds me of the melodic metalcore coming out a decade ago with those post-hardcore/emo influences. FUCK YES. MORE PLEASE.
  5. Definitely metalcore as opposed to Melodeath, but this is still a banger. Thanks!
  6. Wow, myspace, now that's something i havent seen in a long long time. No facebook though? I use that to follow musicians. My feed is literally nothing but music haha
  7. Is there a facebook or a bandcamp? I'd like to actually support these dudes!
  8. @LKA Broken link. It just leads to a "create" page on filecrypt.
  9. I don't think that's it. Scott writes all their material for the most part. The other guy left based on the change in musical direction.
  10. Honestly, after giving this two solid listens, the vocalist isn't bad. It's the guitarwork that is lacking on this release. Scott Carstairs seems to have taken a step back in terms of technicality. I really liked what they were doing on the last two records, I wonder what made them decide to change things up on this one.
  11. This is an extremely pleasant surprise. Thank you.
  12. Dude, the music is great, and the production is fine for the most part, the person mixing and/or mastering just missed cutting a certain frequency with the cymbals and it's almost headache inducing to me. I'm not shitting on the band. You read into that WAAAAY too much.
  13. I want to slap whomever mixed and mastered this. There are frequencies from those cymbals invading my ears that are just terrible. It's like someone turned on an old tube TV to a blank channel with white noise every time a cymbal is hit.
  14. Artists bandcamp: https://hesitate610.bandcamp.com/releases
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