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  1. According to JJ Palochek, old vocalist of the band, that pedo guitarist is the dude operating all social media accounts, and is for all intents and purposes still in the band. He in fact, IS the band. Just because a few statements are made does not make them truthful. JJ has nothing to gain from what he is saying as truth. I will not nor will ever support a pedophile, and those of you that want to plead ignorance? Well, you're just as bad for trying to justify your support of him. Go ahead and string me up, i'm just being honest, this is totally fucked.
  2. Thanks homie! Cycles, track 2, is also corrupt. That should be the last one
  3. Exactly what I said. Some tracks have corrupted data. Only plays/shows up as 1 to 5 seconds and then just goes to the next track.
  4. @mR12 ayo that video is not for the band, it's some break up story about two foreigners.
  5. Gave this a listen through.... yikes. Anyone wanna buy my vinyl preorder off me? lol
  6. Definitely not tech death. This is Melodic Death Metal through and through. Great stuff though.
  7. No PassTheLeaks download link? only anonfile? What gives? the popups suck at that link.
  8. If you support pedophiles, you're scum of the earth. Imagine complaining about people who speak out about pedophiles. Fucking scum.
  9. A bunch of tracks are messed up. Seems to typically be Track 2 on most releases it IS messed up on. There's only about 1 to 5 seconds of a song meant to be much longer.
  10. Bandcamp: https://americanbeautynj.bandcamp.com/album/american-beauty
  11. It was for the pun buddy. Have a sense of humor. I'd have made a pun if one of the dudes had a boner too.
  12. Old people are funny to watch recording music. The tunes are good enough, but the video was funny to watch.
  13. Honestly, I know people are ripping on this album, but this is doing something amazing for pop music. She has a pretty big cult following, and to somehow bridge the gap between mainstream pop and metal, that's a big big big thing, and she does it quite well. Also, you can see her nipples poking in the video. I'm sorry. I had to point it out.
  14. I sent you a PM with the missing stuff for this and Red Chord
  15. Missing the Rolo Tomassi/Cutting Pink With Knives split (2007) and the 2017 single version of Rituals. I have both. Split is a VBR vinyl rip, and the single is 320
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