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  1. It was for the pun buddy. Have a sense of humor. I'd have made a pun if one of the dudes had a boner too.
  2. Old people are funny to watch recording music. The tunes are good enough, but the video was funny to watch.
  3. Honestly, I know people are ripping on this album, but this is doing something amazing for pop music. She has a pretty big cult following, and to somehow bridge the gap between mainstream pop and metal, that's a big big big thing, and she does it quite well. Also, you can see her nipples poking in the video. I'm sorry. I had to point it out.
  4. I sent you a PM with the missing stuff for this and Red Chord
  5. Missing the Rolo Tomassi/Cutting Pink With Knives split (2007) and the 2017 single version of Rituals. I have both. Split is a VBR vinyl rip, and the single is 320
  6. This is missing the Deluxe Edition of Clients. I have a 320kbps rip of my CD copy if needed.
  7. Can we get a re-up on this? Just discovered Jelly Roll through the two posts made today, would love to download this one as well.
  8. Not in Philadelphia they don't. Most we get is on 104.5 they'll occasionally play MCR.
  9. I'll be honest, I can't stand this. Sounds like pop rock with a little heavy guitars here and there. I miss the pop punk shit they used to play, now it feels like they're trying to push for radio airplay. I mean, good for them, let them do what they want, but I think I permanently hopped off this train when Bad Vibrations dropped.
  10. Actually, that is how it went down. Even if it wasn't, he still did it, and he still had her send him pictures. Which is beyond wrong. But that's okay. Keep showing that you're a pedophile apologist.
  11. He emotionally and mentally abused a young girl and had her send him nudes. She was under 18.
  12. Holy fuck that vocalist took me by surprise. Such range. I love it.
  13. Good riffs, really rough recording, sometimes guitars not playing in time. With some practice these guys could be really good.
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