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  1. This is beautiful holy shit. This is how you redo a fucking song. MY soul is basically coming out of my ears right now
  2. I remember when then released the track with Denis, I got hooked for obvious reasons. This is really good, on par with their debut, stoked to see they're back GO GIRLS
  3. Album's a mess but it's an appealing mess. I have never been a fan of these guys but I quite like some songs in this. I just dont get how the same band wrote Worldwide suicide and a song like Crossroads or Husk (remember, heavy doesnt mean better)
  4. Ryan said that the singles would be ''polemic'' because they sound distant from the traditional FFAK sound. On other hand, he said the non-singles are classic FFAK. I honestly really like this, I've liked all their ''soft'' stuff from Dark Skies and this is no different,
  6. It's been a while... Might give this a spin too see how these guys are holding up
  7. New Secrets coming August 21st!!!!!!!!!
  8. May god forgive me but this actually might be my favorite song of the year
  9. I dont think so because I'm def into the most of generic metalcore around
  10. I might sound retarded (I've lost count of how many times I actually started a post with this sentence) but I cant seem to enjoy this and I really dont know why. It's clearly better than their last album but It still doesnt do anything to me. I think I'm way attached to their past
  11. This is beautiful. I kinda wish it wasnt acoustic though.
  12. Real talk though, here in my country we never understood why these guys get so much hate. I dont see whats so wrong about their music? If someone could fill me up on this I am expecting some replies like ''because they are bad lol''
  13. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? You gotta be kidding
  14. It's 2020 and basically everything sounds like Doom eternal had a baby with powerpuff girls
  15. Insane song, makes me wonder how new ISS is going to sound like.
  17. Well my heart always skips a beat when it comes down to this guys. They played a crucial whole with their music throughout my whole life. I cannot believe I heard a breakdown again in a song of theirs. While this is catchy, fun, it does not compare with their early work. I may even be criticized for this but even Madness had some sort of ''theme'' and identity going on. I remember when they released ''Kick Me'' and my hopes when through the ceiling, and while this is quite on that direction... It's not that outstanding. Well, my hopes are back, their last album was good but didnt grow on me so who knows what the future brings, It's 2020 ffs.
  18. I was kinda hoping for some symphonic shit but I wont even complain since Tom sounds so diverse here. Basically Eternal Nightmare on steroids
  19. So glad they went back to their OG sound. This is what I've always loved about them. New vocalist sounds stellar also
  20. Oh man, I wish I could have the words..I love this so much
  21. Takes me back to a way darker times, so fucking good
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