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  1. Actually we agree on this one, just heard the track Damn, dunno what happened to these guys on this one, sounds like wasted potential
  2. THIS ONE'S FOR THE UNDERDOGSSSSSS Production is really great, and this has been a problem since creatures for me, every other album had one little detail that got me a little upset, but this one is perfect so far. So being a fucking obsessed guy for this band since Love Met Destruction, a few considerations, if someone actually cares: 1) I can perfectly see why you guys are not liking Brand New Numb, buuuut it has been this way since Infamous I guess xDD ?? Even I had a trouble enjoying the first time they tried something in this direction, but they've been doing this type of sound for a while now, and as always a lot of negative comments always shows up, thought you guys would expect it by now xD. With that said I love brand new numb because it simply feels right to me, very headbang-ish and sing along song, just straight up enjoyable music. 2)Disguise is amazing and everything that I expected with something more, hyped to hear the stuff in it's entirety.
  3. Last track almost imploded my fucking brain
  4. Goes harder than ''Dealer'' most of the time. Even though Dealer have interesting moments.
  5. I hope I actually get this one as you guys like the others, cause this band never caught my attention (yes I've heard from their previous to their recent work)
  6. Wow now it seems that I will be actually able to enjoy these guys ? After all those years of seeing everyone else enjoying it, now I can finally do the same, their last two songs are better than everything else they've done for me. Exactly how @ogloko pointed out
  8. Sorry bro I cant force you to be right
  9. A band that is known for doing mediocre music for generic teenagers and with one good member ?? Yeah, I wouldnt even compare Ariana to Anthony cause its pure nonsense since she can actually sing
  10. Bro you listen to red hot chilli peppers so I guess you've heard worst and even more boring
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