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  1. OH MY GOD MY BABIES THIS IS SO GOOD. I have enjoyed almost everything from these guys, but I really couldnt digest the last album. So happy for this
  2. Wow this should have been straight soft. It would've been so much better considering how amazing the cleans sounds here.
  3. Was recently re-listening to these guys... This is so good
  4. oh my fucking GOD. I just noticed that there's a song called READING STEINER ?!?!?! EL PSY CONGROO
  5. These guys can do no wrong. all of their music is a complete emotional journey
  6. I guess they set the standard way too high with their past record, cause this is quite boring.
  7. OH YES we just need an album release date
  8. Wow this sounds just like Imagine Dragons and thats the only band that makes me wanna kill myself. That coming from a person who loved everything these guys have ever done. Holy shit
  9. I've seen so many fine asses in my life, and I will never get bored of it. An ass is an ass.
  10. Damn Im loving these singles so fucking hard. His voice sound so good to me
  11. Fucking amazing to be honest, nothing quite different but really well done all the way
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