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  1. Way less agressive than they used to be. Great stuff nonetheless. Also huge props to them for mixing brazilian funk so well with trap music.
  2. Instant classic. It has something for everyone here.
  3. This band could take turns on my ass. Thats how much I like these guys.
  4. Agreed, very great all the way.
  5. Two deathcore bands with almost the same name correlated to their music, releasing albums very close to each other and the same artwork color scheme. I thought this already leaked xD
  6. People acting like fucking Judges in this thread. The past is dead, stop living like a museum. Think foward.
  7. WOW look at all that sharpness, so edgy.
  8. Wow it's really 2018, ppl are getting bothered by bands putting out music
  9. Totally agree, holding him back like this it's the only thing that it's bothering me to like this