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  1. Of Mice & Men - Defy (2018)

    I like this.
  2. Black Veil Brides - Vale (2018)

    Not even close. I'm a big fan of that one too..
  3. Tear Out the Heart - Failure [Single] (2018)

    That ending...
  4. Alesana - The Lost Chapters (2017)

    Great. But I cant expect nothing else from these guys
  5. Black Veil Brides - The Last One [Single] (2017)

    Curious to hear the whole thing.
  6. Vitalism - SY (2017)

    Homeboys representing
  7. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria (2017)

    I think it has to do with them being on MPEG. I've read this somewhere cause I have the same problem with many other stuff. Try downloading from another source (Sorry K.L :/)
  8. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria (2017)

    Okay, here is my review, no one cares, but I grew up with these guys so.. The clean vocals sounds better than ever before, so points to that. The screams sound just like a sorry excuse for ''Hey, there are screams, we are still heavy'', I'm not talking about the ''clean screams'', those are fantastic too, also the production on vocals and drums are fucking great. Heavy doesnt always mean better, but we sure could have used some on this album, because after ''Alone in a Room'' I was expecting the most diverse album this band ever done, even though their formula was ''reversed''. Previous album had a tons of ''heavy'' tracks and a few soft/ballad ones, fuck, I wanted to hear the preview I posted here. There are good songs here, yes, I'm pretty open minded when It comes down to music, but I feel this whole album is a risk taker , and my biggest problem is the lack of fast paced segments, double pedals on dr00ms (we all know what James is capable of) and different use of the screaming range. As a drummer, I am firm believer that drums dont have to be difficult, impossible segments to be good, well placed beats do the job and this album reached this point in some songs, just a few though.. (Eve made me lost my boner) English is not my first language, which It makes the hooks sound even more interesting to me (I dont know If someones gets this). BUUT I think thats it, there are good hooks here and there, but I doesnt fully get me, I dont know man, I am forcing down these songs to see If It works.. I feel frustrated that I might have enjoyed the segment in the bonus fake track more than most of the tracks.. This coming from a Fan boy who loved everything they've ever done.
  9. For All Eternity - The Will to Rebuild (2017)

    Finding new bands is my fetish and right now I must say that I am sexually pleased
  10. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria (2017)

    I was waiting the whole thing to this come up and smash my fucking face..
  11. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria (2017) Guys, where is this though ?
  12. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria (2017)

    wow, thanks MASTER LEAKERS