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  1. Sounds like something I'd hear in an Adam Sandler movie
  2. I was about to write a super depressed comment but yours just summarized my feeling towards this band in the past few years
  3. Another band that you guys seem to enjoy way more than I ever could. I simply do not get it. Glad you guys are enjoying it tho, will keep an eye for the next singles
  4. I think Andy's way better off doing soft stuff like this, for some reason I cannot enjoy his heavy songs.
  6. oh yes what a nice follow up to their last album
  7. ''Prophet, what are your words for me? Savior, am I too blind to see? If you can create all of the stars Then why can’t you mend a broken heart? Came back to say that I am loving the hell out of this album.
  8. Dont sleep on this boys, good deathcore
  9. I cant believe how good this sounds. I love these guys with all my soul
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