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  1. After releasing one of the worst ever recorded and mixed deathcore's album of all time, these guys came out like pretentious pricks saying that this genre is dead. With that said, this is some cool instrumental but I have 0 or respect for these guys.
  2. Ok guys.... WHY the FUCK am I knowing this just now ? Holy shit, it's like wage war took steroids
  3. I am literally logged in on an official college's computer just to comment on this one. I was getting the feeling they would releasing something today. Enjoy it for me bois
  4. Sounds just like Bring me The Horizon, such an obvious but deep statement.
  5. I've been following Telle for a while on twitter and he said that this is ''their best work ever'' (like every other band with their upcoming album lol). I quite like this but dont really see how this stands out with their early material. It's basically a song from Violent Noise, but a little bit better
  6. It's time to activate FUCCBOI mode again
  7. Nothing really amazing but a fun listen indeed.
  8. My ass is completely demolished. This is fucking nuts, holy shit.
  9. I dont really get the hype for this one. I've tried but I dont get it
  10. I think the exact opposite. It's good without rapping but sounds complete with it and makes everything 100% better (but I'm not that of a rap fan to begin with)
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