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  1. Sounds like I'm in the most haunting yet necessary dream, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. These guys took the Hands Like Houses path and went from glorious to somewhat listenable every now and then. White flag was good and this is beautiful, but the other singles were absolutely uninsteresting
  3. Memes aside this isnt that bad!!!!!!!! Better than anything MMF has done in the past 5 years!
  4. The song is good but god forbid that snare. It sounds straight from a brazilian samba
  5. Even though I wasnt being very fond of this site or it's community as of lately, there's nothing but gratefulness from me. I cannot fucking believe this, I am here since the very start and I could write a whole fucking essay on how the leaks saved my life, but words cannot express what this site has done for me. So much has happened, so much music, so many new friends Hell, I almost took my life back in 2013 but you guys leaked Sempiternal one month early. Without this I dont think I would be here today, and I'm not even kidding right now. From the bottom of my heart & soul, thank you Kingdom Leaks. And good luck to you both on your future endeavors.
  6. DekinhoDesu

    BTS - BE (2020)

    They are well more diverse than this but somehow chose to stick to some mid-tempo/non-catchy songs, dont really get this one. Dynamite is cool and the first track is beautiful, everything falls kinda apart throughout the album
  7. Will he use these lows on the record tho ? He seems to go much lower live. Anyway, this sounds amazing and I couldn't expect less
  8. Calling now, this will be most likely my AOTY 2021. I cant even express how much I like this and Animals
  9. Somehow they've got even better, holy fucking SHIT
  10. I like it, sounds fresh for no apparent reason at all
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