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  1. If you're into metal, or even heavy music, try this: 1 - Just shut your eyes, forget that this band is called Parkway Drive. 2 - Listen to the music coming out through your speakers/headphone. 3 - Stop listening to music as a thing you wanted to be. Instead, enjoy for what it is, and guess the fuck what: t's undeniably good. Whether If you like this as PWD'S work, is up to you to be a fucking boner.
  2. Whatever you are going through, it's going to pass. Just seek medical attention and do no harm to yourself you ARE loved you ARE important I AM here
  3. If you guys havent, I Highly advise checking their old stuff. Happy to see them coming out with new songs
  4. Tell your friend thatthis is fucking sick. I mean, it's a bunch of dudes wearing black in the middle of nowhere holding torches, there's no way I could dislike this
  5. Ok 1 track in and I'm nutting. Also, I couldnt resist the spencer feature
  6. Of course It sounds, Ronnie produced it xD
  7. Were they this good before ? I actually like this
  8. Also, there's a fucking jazz song in this, next level
  9. The only problem I have with this is the mix on drums Besides that, It's amazning