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  1. Unpopular opinion, what was WAY better than OiNK. 3x the library in comparison at shutdown, whereas RED is getting to the point where what was 6 months in.
  2. I really like how everyone is saying this is AOTY and it’s only February. There’s 10 months left of the year lmao
  3. Posting a list because this is arbitrary at best. 65daysofstatic – replicr abyssal – a beacon in the husk alcest – spiritual instinct alterage – the approaching war american pleasure club – fucking bliss angel olsen – all mirrors black marble – bigger than life blanck mass – animated violence mild blood incantation – hidden history of the human race blue hummingbird on the left – atl tlachinolli boris – love & evol botanist – ecosystem boy harsher – careful chelsea wolfe – birth of violence cigarettes after sex – cry creeping death – wretched illusions crocodiles – love is here cult of luna – a dawn to fear dark morph – dark morph diiv – deceiver diocletian – amongst the flames of a burning god drab majesty – modern mirror drowse – light mirror earth – fall upon her burning lips fuming mouth – the grand descent gesaffelstein – hyperion gost – valedictorian greet death – new hell hath – of rot and ruin have a nice life – sea of worry heath – vol 4: slaves of fear la dispute – panorama lingua ignota – caligula liturgy – haqq lust for youth – lust for youth marissa nadler/stephen brodksy – droneflower martyrdod – hexhammaren mgla – age of excuse mispyrming – algleymi mizmor – cairn mono – nowhere now here nick cave and the bad seeds – ghosteen numenorean – adore pharmakon – devour protomartyr – no passion all technique refused – war music ritual howls – rendered armor sadness – circle of veins/i want to be there sect – blood of the beasts slow crush – ease somn – the all-devouring suldusk – lunar falls sunn o))) – life metal swans – leaving meaning teitanblood – the baneful choir torche – admission trst – the destroyer 1/2 twin temple – twin temple tyr – hel ufomammut – xx uniform – everything that dies someday comes back violet cold – kosmik warmoon lord – burning banner of the funereal war weeping icon – weeping icon witch vomit – buried deep in a bottomless grave year of the knife – ultimate aggression
  4. You need to donate to be able to use the request forum.
  5. I dunno this band has always been mediocre at best so I don’t know what you’re all excited about.
  6. Remember when this band was good? Yeah, me neither.
  7. Working with at-risk individuals, I completely understanding that some crimes, and people convicted of crimes can be rehabilitated to the point where they feel remorse, and regret their actions. However, I don't believe Tim is sincere with his apology. Yeah okay Stan.
  8. Reminder: Tim Lambesis tried to have his wife murdered.
  9. I thought this guy was an elaborate shitpost gone awry.
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