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  1. oh boy i can't wait to not listen to this
  2. As if people are ignorant enough to vote No.
  3. Seems like another place for me to shitpost tbh
  4. And after a few listens. It's a fucking belter. https://imgur.com/a/nPJWx
  5. Sam was in Only Hope and Titan. Tom and Soph formed Japanese Tongue Sisters. Source: Sam is one of my closest friends.
  6. Site suggestion: - Give me PhD Dipshit flair.
  7. come to daddy.
  8. Mayday Parade headlining over Jimmy Eat World lmao
  9. What a letdown of an album. So boring.
  10. Transcoded from what? 128?
  11. Well they've got mediocrity down pat.
  12. Yeah, I get you. But having everything internal here? And the whole thing of having to have a certain amount of points to add a leak - that sucks.