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  1. Wow just wow this is incredible not going to lie wasn’t a fan of the last album but this is good
  2. I think this way better then outlawed
  3. After 3 listens I am in love hope this album slaps just like this does bring on the misery!
  4. Why the fuck am I addicted to this
  5. Isn’t the guitarist from novelists with them? I swore their last album had him in it
  6. Damn so it won’t be on iTunes for us till February? Boo
  7. Wait so this doesn’t come out in the us till February!?!?!
  8. Ok seriously a wasted hymn is such a fucking incredible ending Jesus Christ
  9. So my album of the year is now between this and architects when it comes out I thought erra was going to take the spot but wow
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