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  1. Never been so excited in my life it’s been waaaaay too long lol
  2. Wow I was really debating not listening to this cause of the singles and damn am I blown away this album is great
  3. I was kind of meh about this album at first cause of flexin but the rest of it bangs hard solid album imo
  4. Beautiful oblivion is a great closer wow
  5. I meant the single not the whole album lol sorry for the confu sion
  6. Does anyone know when they are putting this on iTunes?
  7. Ok seriously this is incredible definitely has Shadows of security vibes mixed with an ocean between us what a fucking comeback. This band was actually the reason I started playing metalcore on guitar huge inspiration for me aoty for me for sure thank you guys!
  8. After my second run through I have to say this really blew me away Btm never really disappoints me possible aoty for me imo don’t kill me lol
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