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  1. I'm hyping this so hard, it's not even healthy anymore
  2. the fact that they doing heavy again gave me shiver
  3. way too high pitched voice, still awesome music like always
  4. I know, me usually too but... after I finished this album, I just felt like I've listened the first half of an album. It's way too short. Why do they release it? Just to release something, at least it feels like this. They have enough money to record like 20 songs. If they don't have enough ideas for a full album they should've cancel the intro and write "EP"... I can understand when some unsigned bands have issues with releasing albums with more than 10 songs (cause of money problems) but nothing of this apply to gc..
  5. Intro + 8 full songs breaks my heart last album had 16 songs (with bonus tracks) 2010 album had even 21 songs (ok 4 acoustic but still)... disappointed by the quantity, convinced of the quality
  6. The Album will be called "Holy Hell". Here the tracklist: 1. Death is Not Defeat 2. Mortals After All 3. Hereafter 4. Damnation 5. Holy Hell 6. Dying to Heal 7. Seventh Circle 8. Royal Beggars 9. Modern Misery 10. Wasted Hymn
  7. the choruses on this album are much worse imo, compared to the previous album
  8. holy.. is this recorded with a calculator?