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  1. "if you want a feature with me, put me on the fucking cover, bitch!" - Frankie Palmeri
  2. LOL first I thought this is a fat version of caleb shomo edit: it is
  3. feels like I listened this already thousand times it's okay but nothing special bridge slaps
  4. call me over-particular but they've changed their band name to "Invent Animate"
  5. ok I heard many band names but this is for sure one of the worst names I've ever heard holy shit...
  6. the Sempiternal B-Side we never got to hear Thank you Oli
  7. This is catchy and boring at the same time.. idk
  8. besides this, Christian left Heavensent already again and they don't have a singer. It's ridiculous :D
  9. 01. Counterparts - Nothing Left to Love 02. Norma Jean - All Hail 03. Shadow of Intent - Melancholy 04. Johnny Booth - Firsthand Accounts 05. Fit For An Autopsy - The Sea of Tragic Beasts 06. Thornhill - The Dark Pool 07. Northlane - Alien 08. Blood Youth - Starve 09. Any Given Day - Overpower 10. Coldrain - The Side Effects
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