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  1. What the hell has to happen to get something not repetitive these days... I wasn't expecting much, but this is far below my expectations.
  2. This guy sounds so much like Rory Rodriguez (especially in the chorus)
  3. on bbc they anounced this as the "hardest record in the world" and oli said "The world doesn't need light-hearted pop music right now - it needs anthems for anger" and while I agree that this is not light-hearted pop, it's still more pop/soft/alt rock than Metal... Yes it has a heavier part, with Chester Bennington-like screams but that's it. Chorus is great, song still too poppy. I didn't expect them to go back like they were, but after following r/bringmethehorizon and hearing everyone talking about something "heavy" I thought they will go a similar direction like Loathe actually. Still: Song is good, it's actually Ludens 2.0, but pls not more of that.
  4. It's that easy: It's a good song, just not what was promised.
  5. hard to imagine that this is the same band that made one of the top 3 pop punk records of the last decade...
  6. In which world is Smile in your Sleep underrated? It's their second most listened song after My Heroine...
  7. Song is a bit less than okay, but didn't miss the female vox at all
  8. I loved Alien but seriously this song is better than any song on that album except 4D
  9. Really cool that they're releasing the B-Sides for Charity, I don't want to know how many unreleased B-Sides are out there.
  10. What surprise! This is fucking lit. Love Cutting Skin.
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