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  1. Agree, it's not really Pop Punk anymore.. Alt Rock / Emo would fit better imo
  2. I cut my wrists and black my eyes
  3. their ep was good, looking forward to "No Truth"
  4. I like Jesses cleans but overall this was too much for me holy shit sometimes I just wish he would stop singing and let the music speak...would be way more atmospheric 7/10
  5. I wish I had your problem, I don't even dare to listen it because I'm afraid that it could be boring and I do love Erra
  6. there are some heavy catchy songs on it
  7. Their debut album "Deceiver" is also without them
  8. I do not compare, I just wanted to mention that your taste is a bit weird
  9. says someone who think that Wishing Wells is "far better than anything off the last 3 albums."
  10. a band who is gets harder, nice single