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  1. Thousand Below - The Love You Let Too Close (2017)

    these guys restored my faith in this genre
  2. They reached a new level with this.
  3. Alazka - Phoenix (2017)

    too much talent in one band ma german boys!
  4. Story Of The Year - Bang Bang (Single) (2017)

    Finally they're back, so much oldschool vibes
  5. Cold Black - Circles (2017)

    Good stuff for fans of bad omens and sempiternal bmth.. overall a bit boring
  6. My Ticket Home - Thrush [Single] (2017)

    20 years too late
  7. I prefer Life's Not Out To Get You... but solid record.
  8. Coldrain - Envy [Single] (2017)

    Love this song! feels like they get better with each album!
  9. Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation (2017)

    that explains, thanks
  10. Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation (2017)

    The reason why I'm thinking this is trash..
  11. Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation (2017)

    Why am I the only one who think this is trash? Can someone explain please..
  12. Shattered Sun - The Evolution of Anger (2017)

    This Band needs far more attention.. really solid record
  13. Wage War - Deadweight (2017)

    yeah I hear it too, in generell this song sounds like a huge slipknot tribute
  14. For me definitely Deadweight!
  15. Alazka - Ghost (Single) (2017)

    Alaska is still burning.