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  1. finally! I'm so damn excited, the EP was a fucking masterpiece
  2. ok, one of the best songs I've ever heard. pls dont kill me for that hype
  3. most troll combination ever
  4. after first listen pretty mediocre for me... I liked their older stuff more
  5. cover looks like they're all time high
  7. the only thing what they're killing is themselves.
  8. this doesn't rule
  9. boring sound, boring lyrics, boring everything.. after caliban the second death of a good german band
  10. hail lord kingdom
  11. Welcome to the ghetto
  12. Really solid record, I expected a bit more because Adjust was fucking sick.. but Regret / Sinking / Cope are dope
  13. I am a bit hyped now drums are really sick!
  14. still better without Austin :s