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  1. Is anyone else hearing Architects - Gravedigger with that single? The instruments and vocals feel like it for the first bit. Nothing wrong with that I guess.
  2. Also Witness (2014) is missing the lead single, Disclosure on the album download.
  3. Awesome! Glad to see them getting that amount of support here.
  4. Awesome! Never expected to see this here. KL should get some of their new projects on here as well. Shadows sounds exactly like FACT but their last album, torches was never uploaded here.
  5. Good song! Didn't think they would turn it down another notch from Rare but still digging it. Hope they include some more uptempo stuff as well.
  6. These first two singles are absolutely killer!
  7. The Fat of the Land (1997) isn't on the download list for me. Just me?
  8. Absolutely digging this! Not sure how they're going to follow up True North but these first 3 singles have been pretty great.
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