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  1. @Snakeye huh? Dude almost had to register as a sex offender. Physical contact with a nude 13 year old and distributed the video around. Beat his girlfriend. Heroin dealer. Conspiracy to murder. Armed robbery. RICO and firearms charges. Facing life in prison without parole. Part of the Bloods. I think he's not your average child star. And the average person has some knowledge of this dude. He's covered non stop in the media.
  2. Sounds a good bit like Converge to me! Dig it!
  3. It's not. Randy Pitchford has already confirmed they're skipping the show this year and will have info on the game later this year. So that might confirm these are fake.
  4. Agreed. This was bad on a whole different level.
  5. Oh hell yeah. Now we're talking. Best they've done.
  6. Nah, that's just a joke the commenter was making. Both of Justin's brothers look completely different.
  7. Unmastered? It's Ross Robinson? Slipknot, korn, glassjaw. It's the sound he does. It's just their first time using someone besides Feldy so it sounds different.
  8. Oh damn, that part at 1:55 is sick. Can't wait to pick up this album. Sounds like three great ones in a row.
  9. He's got a new metal band coming with himself on vocals! Should be interesting!
  10. So great. Really shaping up to be a solid album. First of theirs I have look forward to.
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