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  1. Yes it is. Their sound was so whimsical and good. Unfortunately no, they are officially broken up for good. They released one final song titled "Death is Poor Man's Doctor". I backed that album on their kickstarter, during the recording process a lot of their equipment was broken so it added to their unique sound even more. These dudes were just damn good. Shame they are broken up.
  2. Thanks been looking forward to this.
  3. These guys have yet to disappoint. Good song.
  4. I'm late to the listening party. It can't be that bad can it?
  5. This is just the 2 ep's with a few new songs eh?
  6. oooooo give me that LP vibe. Good song.
  7. certified banger. this is great.
  8. That song is fantastic hopefully the rest of the album is great.
  9. Been waiting for this for a long ass while. Thank you.
  10. This is just incredible. The piano along with Ronnie's vocals is beautiful. Then the ending hits, fuck, this is good.
  11. If you go in expecting a BMTH this isn't it. This is something weird yet wonderful. I dig it. It's great to zone out too.
  12. This dudes work ethic is insane. Song is flames.
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