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  1. Fuck yes been waiting for more from these dudes. Even their cover of "Pity Party" was great. Sucks its only an EP!
  2. You are in for a real treat with all their older releases.
  3. Thanks for the share, really enjoyed their last release.
  4. I thought it was alright. Digging the artwork though.
  5. I enjoy this more than the last two they released.
  6. This 100%, their other song Neon is great too, cant wait for a full release.
  7. Fucking it killing it, this is fantastic.
  8. Agreed, but this is great. It's about damn time.
  9. Does it get any better than the singles? I haven't enjoyed a single well single.
  10. What is this from? Why is this not on their newest album?
  11. I was wondering why he sounded familiar. This sounds pretty good.
  12. Never heard of these dudes before. They sound great! Thanks for the share.
  13. I like The Funeral Portrait, their cover of Helena makes me dislike them.
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