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  1. happy birthday to me lol, guess how old i am 🤪

    1. dewey duck

      dewey duck

      happy birthday!!!! idk I’m bad at guessing lol

      WAIT UR 24

      big brain time for me lmao but happy 24th birthday!! next year u can make that infamous spongebob joke 

  2. I saw these guys play in a friend's room. Total fucking chaos, and one of the best house shows I've ever been to.
  3. Calculating Infinity, is that you?????
  4. truly, these glass bong posts are my AOTY.
  5. saw this band live about a week ago! wonderful people making wonderful music :3
  6. Phil Elverum tugs at my heart strings once again
  7. YESSSS!!!! I was waiting for a vinyl rip!!!! I knew they've been selling the vinyl at shows but I didn't buy one when I went to see them so I'm glad I can finally get a chance to listen to it in full to see if it's worth getting
  8. my favorite split of the year. both sides are incredible. also both bands are wonderful people
  9. their album from last year blew me away, and the second i heard they were ALREADY releasing another collection of music i FLIPPED. This song is fucking incredible as well. I can't believe this band is gonna have another album in my Top 10 Faves for a 2nd year in a row ?
  10. without a doubt, one of my favorite EPs of the year. also backing what Miker myles said, definitely a strong HHLL vibe, and I mean that in the best way.
  11. the absolute last thing i would've expected this site to post would be this EP. you absolute madmen ?
  12. great band and great album! for those of you that don't know, some of the members have had lots of experience and time in the screamo genre, one of them is even from classic screamo band You and I! hopefully that might entice some people to give this band a listen :3
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