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  1. their album from last year blew me away, and the second i heard they were ALREADY releasing another collection of music i FLIPPED. This song is fucking incredible as well. I can't believe this band is gonna have another album in my Top 10 Faves for a 2nd year in a row 😅
  2. without a doubt, one of my favorite EPs of the year. also backing what Miker myles said, definitely a strong HHLL vibe, and I mean that in the best way.
  3. the absolute last thing i would've expected this site to post would be this EP. you absolute madmen 😂
  4. great band and great album! for those of you that don't know, some of the members have had lots of experience and time in the screamo genre, one of them is even from classic screamo band You and I! hopefully that might entice some people to give this band a listen :3
  6. i was absolutely not expecting to see this album here, but i'm definitely glad that it IS here. such a powerful album, even frightening at times. gives me chills every time.
  7. how the hell did they put out a great album last year and now put out ANOTHER banger this year??? 👀
  8. good shit!!! glad y'all posted this here, it almost slipped under my radar
  9. hell yeah, so glad to see some love for this band on KL! They had some border problems earlier this year so if you can, please send some support their way!!!! ^-^
  10. cmon man, just one more


  11. Absolutely some of their best stuff yet. Sounds like the wait for new music was definitely worth it
  12. It's like mid 2000s Underoath from an alternate dimension omg I dig this a lot 👍
  13. the people in this band are wonderful friends of mine and i'm so proud of them for making an album this fantastic 💞💞💞 if you can, PLEASE support them, they deserve all the love you can give them
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