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  1. I'm a huge fan of A->B Life and Catch For Us the Foxes, and even though their other albums are good, they never became classics to me like those 2 did. This album though. THIS fucking album. This is easily one of their best. Honestly, I'm legit astounded as to how great it is, I wasn't even expecting to be blown away like this.
  2. Edit: so far it's WAY better. Highly recommended
  3. Really liked their first two albums, but wasn't too fond of their last LP. Hope this one is better!!
  4. easily their best album so far, VERY excited to see them in a few weeks
  5. well, now HERE'S the most overlooked album of the year. way better than it has the right to be, I really hope these guys get more love soon.
  6. pretty sure half of my reputation points (if not more than half) are from LKA lol


    but that just goes to show how nice of a dude he is, so shoutout to LKA :pray:

  7. one of my favorite albums ever, and one of the few bands that do melodic hardcore perfectly.
  8. never considered myself much of a hip hop or RnB person, but i actually kinda like ruiner and joe puts out sick merch, so definitely will give this song a listen. hope he's doing okay, i heard he was having some mental issues.
  9. Saw these guys live with Sumac. The drummer wouldn't stop staring menacingly at the crowd. Great shit, 10/10. I'm not usually a death metal person (weirdly enough) but I dig these guys a lot.
  10. What One Becomes was my favorite album of 2016, I've been waiting what feels like forever for this album 😍😍😍 AARON TURNER AND CO. FOR LIFE!
  11. y'know I always thought Soupy had slightly Michael Stipe-ish vocals, I should've seen this coming from a mile away o: Pretty cool though!
  12. you're telling me that Eat The Elephant's artwork looks better than this???