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  1. trick or treat

    yoink or yeet

  2. hi

    changed my username

    kinda stopped using this site bc i figured out how to use deemix lol

    i guess just follow me elsewhere?





  3. happy birthday to me lol, guess how old i am 🤪

    1. fie claussell

      fie claussell

      happy birthday!!!! idk I’m bad at guessing lol

      WAIT UR 24

      big brain time for me lmao but happy 24th birthday!! next year u can make that infamous spongebob joke 

  4. cmon man, just one more


  5. i just realized that i became a KL donator over 2 years omg.

    i've been using KL for like almost 5 years now and it's been so helpful to me, so if anyone actually sees these status updates, thank you all so much for doing what you do <3 


  6. pretty sure half of my reputation points (if not more than half) are from LKA lol


    but that just goes to show how nice of a dude he is, so shoutout to LKA :pray:

  7. thank you mr12 for allowing name changes <3 I've been wanting to change mine for months lol

  8. yo shoutout to @LKA for telling me to give Voir Dire a 2nd chance, I fucking love it now <3 I definitely need to get it and a lot of other albums on vinyl but I spent a shitload of money on makeup and I haven't started work yet ^^;


    i doubt anyone really reads these statuses but if you haven't listened to Will Haven, DO IT NOW. kthnxbye

    1. LKA


      You're welcome :)

  9. ayyy new profile pic

    I really like that we can use animated GIFs for our profile pics, so shoutout to KL for being good at giving us good music AND for having a hella nice website


    While I'm here, here's my Best of 2017 list:



    Always Lose by The Gospel Youth

    in•ter a•li•a by At The Drive In

    No Clearance by Vasudeva

    Wizard Bloody Wizard by Electric Wizard



    Actually, Extremely by S n o o z e

    Banana by Bilmuri

    Below the House by Planning For Burial

    Greatest Hits by Remo Drive

    How Did We Get So Dark? by Royal Blood

    Melancholia by Save Us From The Archon

    Places by The Ongoing Concept

    Relaxer by alt-J

    Stolas by Stolas

    To Speak, to Listen by Eidola



    Flying Microtonal Banana by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

    A Hairshirt of Purpose by Pile

    Heartless by Pallbearer

    Hiss Spun by Chelsea Wolfe

    Reflections of a Floating World by Elder



    A Crow Looked at Me by Mount Eerie

    Dear by Boris

    The Dusk in Us by Converge

    Frame by Bilmuri

    Material Control by Glassjaw

    Polygondwanaland by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

  10. I've been posting my Albums of the Month on twitter, but I figured I'd post them here too to see if I can make some friends with similar tastes as mine :) Here's my AOTM for April! This past month I discovered a new love for The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Jimi Hendrix Experience <3 Discussion is encouraged! :)



    1. emilydotgif


      Also you can follow me on last.fm (under-haze) and twitter (under_haze)!

  11. When you have to wait until late April for your vinyl copy of Happiness to ship after looking for that album for like 2 years


  12. Been a frequent KL visitor for about 2 years now and today I finally decided to donate! Just a thanks for all the good stuff you guys dish out for us <3

  13. This is my 3rd time creating an account on this website lol

    But it's good to be back fam <3


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