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  1. Hope this song get cool music video, because it's one of their best songs from that album!
  2. Song The Path have one the best riff on that album!
  3. 1. The Devil Wears Prada 2. Fit For A King 3. For Today 4. Of Mice & Men 5. Bury Tomorrow 6. The Word Alive 7. Bullet For My Valentine 8. Bring Me The Horizon (Sempiternal) 9. Killswitch Engage 10. I Prevail
  4. New single by Dead American August 23rd.
  5. The best year - legendary band coming back
  6. Another great country blues album, hellyeah!
  7. New album is banger - Maniacs surprise me !
  8. I think, this album maybe try so many different things, but who knows - wish this track was longer - but good one, yeah!
  9. Thank god for this...Masterpiece!
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