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  1. Sounds pretty good for 160 kbps.
  2. I wish Century would make another baby.
  3. This track is horrible. Much worse than "Doris". However, the comments on production are a bit worse for me. Saying they're going for the sound of a 90's band, because you don't understand that about 99% of what comes out today is lifeless, digital, cheap, corner-cutting trash, is just plain silly. Not trying to say this band is good or great by any means, but it's obvious that most don't understand what it means to record with Ross. To do everything organically, raw, live, without punching in like most of the popular bands on this site. Whether this album turns out good or bad, I respect them going through with this kind of approach. Every interview I've ever read/seen about recording with Ross always shows how hard he works the artist, and some can't even take it. It's crazy to think that Eddie had to sing for 30 days straight and not being able to punch in. I can't name many singers/screamers who could make it.