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  1. Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. #WeNeedYou
  2. This is the start of our Site News & Updates forum! We'll be posting news and announcements periodically from here on out. To kick things off, we wanted to to say a proper goodbye to some retried staff members dear to us: @Woe Is Patrick @Crash Bandicoot @Aria. If you see them around the site, thank them for their service and hard work for the site! On a similar, positive note, we are thrilled to welcome @Lord Rorschach back to KL staff. He returns to staff as an Administrator, is excited to contribute again! With those changes to staff, we find ourselves a few Providers down. As you are all well aware, Providers are the backbone of this site; they are responsible for many tasks behind the scenes, as well as posting regularly and keeping us updates with the highest quality leaks available. Simply put, the less hard working providers we have, the less efficient we are as a site. Therefore, we are in desperate need of hard working and active staff members to be on throughout the day to get things posted and maintain the site. We are looking for active members (think, @LKA) who have a flexible work schedule, meaning they would be able to be online and helping out during the day. Experience dealing with transcodes, converting audio files, and tagging is recommended; however, if you are eager to learn these things and are open-minded, we will surely train you in these skills! If this is something you feel you would be able to help out with, please please please apply for a staff position! A couple more things to wrap up: Remember to bookmark KLStatus, Kingdom Leaks' site status and monitoring page. If the site goes down, you will be able to get updates from there. We are looking for an Andriod/Apple mobile app developer to make an app for KL. If you are interested in helping develop one, PM @mR12. We are also looking for someone to maintain our subreddit page, /r/kingdomleaks. What this entails is simply reposting a KL link all the downloads posted here. If you are an active Redditor and want to help, PM @mR12. We have a new forum! Use our Support forum if you are having issues with anything on-site (downloading, posting, account issues that are not private, etc.). For anything browser/server related, please report an issue on KLStatus. That's all, folks! Feel free to leave comments/feedback about anything discussed in this update in the comments section below. -KL Staff
  3. Great song, thanks for sharing!
  4. Sparks prove once again that intelligence, wit and musical competence is possible in pop music.
  5. HUGE.
  6. This topic has been moved to the Fixed Bugs / Implemented Suggestions forum. It will stay there unless the implementation was not correctly carried out. You are permitted and encouraged to add to this topic even though it has already been implemented.
  7. This topic has been moved to the Rejected forum. It will stay there unless we change our mind about an idea or a bug. You are permitted and encouraged to add to this topic even though it has been initially rejected.
  8. Release - September 2, 2017 Genre - Indie Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. TOPS - Petals (02:55) 02. Coin - Feeling (03:13) 03. The Chain Gang of 1974 - Wallflowers (03:56) 04. Cold War Kids - Ordinary Idols (03:31) 05. Future Islands - North Star (03:36) 06. Oh Wonder - Ultralife (03:32) 07. Algiers - The Underside of Power (04:13) 08. Little Cub - Breathing Space (04:06) 09. RAC - The Beautiful Game (feat. St. Lucia) (04:33) 10. Everything Everything - Can't Do (03:32) 11. The Vacant Lots - Pleasure & Pain (02:53) 12. Night Drive - Young Rivals (03:13) 13. The War On Drugs - Holding On (05:51) 14. Satchmode - Further Away (04:28) Direct Download MUST LISTEN for anyone REMOTELY interested in Indie! Art credits to @Billy Mays / Made with by @mR12 Vol. II | Vol. I (bad)
  9. That one was not even good, you don't want it. But Vol. III is coming soon... see the calendar.
  10. Thanks Crash
  11. Very good
  12. Thank you!
  13. Change to "Download" and it gets the mR12 seal of approval