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  1. Thanks Crash
  2. Very good
  3. Thank you!
  4. Change to "Download" and it gets the mR12 seal of approval
  5. Don't really like this. Besides Million Bucks, it's very boring compared to their other stuff. 6/10.
  6. Yes sir, although it sounds pretty good to me.
  7. Leaked Release - September 22, 2017 Genre - Drone Metal, Art Folk Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR (Transcode) Tracklist: 01. Spun (5:28) 02. 16 Psyche (4:18) 03. Vex (3:02) 04. Strain (1:13) 05. The Culling (6:00) 06. Particle Flux (4:52) 07. Twin Fawn (6:06) 08. Offering (2:49) 09. Static Hum (4:21) 10. Welt (1:54) 11. Two Spirit (5:04) 12. Scrape (3:03) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes (this is my goodbye leak. goodbye!)
  8. Hello, I am mR12. Just your average 17-year old kid, who works hard in school, plays in a cover band with some friends, and who finally got a summer job at a local restaurant and is making some serious cash (not really). Oh, and also lurks behind the scenes of the most well-known music leak site in the world. I cannot begin to explain how much I have learned from KL since I joined in 2015; not just useful techy skills to help me out in a future career, how to upload a .zip to Zippyshare (u wot?), how to never upload transcodes (shoutout to GM for being the worst site in the history of the Internet), but something so much more than that: meeting and having the opportunity to help people with everyday lives just like me who have the same passions as me, who just come here to download some MP3s (or FLACs). Today, I am leaving Kingdom Leaks, forever. I need to focus on finishing up high school, getting into my dream school, and spending more time with friends and family. It's one of those times we've all had at some point in our lives, where you just have to move on. I just want to take a moment and thank all of you members of Kingdom Leaks. Thank you for your support for the site. Thank you staff, for all the hard work you've put into making this the best site ever. @Woe Is Patrick - I always liked the way you style your posts more than I liked my own style. Just tbh. @Feeshmon - I hope you stay on staff for quite a while (inside joke, don't try and understand it. just keep reading) @Crash Bandicoot - you leaked IHW. Nuff said @Voinolin - Hard working, never complaining. I think it will pay off in the near future... @xcblackdiamond - solid Provider, you were on top of that Gorillaz leak, to say the very very very least. Hope you stick around. @LKA - just speechless. Fastest progressing provider in the history of KL, hands down. And one of the most active, too. @Lord Kingdom - you're like an older brother to me. Thanks for letting me join back in 2015. Easy going, always calming me down when I'm freaking out over a leak like a little kid (which I am), but at the same time very serious about KL and what it stands for. TL;DR - I am leaving, but will still be behind the scenes, making sure we stay online. The site will not die if I have anything to say about it I'll leave you all with one of my favorites from the year, hope you enjoy (yes, it is indie. get over it, ok?) Thanks for the leaks boys, mR12
  9. I'm scared to even listen to this again, it was so bad! RIP Arcade Fire
  10. The link is above the artwork

    1. mR12


      We are not buying the album for you... what did you think this was?

  11. Vinyl 320 and FLAC added!
  13. Please do not request here. This was a stream rip, so won't see a 320 for a few days.
  14. 320 and FLAC added!
  15. Yeah, all the other 320s floating around up until this point have been transcodes from the iTunes version, so not legit. But the 320 added now is a transcode from FLAC, so its HQ. Enjoy!