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  1. Coming out of my commenting hiatus for this one cause holy, this shit fire!! One of the best pop punk songs I have heard in a long while. And for a song to feature We the Kings (who I hate since they went pop) this is dope!!
  2. Ok this is sick!! I liked Annisokay's cover A LOT but this is dope!
  3. Wait didn't they already do a reissue of this last year in march I believe?? Why remaster and reissue a second time???
  4. Haha pretty much 12-19 xD. She is still hot to me though just not the hottest lol.
  5. Best album? Hell no. BUT they have always been good, Pop or Rock. I feel since the style change that they should have changed there name as well from ONE OK ROCK to ONE OK POP or just ONE OK. Having the genre in there name kinda limits them. The album is alright. I just dont know if there is a Japanese version and an all English version cause it seems like this is 90% English with a few lines of Japanese in each song (which I dont mind) but an all English and all Japanese would be nice! Overall rating, 6/10!
  6. I gave up listening to Avril since The Best Damn Thing. I used to like her old Pop Punk/Rock style then she sold out. Since then I can't stand her music. I heard Head Above Water and I was hoping for a slow return of old Avril (Like she said would happen when writing this album). Now I hear the garbage that is Dumb Blonde and my hopes depleted. I downloaded the album and it is all radio garbage and ballads with 2 cringy as fuck songs being Dumb Blonde and Better Wow. I now fully give up on Avril. She lied to us fans saying the old Avril is returning and the "Pop Princess" act was dead as stated on twitter some point in 2018. I'm disappointed. **At least she is still hot as fuck! (My #1 celeb crush from 2003-2010, since replaced by many others lol)
  7. Vanoss makes some good ass tunes!!! Just need Mini Ladd's music to release soon!
  8. Best material since The New Reign for sure!! Fantastic EP/LP (not sure what to label it), can't wait for the next EP/LP later this year! Just don't like how poppy Under The Gun sounds but otherwise this is sick. One of my fav bands and always will be!
  9. DAMN this is an awesome tune!! Kinda radio rockish but I fucking LOVE this!
  10. It is, and this new version of Stålfågel is awesome. Much cleaner sounding than the single.
  11. Anyone know why Stålfågel sounds different? Like the album version has Alissa White-Gluz on backing vocals but the single and official video does not. Did they release the wrong version as a single or did they intentionally take Alissa out of the single? I cant find anywhere online whether the single was a demo or if they released the two versions intentionally (if that is the case usually it would say either "(Single Edit/Version)" on the single or "(Album Version)" on the album... I am so lost lol
  12. Gave my feedback and am coming out of my "no commenting hole" again just to say I love everyone here and will support this site no matter if I win or lose (lets hope I win though lol). Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!
  13. They either need to disband or drop off the horrible label that is Rise Records. It seems Rise has a reputation for destroying most of their roster over a period of time and it is no secret that Rise has control of most songwriting/production/genre of their artist (hence why when bands do leave Rise, they say the hate Rise and either sign with a better label, Sumerian for example or they go independent). I would love to see what MMF still has to offer with their own say. If they went independent and still released this lackluster material then and only then will we know that they gave up on trying to make decent music and are just selling out for the money. Now, this album is MILES better than This Light I Hold but nowhere near the masterpieces that are Challenger, The Hollow, Sleepwalking, and the OK album Unconditional. Now please note that we won't know if what I stated is true that Rise has control or not, it very well could be Matty influencing the band to sell out or the bands decision all together unless they say otherwise if they drop from Rise. I am pretty sure, due to the feedback of the last 2 albums and the feedback they will get from this one, that they won't produce the same unwanted stuff over and over again unless they had no say and are money hungry, hoping us fans will grow to like this new style (which is highly unlikely). All I am trying to say is, we all can agree that we want the old MMF back, the band who once had passion and created amazing bangers. My opinion may be valid, it may not be but with Rise's reputation, I see them being in control...
  14. Great song but does it sound really muddy to anyone else?? Like I hope there will be a clearer production on the album or EP...
  15. Haven't listed to it yet but is there any other features on the album besides Jake Hill on "Carnage" and Paul of WBTBWB on "Geist" ??
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