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  1. Mallory Knox - Black Holes (Single) (2018)

    Sad that Mikey left but this is ok still... different but ok..
  2. more like most non creative title ever!! Same as the artwork. LAME AS FUCK!! What the hell happened to Jared and the band.. not even rock anymore... im sad cause 30STM is one of my fav bands..
  3. Boys of Fall - Chasing Lonely [Single] (2018)

    Is it just me or when the "Rock" parts happen in this song they sound like an ADTR ballad song, A LOT!! And I agree, not the BoF I fell in love with but this song is ok...
  4. Shields - It's Killing Me (Single) (2018)

    Not sure.. the vocalist posted it on his personal facebook not on the band page yet. He didn't go into to detail in the post.... I found out cause I am friends with James Denton (the vocalist of No Sin Evades His Gaze and Ravenface), he shared it on facebook and I saw it, so I thought I'd share the sad news to make it known...
  5. Shields - It's Killing Me (Single) (2018)

    If no one knows, their guitarist George Christie took his own life last night. RIP George Christie!!
  6. Jinjer - A Plus Or A Minus (Single) (2018)

    Not sure if you are aware but this song isn't new. They are re-releasing the Cloud Factory album from 2014 and this is the first song they chose to re-release from it. I believe the whole album is remastered and mixed properly this time as they did the album solo and it was not well made the first time in 2014. So there really isn't any excitement around this album cause it is technically old. The reissue comes with 2 live tracks that are new but lets be honest, no one really gives a fuck about live tracks...
  7. Linkin Park - One More Light Live (2017)

    Wow such hostility on this post... Everyone stop being grouchy and fucking love each other dammit! The cd was released as a memorial to Chester and y'all are gonna shit on that by arguing on this post on whether someone is a fan if they can't afford to buy it the second it comes out?? LOL like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. If someone can't buy music now but say they will when they have extra cash then fine. Some people do have responsibilities that are more important than buying music (eg. Bills, children, food, necessities, etc.) ya know. Me for example, I buy all my music when I can. My hours fluctuate so much at my job especially lately where I don't even have money to buy food sometimes. I pay rent and help my mom stay afloat while she is on disability. Hell, I am almost $20,000 in debt and I am only 26 years old. I buy my music in bulk if possible when I do by chance have extra cash. You don't know this persons personal life.. and yeah, us not buying music the week it comes out does effect the artists/bands to a degree. But they WILL get their hard earned money at some point in the near future when we can afford to do so, and that is what matters!! Now can this dumbass useless waste of time argument be over and BE POSITIVE from here on out!!
  8. Story of the Year - Wolves (2017)

    One is the album version (track 3) and the other (track 15) seems to be either a remix, remake, demo, or alternative version. I can't find anything official on the interwebs about a "deluxe edition" or any bonus tracks so I can't say even if it should be a part of the album or not cause the standard edition that is on any platform or physical only has 14 tracks not 15. I am hella confused.... maybe it was a pre-order track from their PledgeMusic thing?? I am gonna rename it as Bang Bang (Remix) for now so that I don't get confused...
  9. Deuce - Invincible (2017)

    Ahh ok. I did not know that! Still though, I thought when a beat is sold, it should be sold once that way it can't be copied. That is dumb that the beat could be potentially hundreds of times...
  10. Deuce - Invincible (2017)

    So is he stealing beats now cause "Best Of Me" has the exact same beat as Second Chaynce's "Undeniable" that went Facebook viral.... and Undeniable has been out since April... Disappointed if he did steal that beat... See for yourself:
  11. Like Moths to Flames - Dark Divine (2017)

    Definite AOTY material here holy geeezz... My top AOTY contenders so far is Trivium, Veil Of Maya, Neck Deep, and now this masterpiece.. 2017 has had its ups and downs when it comes to new music but any good albums that come out makes me forget about the crappy releases this year *cough, cough, new Hollywood Undead and new The Used, cough* lol
  12. Anavae - Are You Dreaming (2017)

    haha ok. Yeah I snagged it from a Japanese site (I cant remember the name lol) then I saw it on Pirate Bay 2 days later lol... Maybe I was the only one to grab it?? Had I known that you guys didn't know I would've sent it in...
  13. Anavae - Are You Dreaming (2017)

    With KL being the master of all leak sites, I thought someone would have noticed the leak... If no one knew about it then it makes sense to post it now. I just thought it was already posted back in September lol
  14. Anavae - Are You Dreaming (2017)

    This leaked like almost 2 months ago... Why is it being posted now?? I have had the EP since the beginning of September lol Great EP though... Huge fan of Anavae (Becca specifically)
  15. The Used - The Canyon (2017)

    Probably their worst album to date which makes me sad... Over and Over Again is pretty much the best song on the album imo. I know Bert is in a better state of mind now but it seems like his writing style went out the window. Most of the songs seem sloppy and not mixed or produced proper to give us that "The Used" sound they have had on previous albums. Hell I thought their last album was kinda meh but its a top notch album compared to this. Maybe this will take a couple of listens to actually like it but so far im not really feeling this one... Am I the only one who feels like this??