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  1. This will probably only have a few decent songs which makes me disappointed. I hope this is just a concept experiment album and they go back to the original sound we all know and love on the next album. I love Redshift and the rock vibe it brought as a single. If they did that style for an album I would be ok with it but this sounds kinda sellout in a way. Live Outside is good too, although admittedly it took me a few listens to get into it. At first it sounded too poppy but then it grew on me cause it is catchy as fuck. I will be giving this album a full listen when it is out but definitely wont be in my AOTY list. Why are all the good bands turning soft...sighh..
  2. I get massive Imagine Dragons vibes from this.. not sure if I like it.. this will be the sellout album for sure.. Jared sold his soul to the mainstream the moment he was known as "The Joker". Disappointed for sure, I was hoping they would at least keep the This Is War sound mixed with some Love Lust Faith + Dreams sound....
  3. Thanks mR12 for getting me the Killwhitneydead and Diemonds discographies in the free request weekend this past week, I greatly appreciate it, and you now have a place in my heart because of that (cause I was searching for years for that stuff). And for all other leaks you have contributed to this blessed site over the past few years I think it goes without saying but this whole site thanks you. I wish you the best in graduating high school and whatever the future may bring for you!! Good luck yo!
  4. I have the deluxe EP already and its great! A must listen for sure. Fav track by far is Kings... Sadly its not available to the public till July... I have had it for like a month now lol
  5. Well in my experience, it was horrid. Maybe they had a bad day or something but it was absolute trash. Like believe me, I aint making this shit up just to trash on a band I dont really like, what I said actually happened. I guess they were well received in other cities, maybe Toronto's crowd was a bit harsh on them... but it was one of the most bad performances I had ever seen....
  6. Probably the worst band to date. Studio versions of their songs are meh at best. And I just saw them live with Biffy Clyro, Biffy was great but these guys were the most boring band i have ever seen, so bad that a guy sitting next to me shouted "You guys suck!" and they were booed. The guitarist was acting all "heavy" when they arent even a heavy band, like he was on his knees like he was gonna shred but all their songs are mellow as fuck, he was even headbanging to their slow ass shit. As for the other members, they had zero stage presence, they were standing still in one spot the entire 35mins they performed. The best part was they finished their set, everyone cheered for Biffy Clyro, not even clapping for these guys. People even left while they were performing and came back for Biffy. I highly recommend NOT going to see these guys.
  7. I agree on some level. Definitely The Black Crown was their best album. And at this point, yes ASP runs circles around SS but I never could really get into ASP. Just not my taste I guess. And yes SS is definitely not the best band on earth but I love their music (especially when Mitch was alive). And damn, at this point I wish he was still alive. Imagine the direction they would have had taken if Mitch was alive and still in the band... It would 100% be better than this trash. Most of the comments I see now on here or youtube are right, Mitch Lucker is most definitely rolling in his grave right now. In all honesty, I am giving up hope on this band, and probably won't support them in any way if they keep this direction in future records (if they don't disband by then). Now I am not hating on SS in any way, just very disappointed in the direction they took, with this album specifically. This is just my opinion..
  8. SS is one of my all time favorite bands but seriously, I have to ask, what in the actual fuck is this shit? Eddie, you had your fun, now fucking quit ruining this band for me. HOLY FUCK. This is a disaster, like wtf man. You Can't Stop Me was an good album (not great but good) and then you go and pull this shit. Like were you all fucking high af to record this shit. At this point, it just sounds like Eddie is mumbling words and putting in the song. And those cleans, what are you, Deftones or Slipknot now?? This is definitely a must NOT buy imo. SS is better off disbanding after this shit. At least then you wont completely trash the Suicide Silence name for us fans. Even All Shall Perish was better than this, and I didn't even like them.
  9. Thanks crash! You rock |\m/|
  10. Anyone else notice Featherweight skips a shit ton?? Solid album but now I have to wait for a proper release..
  11. Loved his first album but wtf is this tweeny pop shit?? Is he tryna sell out or what?? This is now got me wondering about the future of MMF.. They gon' sell out now as well?? I have so many questions about this..... Like the instrumentals sound like a damn One Direction song or some shit.... Gahhhh, Im so conflicted now on whether I should like him anymore....
  12. I really dislike pop but HOLY FUCK. What a comeback!! Way better than Friday and Saturday. ADTR for AOTY but I would say this and the Crash Cove Remix of this song are Pop Single of the year. Btw, why is the remix not uploaded?? Its wayyyy better than this slowed down acousticy version. The remix is more EDM-esque which is better imo.
  13. These guys grow on me the more songs they put out. Also this isnt really a single, none of the above songs are named after the release so technically this is just a short EP not a single lol Crossfaith failed on that one Oh well, I am just gonna rename it to an EP cause by all accounts, it aint a single lmao xD. Good shit though...
  14. Ermmm Lord, we have an issue. M4A is definitely NOT added lol. M4A zippy link is just another MP3.... sighhh