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  1. already got my physical and tshirt preorder locked in boys keep doing what you do
  2. I was honestly not at all expecting a leak of this, I can't express how grateful I am right now.
  3. So hyped for this, thank you!!
  4. About to be a great day, homeys Thank you!!
  5. Yessss. I'm vibing to this right now.
  6. Surprised how many "meh" comments there are, I don't really fuck with Bruno no disrespect, but this is a solid cover, groovy af, smooth ass Will Swan licks.
  7. This album is amazing. Thank you for blessing my ears with it early
  8. I didn't think they could get better after the last album. I was wrong.
  9. It's a lot to take in in a single listen. I've listened about 3 times through now and the more I listen the more I really enjoy it.
  10. single

    Can't wait for this and the new Wolf & Bear albums Big thanks!
  11. single

    Been looking for this track for ever THANK YOU!
  12. Some of the best of its kind I've heard in a while.
  13. Yeah I feel you man. I agree. After Chasing Ghosts, nothing they've made is to me worth the space on my drive , phone, etc. It's just disappointing, and it happens to so many good bands lol, I just wish I knew whyyyyy. I feel like it's label influenced a lot. The quality of their music goes down but fan base goes up most of the time.
  14. Lol yeah..part of me wonders what part their label played in the transition...or if none, if they just lost their inspiration or what. Youngbloods >>>>>>>
  15. For me, Mothership Sianvar Hail The Sun Invent, Animate Overall what a great year for music. The best I can remember