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  1. i thought the singles by themselves were kinda weak, but listening to this album through completely changed my mind. this is good. sure, it's not pop punk but there are bands sampling these same sounds that are considered pop punk. i love how gracefully they changed their sound up and how mature the sound has gotten between adornment and this. stoked to hear these songs live.
  2. honestly pretty stoked for this & the album
  3. man, this band will always be really nostalgic for me. grew up listening to this kind of sound and it's so nice hearing it still being produced this well.
  4. some good stuff. bands from my hometown too it looks like. nice!
  5. i cannot wait to listen to this. everything i have heard so far is golden.
  6. i think it's just a new song for them to have on the summer tour and warped.
  7. i mean it's definitely not bad but not what i was expecting at all
  8. it made me a fan too but i always appreciate seeing a band mess around with their sound!
  9. never will understand comparing bands to old sounds of theirs when they start experimenting with new sounds. this song is SOLID and mixes old/new sounds extremely well. i can't wait to hear the new album.
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