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  1. Personally I think it's in poor taste. He passed away almost 6 years ago. They should have rather used a new vocalist and recorded new music
  2. That opening scream caught me off guard. Wasn't expecting to hear Lacey go like that again. Even more excited for the next album now. 10/10
  3. Cleans ruined it for me. Doesn't fit with the rest of the song. Other than the cleans I thought this was pretty good
  4. I'm hoping the next album has a lot of this. Enjoyed all their albums so far. if they keep it going like this they are going places
  5. Holy fuck those screams and the early Linkin Park vibes
  6. 1. As I Lay Dying 2. Mutiny Within 3. Killswitch Engage 4. For I Am King 5.Affiance 6. Any Given Day 7. Fit For A King 8. Haste The Day 9. The Sorrow 10. Bullet For My Valentine
  7. After their cunt of a lead singer's recent social media tirades I've discarded this band into the faggot bin.
  8. Still prefer Constellations and Messengers. They were my fav ABR records. This is the best record they have put out since then for sure. Last few albums were pretty disappointing to me. On a side note thhough I must say I'm just not a huge fan of the guitar tones on this record. It sounds fucking weird. ABR ain't my fav Metalcore band, not even close, but one can't compare counterparts to ABR. It's a disgrace metioning counterparts next to ABR. In other words, counterparts is trash, and I mean like bottom of the barrel trash.
  9. Wouldn't have expected otherwise. I knew this was going to be trash when the first single dropped.
  10. Oh dear god I can't believe anybody would actually listen to this shit. I am extremely ashamed that my home country produces shit like this. It's actually sickening
  11. Fuck yes. This is how I love my melodic metalcore One of very few metalcore bands that comes close to As I Lay Dying in terms of melody. This was literally the only good thing this leak day produced.
  12. Now this was underwhelming as fuck. I am so disappointed. Their 2011 full length was amazing. The only word that can describe this is trash
  13. Reminds me of The Sorrow a little bit. Not as great as The Sorrow though.
  14. This just made me want to go and jam Baby One More Notch. Love these guys. Looking forward to a new full length
  15. This is pretty decent. it's nice to hear Angela go at it again. Arch Enemy ain't been the same without her
  16. People will just defend this crap by saying they have "evolved" like with bmth, etc
  17. Not a fan of their stuff that came after A Star-Crossed Wasteland. A waste of talent if you ask me
  18. Jesus this has gone to shit real quick. Why does everyone always have to insult and express hostility towards each other. The KL community has become extremely toxic as of late. SIGH
  19. He's just trolling for attention. Don't give him the satisfaction. If everybody ignores the idiot he'll fuck off into obscurity, where he seemingly belongs. That'll take a lot more than one or two albums getting hated on by the minority. In case you didn't notice, Em is getting a lot of praise on YouTube.
  20. Darkness is some controversial shit. Real as fuck though. Em just proving once again why he is the Rap God
  21. I'm a bit late to the party on this. Let me start off by saying I absolutely despised every album they have put out. To me it's been the same mainstream, obnoxious, teeny-bopper trash from the bottom of the barrel that only a 13 year old could enjoy. It's for that very reason I didn't bother to check out their singles. So this popped up on my feed and I figured let's give it a shot and holy fucking shit am I glad I did. I checked out Drugs after listening to this as well. Obviously the musical talent is there and Ronnie is clearly both a fucking good vocalist and lyricist, so their studio albums makes even less sense to me now. Popular Monster and Drugs are two of the best songs I have heard in a while. I can feel the passion in the music and the lyrics are deep as fuck. These songs are structured fantastically and the rap is blended perfectly. Ronnie clearly has some bars. If they can keep making darker, harder and meaningful music like this I will follow these guys for life. I sure hope they don't go and fuck up this new found opinion I have for them by making the same trash they have been putting out since their inception. I would love to see them release another dark track like Popular Monster that has Eminem spitting some rhymes. A Popular Monster version of Eminem's Darkness track if you will. Will be keeping my eye (and my ears) on these guys for the time being.
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