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  1. This song gets a fuck yeah from me. Better than the material from their last few albums. This is more in line with Vol.3: The Subliminal Verses which is by far my fav Slipknot album. The choir was a very nice touch and Corey’s vocals were superb. Can’t wait to hear more. The track names are dope. Also glad All Out Life is not on the album. I didn’t find it to be a worthy Slipknot album track. It’s a decent b-side track. Don’t get the hate for this track to be honest. It’s worthy material. Hater’s be hatin’, but Slipknot be rollin’
  2. Yeah no idea. Josh Gilbert’s cleans are phenomenal. I’ll say he’s definitely on the same level as Chris Clancy.
  3. The cleans are a bit overshadowed. The mix was not as perfect as with My Own Grave. Still a banger though. Very hyped for the album.
  4. 1. Any Given Day - Overpower 2. Whitechapel - The Valley Didn’t like any of the other releases
  5. Stop doing drugs... It’s not the most technical of music (although some of the guitar pieces are quite advanced) but it’s fucking far from generic. That’s the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen on KL. I used to think LinaK is the biggest idiot on KL but you, you take the cake!
  6. It’s not a bad album by any means but holy hell with all this hype and the way people are going on you’d think this is the universe’s gift to music. It ain’t. A 7/10 for me. Hold As I Lay Dying’s beer in the meantime. You’ll see what an AOTY really is
  7. In Deafening Silence could have been a KSE tune. It reminded me of them a lot
  8. 2:30 is where my ears came Any Given Day never disappoints. Judging by the singles released so far this is going to be the best Metalcore album since As I Lay Dying's Awakened
  9. Solid single. Bodom has come to save us from in flames
  10. Oh why Avril, why. Just when your music was getting mature you pull a stunt like this
  11. For some reason this makes me want to jam some Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4. Wish they would do more songs like Falling Apart. It’s still my fav Zebrahead tune.
  12. Whether you are doing the leaking or listening to a leak and whether it’s a day before release, a week before release or a month before release it’s all the same and the same moral principle is at play. So no it’s not fucked, it’s all the same as any other leak. Cradle’s last album leaked just over 3 months before release so this is not unheard of BTW.
  13. Those cleans were horrible. I think my ears are bleeding
  14. Vocals have plenty of room for improvement. Other than that, not bad
  15. On par with Fire Fight. Good shit. Definitely getting Scream Aim Fire vibes from this. Can't wait for the album
  16. My Top 10 Albums of 2018 1. Fit For A King - Dark Skies 2. For I Am King - I 3. If I Were You - Inner Signals 4. Annisokay - Arms 5. Bullet For My Valentine - Gravity 6. From Ashes To New - The Future 7. Architects - Holy Hell 8. Breaking Benjamin - Ember 9. Eyes Set To Kill - Eyes Set To Kill (Self Titled) 10. Underoath - Erase Me (Didn't like this band's previous material but after a few listens this album grew on me) My Top 10 Singles of 2018 (For artists that did not release albums in 2018) 1. As I Lay Dying - My Own Grave (Obviously) 2. Any Given Day - Loveless (Obviously) 3. Day - Reverie 4. Within Temptation - Raise Your Banner 5. Glamour of the Kill - Fire Fight 6. Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water 7. Bad Omens - The Hell I Overcame 8. Void Of Vision - Kill All My Friends 9. Tears To Embers - Masquerade 10. Speech Patterns - Were You Nervous?
  17. Must have listened to Loveless over 30 times now and I can’t get enough of it. This is why I love Metalcore, because of masterpieces like this track
  18. That’s why I’m on KL and follow Dreambound’s channel. Screw the critics and their mainstream mentality of album promotion. If I see a genre tag of what I like I check it out. Mainstream will rather push a bring me the horizon album down your throat and make your ears bleed instead of recommending you music with meaning. There is just too much good shit that gets overlooked.
  19. Unfortunately we live in 2018 where making music to make money is the norm, and not making music that comes from the soul. Like bring me the toiler paper, or as Nik Nocturnal coined it in one of his videos, sellout the horizon. And while she sleeps is on the same path. It reeks of millenial stench
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