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  1. A bit different compared to their previous stuff. There's some of Korn's Follow The Leader era influences here and there, especially in Kill The Devil. Love this album
  2. Agreed. Decent album.
  3. This is quite meh. Below average to me. There's literally thousands of other Metalcore albums I would rather listen to. Don't see what the fuss is about.
  4. Two words. Fucking good
  5. @Lone Shark back me up here buddy
  6. Some love it, some hate it. It may be "basic" but they pulled it off better than most other bands
  7. That was a good record. This album is listenable but did not meet my expectations. Damaged Goods is as good as it gets for this album followed by Motif. Our Hollow, Our Home is impacting my ratings on all these new Metalcore albums. That Our Hollow, Our Home album destroys every Metalcore album that has been released so far this year except for Mutiny Within's Origins album.
  8. Reincarnate is the only Motionless in White album that I actually liked. These new singles they released sucks
  9. Yup saw it as well Just waiting for a KL quality update. I hate downloading from uploaded.net FYI, for those who didn't know, this is a project by Heaven Shall Burn / Alestorm members
  10. Absolute shit. They should change their name to Bieber and Sons. The All That Remains we once knew died in 2008. I think it's time they show their instruments the respect they deserve and stop playing them.
  11. Agreed. Pretty good. Just need a quality update because this release sounds like it was mixed in a pepsi can xD
  12. No comments yet... W00000000t? (o.O) This album is fiiiire