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  1. The Crownless King has some strong Sepultura vibes from the Dante XXI days
  2. Your lips keep moving but I don't know why... zZzZzZzZzZ
  3. I'm giving this album a solid 8.5 / 10. Definitely the best album they have put out since Howard left. The riffs remind me a lot of the The End of Heartache album. It's a damn good blend of melodic metalcore and thrashy riffs. Jesse's vocals have improved a great deal too. Don't get the negative comments toward the album. It's a fantastic album from start to finish. Know Your Enemy sounds like something that would belong on As I Lay Dying's An Ocean Between Us album. Probably my second fav track on the album.
  4. The Signal Fire is well..... fire Howard sounds fucking amazing. Miss him in KSE. This is where he belongs. Not in Light the Torch.
  5. Yeah no this ain't for me. I miss Mudvayne
  6. For me personally when it comes to As I Lay Dying's singles, the best tracks are not released as singles. The 5 star bangers are always saved for the album release.
  7. Day fucking made! Solid single. AOTY incoming
  8. Did you give the full album a listen or only the single?
  9. WOW. Now that was yawn as fuck. Why people are so fascinated with this band is still one of life's mysteries to me.
  10. @Summers Thanks for posting the submission Don't sleep on this fam. It's a great album. Would recommend to Sonic Syndicate fans
  11. 45 generic ass comments and none about how good the album is. You disappoint me KL fam
  12. Have fun with it. Figured you for a toddler long time ago
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