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  1. Next to Thousand Below's debut this is...... well...... "MEH"
  2. The Love You Let Too Close hits you right in the feels. What an amazing track and what an album
  3. A million miles ahead of anything on True North. I hated that album. Still waiting for them to come up with something as great as Beloved
  4. R.I.P sounds so good
  5. Thanks for this
  6. Still a shit band
  7. @fooffstarr Love it
  8. He's good. The backing vocalist seems to have lost his edge though. In some places the backing vocals are terrible
  9. NVM...
  10. Once again I don't get the hype. It's mediocre
  11. Definitely getting Alter Bridge vibes from this album. Not as good as Alter Bridge but very listenable
  12. Hyped as fuck. Underwhelming as fuck.
  13. Firstly, Danny's vocals is what made Reckless & Relentless for me. Secondly, Denis Stoff is a crap vocalist in my opinion. I don't like that cunt and I don't like Famous Last Words either
  14. Great album Thanks for this