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  1. Coincidence it is Keep up the good work BTW. Did you guys self-produce? Sounds great and I've never heard of your band before. Sooooooooo...... Album in the works?
  2. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but some parts are clearly ripped off from A Skylit Drive's I'm Not A Thief I'm A Treasure Hunter
  3. Shaped by Fire all the way. Korn and Void of Vision was terrifyingly disappointing
  4. Oof this album was very underwhelming. It was painful listening to how a band could go from such an amazing debut to such a mediocre follow-up
  5. Can I cry, be confused and laugh at that one? I'm conflicted
  6. Metalcore? I think not. Expected to not like it. Expectations were met.
  7. Think the guys are just taking some time off doing their own thing. They haven't disbanded. Not officially anyways
  8. Yeah unfortunately there had to be that one cunt.
  9. The debut album sucked big time. The vocals were especially poor. But give this song a try. It's far better than anything off the debut album. This is more Three Days Grace than Three Days Grace.
  10. Vocals in this is great. You can hear the passion in his voice again. It's been years since he's sounded this good
  11. Attention everyone. Adam has located his vocal chords again!!!! Man this is so good. Reminds me of the One X days. Now I'm officially excited for the album
  12. Master fucking piece! Defs took the no 1 spot for best Metalcore album ever for me. Knew it was gonna be AOTY when My Own Grave dropped. This record is just more proof of what we knew since Shadows of Security. As I Lay Dying are the Metalcore gods.
  13. I agree the harsh vocals sound a lot lile Denis from Any Given Day. Lyrics, electronics, song structure and the mix gives off serious Dead by April vibes. This is a solid release. Just two songs that I found very cringey. Digging those layered vocals on Miss Out.
  14. It’s nothing exceptional but geez it’s not that awful either. Still better than TDWP xD
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