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  1. Too much Throwdown / Hatebreed for me
  2. Hmmm gonna check this out for the collabs on here. Personally don't like Hatebreed and I think Jasta is a fucking asshole with a big mouth
  3. Some quality shit yet again. Era was a total banger. This is just as solid.
  4. Haven't listened to it yet but how does it compare to In The Shadow of a Thousand Suns? Into the Ashes and Into the Cold Wastes are my fav tracks by them. They're such juicy and atmospheric tracks, not to mention the drums on those tracks are just insane.
  5. Heavy? Sorry but this ain't heavy. Plenty of Deathcore bands much much heavier than this. For me personally SS just ain't SS without Mitch.
  6. That Sharon Den Adel feature It's great to hear Adam's voice restored to his former glory. Ghost is pure awesomeness. Definitely my fav track on the album.
  7. This is banging. HARD. Serious Any Given Day vibes in the guitars and screams.
  8. Neither download link works... EDIT: ddl.to works again. PTL still down
  9. Coincidence it is Keep up the good work BTW. Did you guys self-produce? Sounds great and I've never heard of your band before. Sooooooooo...... Album in the works?
  10. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but some parts are clearly ripped off from A Skylit Drive's I'm Not A Thief I'm A Treasure Hunter
  11. Shaped by Fire all the way. Korn and Void of Vision was terrifyingly disappointing
  12. Oof this album was very underwhelming. It was painful listening to how a band could go from such an amazing debut to such a mediocre follow-up
  13. Can I cry, be confused and laugh at that one? I'm conflicted
  14. Metalcore? I think not. Expected to not like it. Expectations were met.
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