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  1. I haven't even heard this artist before but your favorite band is Tool. Which I fine I guess if you think Alex Grey is an deep artist, grow shrooms in your closet and drive a pick up truck with a The Punisher bumper sticker on it.
  2. This is genuinely hilarious. ICP meets Hatebreed.
  3. I like every Weezer album including Raditude and Hurley, they all have something to enjoy, but not this. These are super rote versions, basically meme-ified, and only good for a 2 second ha-ha moment. And normally I think the band has done some incredible covers, my favorite is Oddfellows Local 151 but even something like Kids or Poker Face has more reason for existing than.. this. Still looking forward to The Black Album but this is an unfortunate detour.
  4. cover art looks exactly like The Drowned God's new album.
  5. you should put something about how this is a supergroup feat. members of The Get Up Kids
  6. 1. Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch 2. Vein - Errorzone 3. Between the Buried and Me - Automata I 4. Interpol - Marauder 5. Underoath - Erase Me 6. Hidden Hospitals - Liars 7. SONOIO - Fine 8. Descubriendo a Mr.Mime - ƒ 9. Night Verses - From the Gallery of Sleep 10. Greyhaven - Empty Black
  7. thanks for posting my submission! awesome new band i feel deserves a lot more attention. edit: i submitted V0 last night and this is 320 so thank you for the quality upgrade as well.
  8. Worth it to listen to the debut ep and first 3 albums before this, only about 50 minutes combined, and each release is a huge leap forward.
  9. If R. Kelly made good music I would listen to it. And yes, I listen to Burzum's music but I could care less that he is a convicted murderer and neonazi. So what? The music has nothing to with that. Has no effect on me and I'm not supporting him by pirating and listening to it. It's not even a favorite thing of mine but I won't deny it's quality because its creator is a shitty person. I'm even able to enjoy the music/creations of people I've known who have wronged me personally or that I am not on good terms with.
  10. I literally said "looks like he's holding a ukulele."
  11. Is it just me or is that guitar photoshopped poorly into his hands? Looks like he's holding a ukulele.
  12. Thanks! My only complaint is that they released the closing track as a single, because now I already know how it ends
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