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  1. Lots of CDs used to have hidden tracks. It was just a fun thing and a way to separate the bonus from the rest of the album. The Silent Circus is another more recent example. Here’s what Mike Shinoda had to say about that song on Twitch: ”Back in the day, before the days of iTunes, you played CDs on a CD player. And so you'd put in your album and you'd listen to it and and at the end of it, it'd basically stop or start over. Normally you wouldn't have the length of songs show up. The number that would show up is how much of the song you've already heard, not how much of the song is coming up until the end, basically. So on Nine Inch Nails "Broken", I think it was like six or seven song thing, and at the end of that there were ninety one empty tracks, basically silent tracks, tiny one second tracks. And then track ninety eight and ninety nine were songs. And they weren't even listed on the back of the CD. So we decided to put like a little surprise/easter egg at the end of ours. And there was all of this static noise for minutes and minutes and then we put that song at the end of it. So that when you're listening to it on CD, you wouldn't know what was coming after... you'd wait and then there was an instrumental.”
  2. Now that’s some terrible graphic design. What’s the black bar hiding?
  3. Thanks for these. Sad to see them breaking up after this album... I always imagined they'd be around as long as Tim Kinsella is alive.
  4. Tracks 1-7 have Eric Reeder on vocals and tracks 8-14 have Shawn Jonas on vocals, it's strange that they'd be listed as featured artists on two of the tracks. If anyone's wondering why the vocals change halfway through the compilation, that's why.
  5. Thursday, Pianos Become the Teeth, Bear Vs Shark
  6. Album slaps. Ross Robinson’s production here is weird but I’ll get used to it. I’d probably rank it like this 1. To the beat of a dead horse 2. Stage Four 3. Lament 4. Parting the Sea 5. Is Survived By
  7. These are singles that were originally released in 2011. Bobby Darling’s brother’s daughter has cancer hence why these are seeing re-release now, as a benefit. Go pick up the vinyl from EVR!
  8. Oh wow, that’s a name I never thought I’d see again.
  9. fixed lol @InsidAero you really think "Down When I'm Not" sounds more pop punk than shoegaze? The track in question is clearly My Bloody Valentine inspired, no?
  10. Been wanting to check this out, thanks!
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