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  1. wafer-thin, completely forgettable Kroger muzak.
  2. GOD DAMN unbelievable they rerecorded a Thirty Years War song.
  3. no one: Marilyn Manson: *hears Orchid’s ‘Chaos Is Me’ once*
  4. my most anticipated album of.. possibly ever
  5. hopeful for a new Young Widows album someday soon, but in the meantime this will do!
  6. at least they put a band instead of "all of them" because you're too afraid of being made fun of lol.
  7. I used to smoke with them before and after shows when they’d come through during the Selftitled/Happiness years and I remember Will or Matt telling me one time they wanted to have Self-Trepanation be the first track off Happiness, but Rise wasn’t having it, insisted on Tree Village being first.
  8. Tilian's spanish verse was one of the most memorable parts on the album imo. Immediately brought to mind The Mars Volta.
  9. YES, thank you. now I just need Kaonashi and Bars of Gold tracks from this comp
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