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  1. first selfie I remember taking or still have. 2006. DTGL had just come out. hadn't even discovered hair straightening yet.
  2. can't imagine what it feels like to wait 13 years for trash
  3. these fake deep pseudo nostalgic photgraphed album covers are gettin old
  4. still better than Alesana dipshit
  5. I think you're full of shit. If not then let's hear it. YANDHI
  6. Been waiting for this, they’ve been teasing a new album for about a year now.
  7. edgiest band/album name combo i’ve ever seen.
  8. wouldn’t hurt to add to the description that this is Ned Russin from Title Fight. either way thanks for posting, been looking forward to this.
  9. Agree with the guy who said this band sucks live. Or more accurately they were painfully boring. They used to have an ex member of Me and Him Call it Us and that’s the nicest thing I can say about them.
  10. what I say to myself every time I see this gif
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