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  1. The original V0 CD rip had the Japanese bonus track “Yurt”, and “Shasta” as one combined track, for anyone who might be unaware. The 320 is just the standard release.
  2. I think I would have a “Mental Prolapse” listening to this.
  3. you’ll like this one then. it’s slow, heavy and textural.
  4. Can’t wait to get home and listen to this
  5. i think i’ll just keep listening to this instead
  6. 2015. the show i saw was AE_LIVE_DENVER_171015
  7. Love them. Feel lucky to have been able to see them live. They made the theater turn off all the lights and played in the pitch dark.
  8. Alessandro Cortini is a member of the Nine Inch Nails live band, so not far off!
  9. that’s kinda the point of myspace grind. see: early daughters
  10. listening to a 128kbps stream rip, this truly is twentyninescene.
  11. the shin guard side is aight but their lyrics are corny as hell
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