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  1. This is the exact opposite to the feelings I got from Good Nature, excellent instrumentation, forgettable vocal melodies. Still a good record to chill with.
  2. First timer to these dudes, so sick!
  3. Gonna give it a spin at work, not excited at all hope it'll end as better as I expect. Thanks so much anyway
  4. I did enjoyed the album a lot. Loved the diversity between songs, no complaining at all.
  5. according to Chad we're getting 4 stand alone singles through summer, and next year they will release a new album
  6. You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
  7. Eh...they don't bring nothing new to the table. Just another generic sounding band, unfortunately Jonny was what made them special. Nothing wrong with the new vocalist (actually he performs really good), I just don't feel Slaves as a band that can stay relevant after probly their next release as Dgd or Emarosa did after kicking Jonny off.
  8. Looking forward for their next release!
  9. Pretty nice... music wise is so good. Chorus is catchy as hell, pretty good bridge also. Nice comeback hope to catch them on Oct at San Diego.
  10. Amazing song, probly just a stand alone single for tour. New album should be out on Sept.-Nov. I just love how hardworking are these guys.
  11. We get it they are into The 1975 Awesome album, this is the first album I really enjoy from them after the last JC one.
  12. Love the production of the song, it's definitely a mainstream album and I'm not having any issue with it.
  13. I can see now the whole MJ influence Bradley told over at twitter about the new Emarosa months ago.
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