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  1. @hamboy23 funny to see your comment right now because I seriously came to say the same thing basically word for word. I have never listened to/liked 95% of pop music, or whatever is top 40 at any given time but Halsey is such a talent. Everything she has released so far has been amazing and I am honestly looking forward to hearing the rest of "Manic"
  2. I agree 100%... Aside from those 2 "b-sides" they put out after "peripheral vision", I have been so underwhelmed. I had such high expectations for "Good Nature" and it ended up having zero lasting effect. Easily the most forgettable record they have made so far ..
  3. This actually sounds good!.. most unexpected listen, ever.
  4. Such a sick song. First time hearing them too.
  5. Holy Shit! This leaked so early... Can't wait to listen!
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