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  1. I kept this record open in a tab because of the genre description... and yeah, this is not jazz. This is by-the-numbers indie.
  2. highly recommended viewing for my midnight loving friends in here:
  3. Fuck yes! New single and a new album coming soon! PUMPED. Don't sleep on these guys, they're outstanding.
  4. hell yeah, their LP last year is fantastic. Diggin' this track too!
  5. It dropped about five hours ago.
  6. this is a black friday deal i just can't pass up!
  7. really enjoying this record, thanks for the share!
  8. glad i checked out this record, really solid.
  9. hiiiiiiiiiiiighly anticipated release for me! so glad it's here.
  10. I pretty much never care about remixes and certainly not full remix albums, but remixes have always fit the vibe of The Midnight so well, that it's undeniable. I love this band, if this kind of thing is your speed... do yourself a favor and catch them live, because they pull off their sound so well in a live environment! Killer show.
  11. Imagine being so insecure you have to try to call people out for liking what they like. how boring.
  12. this is fantastic, whoa. 10/10 will buy! fyi, their bandcamp is:
  13. lol, did naming songs suddenly become too hard?
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