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  1. Imagine being so insecure you have to try to call people out for liking what they like. how boring.
  2. this is fantastic, whoa. 10/10 will buy! fyi, their bandcamp is:
  3. lol, did naming songs suddenly become too hard?
  4. Do you happen to have the track they're talking about, in any level of quality?
  5. Fucking yes, this is exactly how I needed my morning to start.
  6. oh yeah, quite often. the scores for mr robot and legion are just incredible. silverstri is a great composure for sure too
  7. I'd say probably resubmit the zip with both tracks, please! I don't know how I didn't know she had a RSD release, yay new tunes!!
  8. Yep, just like how the album name itself is supposed to be in all caps.
  9. I dig her overall, but this is kinda boring. still looking forward to her lp though!
  10. lol, is that supposed to be coke in the babies nose?
  11. PLEASE support this man via Bandcamp if you like this record!
  12. Yup, this band rules. Stoked to see them on tour!!
  13. This might be a n00b thing to ask, but is there an easy way to ensure all are downloading in one swoop? or is it just boil down to clicking each link?
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