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  1. this is a black friday deal i just can't pass up!
  2. really enjoying this record, thanks for the share!
  3. glad i checked out this record, really solid.
  4. hiiiiiiiiiiiighly anticipated release for me! so glad it's here.
  5. I pretty much never care about remixes and certainly not full remix albums, but remixes have always fit the vibe of The Midnight so well, that it's undeniable. I love this band, if this kind of thing is your speed... do yourself a favor and catch them live, because they pull off their sound so well in a live environment! Killer show.
  6. Imagine being so insecure you have to try to call people out for liking what they like. how boring.
  7. this is fantastic, whoa. 10/10 will buy! fyi, their bandcamp is:
  8. lol, did naming songs suddenly become too hard?
  9. Do you happen to have the track they're talking about, in any level of quality?
  10. Fucking yes, this is exactly how I needed my morning to start.
  11. oh yeah, quite often. the scores for mr robot and legion are just incredible. silverstri is a great composure for sure too
  12. I'd say probably resubmit the zip with both tracks, please! I don't know how I didn't know she had a RSD release, yay new tunes!!
  13. Yep, just like how the album name itself is supposed to be in all caps.
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