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  1. @RockinXander pretty jelly on that one. Wish so bad i could have seen sublime. I was like 9 when he died. my cousin seen them at the first warped tour always wished I could have seen them. But I seen suicide machines on a halloween years ago at the the flint local in flint mi
  2. I only heard the one track and I'm like yup go to download this. And yup its fucking great thanks kl for the new band for me once again
  3. Not sure how to feel about this. It's not terrible thou need to listen more
  4. @pizzaistheessenceoflife how the fuck did you get a downvote for this comment. Idoits bro
  5. 2 for 2 wow so hyped for this album. Didnt expect any less thou love the used
  6. @Foxlass you're the one that sounds like they are complaining calling people fucking idiots and proceeding to call everyone here idiots and clowns if they have a certain view. Fuck off with your douchiness and have respect for others let alone a provider you asshole.
  7. Thank you so much kl very special album for me hear. Super excited to listen.
  8. Hell yea thanks kl looking forward to jamming this one or two shall I say
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