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  1. @Foxlass you're the one that sounds like they are complaining calling people fucking idiots and proceeding to call everyone here idiots and clowns if they have a certain view. Fuck off with your douchiness and have respect for others let alone a provider you asshole.
  2. Thank you so much kl very special album for me hear. Super excited to listen.
  3. Hell yea thanks kl looking forward to jamming this one or two shall I say
  4. @Hellion6 cant wait bro. This single has got me super hyped. Cant wait to hear the intro bleed into the second track
  5. This is awesome! Cant wait to here the thriller cover too
  6. @Hellion6 fuck yea man that's dope news cant wait for new used jams
  7. This is awesome... really good jam
  8. So after listening this album.. its amazing. The return of lagwagon. I only say that cause it's the first album since 2003 blaze that isn't about a friend passing away. Resolve and hang were great just missing that fun lagwagon feel to it. Which is understandable with both albums about super close friends passing away. This album has that duh and trashed feel to it and I love it so much.
  9. My all time favorite band right here... thank you so much kl cant wait to jam this.
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