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  1. Fuck yea!!! Thanks KL.. Love!! cant wait to hear the remakes now. Come on thursday!!
  2. This is awesome i love me some skate punk feels for sure
  3. Hell yea thanks kl been waiting to hear how this sounds
  4. Im even learning how to cook.... SPEEEEEED!!!
  5. My fucking heart stop.. nice.. cant wait to hear the og ep redos excited for hey mrs. drama queen the most
  6. I'm at work I so cant wait to fucking hear this!!!
  7. Oh thank you thank you thank you!!!! Cant wait to jam this..
  8. Dig it alot wish it made the cut... RIP Derek Jones
  9. Well goodmorning thank you kl!!!
  10. @Dancing in the Dust I really like this alot... completely unexpected sound imo but I agree with Dancing in the dust this reminds me of the vulnerable which is one of my favorites by them too... at least the bonus disc of vulnerable still super excited for this release
  11. Fuck yes I just seen what i think is the cover for the lp on Instagram maybe wrong... so excited to hear this thou
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