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  1. Hell yea!! thank you been waiting on this one for sure.. Cant wait to jam it the fuck out.. Just may go old school burn it on a cd🤘🤘
  2. Right on... thanks @Dust of Pain hyped for this shit for sure.
  3. Hell yeah thanks @MichaelI was just talking about this
  4. Had no idea this was coming out thank you kl
  5. Thanks for this kl fam cant wait to hear it. Bought the reissue back in 03 and now I get to hear this.. excited..
  6. Best wishes to you brother.. thank you for all you have done man.
  7. @NightAngel agreed man my brother show me these guys before he passed always thought they were awesome nd left wanting more
  8. I've never heard of these guys but I really dig this song
  9. Thanks guys been excited for this
  10. I'm dumb today just seen that lol... @BERO no no don't downvote me 🤘
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