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  1. I've given it a couple listens. It's just OK. Even the couple juicy bangers are decent, nothing exceptional. Then everything just sounds so stupid generic. Lots of tracks had riffs that sound pretty promising, but then the rest of the song kinda ruined it. They could've done so much more, but what we have here doesn't wow me at all. Disappointed.
  2. This is thick as fuck. Liking it more than Mind over Mind, but that shit was excellent too. ALL FUCKING HAIL THE ALMIGHTY NORMA JEAN.
  3. Album is alright, I wish they would lean into their heavier stuff like Dethrone, Hedonist, etc.
  4. I was never a huge Northlane fan. I didn't give them a proper listen until they released Vultures last year, but definitely saw their appeal afterwards. This album though, it's so fucking good. It's different, but it's a well executed different. I'm listening to Jinn right now, and I can't wait for the HQ update, cause this sounds amazing sonically.
  5. #NotMyWageWar Jesus. I was insanely hyped for a new album from these guys after their first two. All the singles have kinda killed it off. Sad.
  6. Damn this shit is gooooooood. I am hype for the whole album. Norma Jean never disappoints. ALL HAIL
  7. This shit is legit! Definitely enjoying this more than Few.
  8. Loving it! This is fantastic from start to finish. Favorite tracks are Freakazoid and Simpatico.
  9. Holy shit, I can't wait to hear this at higher quality. This is pure fireeeeeeeee!
  10. The singles were very good, excited to give this a spin. Thanks!
  11. These guys popped up on a Spotify playlist yesterday. This whole record is insane! I hope they go on tour and make their way down to Florida, cause I'm there if it happens.
  12. I'm sure 320 is coming soon. Spencer tweeted saying physical copies are for sale today at whatever festival they're playing today. I can't wait though, I need this now. I am beyond hyyyyyyypeeeeeee!
  13. The album definitely feels like its more emotional than All Our Gods, but outside of The Seventh Circle, it doesn't quite have that aggressive feel that Gods or even Lost. Most of the songs are great, and I definitely enjoy the album. Not my personal AOTY, but definitely top 10!
  14. Thrice will always be one of my all time favorites. The album is good, but it's not Thrice good.
  15. Listening to the Vinyl rip over the webrip, I think things are slightly off. It sounds like every song is sped up by like 5%.
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