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  1. This is pretty damn good! I'm a fan.
  2. Sweet! Wasn't feeling many of the singles, but still going to check it out. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, today was the original release date. Some people got their preorder copies yesterday, which probably wasn't intended. Having given this a full listen, the non single tracks are definitely the strongest outside of Erase Me. Holy shit, Falling Ashes is amazing.
  4. Whole thing is so good, but I honestly cannot get enough of Absence. Think it's the best track on the entire album.
  5. This is gonna be one hell of a drive to work. Thanks!
  6. Jesus Christ this is fucking delicious!
  7. Yeah, I'm not feeling this. Too much hype from Hallowed Heart and Erase Me. I'm hoping the rest of the album has some jams, but most of the other singles have been meh.
  8. So having given this a full spin, it's pretty fantastic from beginning to end. I honestly didn't care for most of their discography (Returners was good though), but I'm definitely digging this the most.
  9. Wow, didn't expect this early. Time to office mosh!
  10. I've got to agree. Easily the best single so far. I can't stop listening to it
  11. This is great from start to finish. Some excellent bangers, don't expect any less from them. I think Into Nothing might be the weakest song IMO, and all the non single songs are strong as fuck. This'll be my jam for the next few weeks.
  12. This made the drive home so much better. Thanks!
  13. I don't think I was ever a Ghost Inside fan, but these two new singles have been great! Excited for more.
  14. So real talk, having given the album a listen on my way home, I'm kind of underwhelmed. I think the singles were the ones that stand out here (Say Hi, Prisoner, Lyrics Lie). It's not a bad listen for sure, and I'll probably toss it on throughout the week to see if my opinion changes. Right now though I'm not feeling it 100%.
  15. There's no "Kingdom Leaks exclusive premier" watermark at the beginning of every song. 0/10 straight garbage
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