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  1. The Ooh La La repeat is waaaaaaaaaaaay too grating. The rest of the song is great tho.
  2. Holy shit, this is bananas! Every song's been consistently amazing. IS IT JUNE YET?!
  3. I'm excited to hear the rest of the album. Can't wait!
  4. This is really fucking good, but I just wish they would tone some of the glitch bits down a little. The pauses are the most frustrating, because they're going super hard and you're jamming along, and then the song pauses for that split second. When Swallowing The Rabbit Whole came out, I thought there was a problem with my copy of the song, but nope, it was in the video and on Spotify too. It makes it feel really disconnected and disjointed, really abrupt. I feel like it ruins the groove they got you into. Of course, I'm sure that's what they're going for, but I don't feel like it works that well. More annoying than anything. Outside of that, this shit slaps.
  5. This is ridiculously good. All the tracks sound great. Think Vagabond was the only one that felt a bit boring, but the rest was excellent. Current favorites are Landmine, Masochist, Creatures of Habit, and The Descent. I'm just sad after all the hype, the album is over so quick hahaha
  6. Very excited for some new Purity Ring!
  7. Definitely enjoyed this more than either of the previous tracks, excited for the whole thing!
  8. Is this just a one of single or from a potential new EP/Album? Either way, song was fantastic!
  9. Oh my God my nipples are so fucking hard right now. This shit goes hard, I loved every second of it. So hype for the whole thing next week!
  10. Norma Jean - All Hail Northlane - Alien Counterparts - Nothing Left to Love Fit for an Autopsy - Sea of Tragic Beasts Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue Thornhill - The Dark Pool As I Lay Dying - Shaped By Fire Whitechapel - The Valley The Devil Wears Prada - The Act Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
  11. This has me insanely hyped for a new album. Hits all the right notes. Love it!
  12. It really feels like there's some sort of identity crisis, multiple personality disorder stuff going on here. The constant cross between songs that want to be soft, ambient, or whatever you might call it, and then bust into heavy ass guitar is really jarring to me. I think they're at their best when they're going hard, it all sounds so sick. But then all the other parts of the song feel like a slightly better Imagine Dragons. I think Gods might be the best representation of this. Super damn heavy, then crosses into something completely different stylewise. I dunno. Nothing blew me away. Higher and The Offering are the tracks that stand out the most, I guess cause they lean most into the parts of Sleep Token I think are the best.
  13. I envy you. I'd love to experience their whole discography for the first time again.
  14. I feel like Norma Jean puts out quality album after album, each one improving on the last, but they're never talked about like Northlane or Architects or whatever other top tier metalcore bands. They deserve to be right up there though. I'm still working my way through the whole album, but gotdamn this is fucking amazing so far. Stupid heavy songs. This is gonna be on repeat for a long while.
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