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  1. I agree. The mix is strange, his voice sounds like its been auto tuned a little too much.. And everything sounds a little off..kinda like the idiot who mixed Bury tomorrows black flame album. Good song though, finally they released somwthing
  2. Its like set your goals had a mini baby but better
  3. That opening made me nut faster than my gf could ever make me..jesus Christ
  4. This is funky the sax solo is so good. Diggin this, probably play it all day. Thanks!
  5. This sounds like a more funky version of Closure and Moscow (minus the ridiculous lyrics).
  6. Nope. Still just waiting patiently for a new At the throne of judgement song. Id totally pay $20 for that, but not this.
  7. My god. I've heard everything from their split Ep This is just...i think ill need to change my pants for the next few months. Good god, now I want that album cover as a banner above my bed to pissy my girlfriend off (much like how the first album does).
  8. @Summers more like the site is doomed now. Hot diggdy damn.
  9. If it ain't lil dicky It ain't lil. God the first 30 seconds of this just made me go from drunk to angry in a millisecond. How is this even..well music?
  10. Well God damn. Never heard of them, but now I like em. Impressive.
  11. From what I rrad on thr pure noise youtube and comments from them the 2 songs are just b-sides. Still good songs
  12. All I have to say is great band. And man the girl in the photo is beyond belief attractive, but isn't this the same photo from the last album?
  13. No problem, I also have an Architects demo, and The Here and Now demos. The demos on Halo's were all pilled into that when I found it so I'm not sure exactly when they were released or compiled but they are pretty good demos. I have an extensive library of unreleased material from a lot of bands.
  14. I can't, but i'll shoot you a PM with a link of all the Demo's and stuff I have, it's DGD self titled demos, DBM 1 (It's not all he songs as no one has those even), Instant Gratification demos), Happiness Instrumental demos, and some other demos i found floating around.