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  1. Master leakers indeed, making me leak all my internal organs all over the bathroom jesus
  2. Such a good band, found out about them recently and was impressed they are from my hometown. Been listening to it all day now
  3. Oh, I have the self titled, i bought it off itunes a while back, this is another CHRISTMAS SONG THEY DID! DECK THE HALLS! I have anything this band has released love them, I can send the self titled if it's missing
  4. I have some myspace demo versions! and a christmas song! if you want them i can send a link
  5. This is good, like really good this album is going to be so good.
  6. Your welcome, I submitted the link. Couldn't pass up others not enjoying this as much as I did.
  7. Damn didn't know they were around, this is solid.
  8. I agree. The mix is strange, his voice sounds like its been auto tuned a little too much.. And everything sounds a little off..kinda like the idiot who mixed Bury tomorrows black flame album. Good song though, finally they released somwthing
  9. Its like set your goals had a mini baby but better
  10. That opening made me nut faster than my gf could ever make me..jesus Christ
  11. This is funky the sax solo is so good. Diggin this, probably play it all day. Thanks!
  12. This sounds like a more funky version of Closure and Moscow (minus the ridiculous lyrics).
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