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  1. Strychnia - Into the Catacombs (2018)

    Well God damn. Never heard of them, but now I like em. Impressive.
  2. Can't Swim - In Between [Single] (2018)

    From what I rrad on thr pure noise youtube and comments from them the 2 songs are just b-sides. Still good songs
  3. Can't Swim - In Between [Single] (2018)

    All I have to say is great band. And man the girl in the photo is beyond belief attractive, but isn't this the same photo from the last album?
  4. A Day to Remember - Discography (2004-2016)

    No problem, I also have an Architects demo, and The Here and Now demos. The demos on Halo's were all pilled into that when I found it so I'm not sure exactly when they were released or compiled but they are pretty good demos. I have an extensive library of unreleased material from a lot of bands.
  5. Dance Gavin Dance - Discography (2006-2017)

    I can't, but i'll shoot you a PM with a link of all the Demo's and stuff I have, it's DGD self titled demos, DBM 1 (It's not all he songs as no one has those even), Instant Gratification demos), Happiness Instrumental demos, and some other demos i found floating around.
  6. Dance Gavin Dance - Discography (2006-2017)

    The demos of the albums are awesome took me forever to find them all
  7. Ghost - Ceremony And Devotion (2017)

    How???? God I can't wait to play this all day.
  8. Knasibas - Blossom (2017)

    Reminds me of Love Through Cannabalism I dig it
  9. This is true what genre, quality is this, im not familiar with isle records
  10. Converge - The Dusk In Us (2017)

    Jumped on the sight saw this freaked out, SAW SPIDERS ALMOST THREW MY PHONE. Thanks
  11. Hands - Give Me Rest (2011)

    Man this band is still good. I remeber I first heard them when sent me their CD with my order. Such a good band. Their other stuff is so good. Glad to see this.
  12. Usnea - Portals Into Futility (2017)

    Thank you @LKA Never got into the doom metal stuff but its pretty good you have a good taste in music.
  13. Poolside At The Flamingo - The Sound Below (2017)

    Man I always wondered what happened to these guys. Back with some good ole grind. Cant wait to listen to this
  14. Grieves - Running Wild (2017)

    I also dont think its a clean version the stream on RES youtube sounds the exact same. When I bought WATW it sounded clean but was explicit. So maybe its just some editing they did to some tracks
  15. Grieves - Running Wild (2017)

    If you don't want the clean then buy the album. This is a good album from him.