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  1. Boooo they only covered the radio edit of the original, just like FYS.
  2. Technically it's an Ednaswap cover Natalie's version was a cover itself.
  3. Meg Myers - Take Me To The DIsco, but it's not a poll option
  4. As good as Sorry was, this album is that much better. Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic.
  5. Yesssss. She's my absolute favorite
  6. More like RIP music. I kid, I kid. It really sucks that he died, but I really don't get the appeal of his music. By the way, Meg just announced Jealous Sea will be released on Thursday as the third single ahead of the album's July 20th release.
  7. Here's all the video my sister's fiance and I got at the show
  8. 1. Done 2. Sorry 3. Jealous Sea 4. Motel 5. Take Me to the Disco 6. Tourniquet 7. Monster 8. Tear Me to Pieces 9. Make a Shadow 10. Some People 11. I'm Not Sorry 12. Desire 13. Numb
  9. Just saw her live for the first time on Monday night in Manhattan and met her after the show! Most of the setlist was off the upcoming album, and as much as I love Sorry I think this one will be even better. Tear Me To Pieces, Jealous Sea, and Some People were highlights.
  10. The second single and title track to her upcoming album "Take Me to the Disco" is out tomorrow, although available now to those of us that pre-ordered the album via pledge music.
  11. Got tickets to see her live for the first time next month in NYC!
  12. Pre-ordered the shirt, lyric book, and signed vinyl bundle as well as the personalized post card
  13. one minute into Blot..... Clean up in aisle 3!
  14. To be fair, Garbage is a really good band
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