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  1. Wasn't super into any of their previous releases but these singles have been sick as hell. Consider me hyped for the album
  2. Anyone I've ever seen who thinks this also actively engaged in hate speech lmao
  3. Sadly doesn't feel very memorable other than God of Fire. I'm not really a fan of their other material either though so at least I wasn't expecting too much I guess. A few cool songs but overall not very interesting for me. Thanks for the post though.
  4. No particular order; I can't be trusted with that sort of decision lol. coldrain - The Enemy Inside Silent Planet - Everything Was Sound Crystal Lake - True North Slice the Cake - Odyssey to the West Silverstein - This is How the Wind Shifts Hundredth - Rare (though tbh their new album may overtake it) Northlane - Alien A Day to Remember - Bad Vibrations Ling Tosite Sigure - i'mperfect Dead! -The Golden Age of Not Even Trying
  5. After a few listens I'm definitely enjoying this. Most of the tracks are pretty memorable. My favorites are still the singles I think but some of the other tracks may grow on me.
  6. Forgot this was coming out. I dig it.
  7. Yo I forgot they announced this the other day. This is fucking sick. I'm excited for Oyasumi Volume 2.
  8. This is sick. Glad I saw someone talking about it in chatbox the other day.
  9. I thought these guys broke up or something. Cool to see them putting something out after four years
  10. I've been following these guys on and off for years now. Didn't know they had a new vocalist but they still sound great. I might honestly like the new vocals more than the old ones.
  11. A short list of probably less common - but still worth checking out - answers. coldrain Narco Debut Ghosts Again Tanuki (formerly Tanooki Suit) Limbs
  12. Listening to this again, I forgot how good this was. Seems like their bandcamp and facebook pages have been deleted though sadly.
  13. Yeah while I understand and honestly generally agree with the whole "I'd prefer new stuff over remasters/rerecordings" thing, for 90% of the people on this site this is new and also they're still working on a new record.
  14. I'm pretty sure the Open Water on Helix is the same as the one on here. They may have changed the mixing or something though I'm not sure. But it is definitely the third release of the song.
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