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  1. I believe these guys are from South Korea. I don't remember when or where I heard of them but I didn't know this was coming out so that's a cool surprise.
  2. I'd never heard of this band until I saw this album on the "Our Picks" tab on the homepage of KL. That said, this album blew my mind earlier today. Sad to hear they broke up due to issues with the release of this.
  3. I'm a weeb and I'm here to say it's real weeb hours rn
  4. If there's one thing this album has taught me, it's that it's never too late to say sorry
  5. I've listened to a few of your albums/ep's before but I've gotta say this is by far my favorite. I think How To Begin Again is my favorite song on here.
  6. Glad to see these guys putting music out again after losing a member
  7. This album is gonna be one hell of a banger
  8. This album is so damn good. Can't believe I didn't realize this was coming out. They really stepped it up with this and I love it.
  9. I swear Ryo records a feature like once a week lol. I've noticed he does a lot of them. Anyway this is pretty good even disregarding Ryo's feature on here.
  10. Didn't know they did songs this long. Hope they do more like it though; this is cool.
  11. Listened to this earlier and really enjoyed it. 毒蜘蛛の娘 is weird and cool and I dig it.
  12. These guys need to drop some new stuff this was amazing. Glad to see people still appreciate it
  13. never thought I'd see vocaloid producers on here. Nice.
  14. Thanks for suggesting this. I gave it a listen and loved it. I'm definitely going to be following them closely from now on.
  15. Never listened to them before but I dig it
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