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  1. This band is constantly improving holy shit
  2. ooh I've been waiting for this one. The 128 sounds surprisingly good too. Big step up from their last release
  3. I honestly like the vocals as much or more than before. AJ kills it. I definitely agree with a lot of people on here about the instrumentals not really standing out though. They're not bad, they just aren't very interesting which is kinda disappointing.
  4. Loving their new stuff. Can't wait to hear the new album. It comes out at the end of finals week so I really have something to look forward to
  5. Didn't know this band was a thing. Probably coz it's a secret. Anyway I totally dig it; I need to check out LP1 now as well.
  6. never listened to them before but now I'm regretting that
  7. Wasn't expecting to see this here since his solo stuff doesn't usually get posted. I've been looking forward to hearing this, so thanks for posting!
  8. I'm unsurprised Holy Hell won. I am however surprised Silent Planet wasn't higher. They put out one of the best albums I've ever listened to(honestly miles better than Holy Hell in my opinion).
  9. Absolutely devastating. Can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the album
  10. Love these guys' sound. Can't wait to listen to this.
  11. they've been putting stuff out like crazy the past year or so. Always glad to hear more from them.
  12. nice. Wasn't expecting them to drop anything anytime particularly soon so I'm glad I have something to look forward to
  13. That first track is funky. I can already tell I'm gonna like this album
  14. oh so it's a mix of old songs as an international debut? I thought it was a little weird they just put out an ep and here comes an album. I'll have to check out their older stuff then, coz this was good
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