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  1. I've been getting into these guys because of the singles for this, excited to listen to the whole thing finally.
  2. Yooo thanks for the up guys I've been so excited for this
  3. I was not expecting them to drop this. Definitely buying to support these cool dudes.
  4. This sounds like a cool project. If all the songs are this well done I'm excited to hear more.
  5. I've barely heard of these guys before but this is incredible. The softer songs do so much for the tone of the album. I'm getting shoegaze-y vibes from this, even the heavy songs at some points.
  6. I forgot this was coming out so soon, excited to give it a listen
  7. I hadn't heard of these guys before but this is amazing, glad I checked it out. Seems like they have a large discography for me to check out too, which is nice.
  8. a single was posted on here a while back and it was pretty crazy so I'm definitely checking this out
  9. @Juandissimo I did hear about them getting back together but not the specifics about a possible ep continuing where Odyssey left off. Thanks for the news, that's exciting.
  10. I love this album so the rumors about this redux were super exciting. The update sounds amazing, can't wait to hear the rest
  11. I believe these guys are from South Korea. I don't remember when or where I heard of them but I didn't know this was coming out so that's a cool surprise.
  12. I'd never heard of this band until I saw this album on the "Our Picks" tab on the homepage of KL. That said, this album blew my mind earlier today. Sad to hear they broke up due to issues with the release of this.
  13. I'm a weeb and I'm here to say it's real weeb hours rn
  14. If there's one thing this album has taught me, it's that it's never too late to say sorry
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