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  1. It's really a shame that this is what had to become of this album. They wrote a ninety-minute double album chocked full of diverse elements that maintains high-quality songwriting throughout, which is truly an impressive feat for a band that was this young and new at the time. I'm certain had this album ever been completed properly it would have been a bit hit in the metal/prog world. Instead, they got ghosted by their main songwriter who is apparently holding the files necessary to complete the album hostage and it had to come out in this form. Yeah, years of silence definitely wasn't the best way to deal with the situation, but this is still somewhat tragic nonetheless.
  2. I know I've said this a bunch of times, but this Putney mix SLAPS.
  3. The guitar tone in this is fucking good
  4. Not a bad song, but still nothing that strays from what they've done for the last few albums. I think this was better than Checkmate but not better than Memento Mori. I really hope there's some oddballs on this album, but it's looking like this is just gonna be a continuation of the last two albums.
  5. I'm glad Zach is getting some recognition via features for how fucking powerful his voice is
  6. I've been trying to like this band for a decade. Their live performance is great - I've seen them a number of times, but none of their songs seems to stick for some reason. It's like all the riffs sound good alone, in a vacuum, but the whole is always less than the parts. I'll keep trying though.
  7. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying! This sounds so good.
  8. The mix on this is just absolutely incredible. I'm just going to assume this is Will Putney until I see otherwise.
  9. Black Tongue's sense of songwriting is worlds better than this boring chugfest, particularly on their last 2 albums.
  10. We need a new All Shall Perish record. EDIT: someone said this album is missing some "oomph" I think, and they're right. Maybe the guitars are missing some low end or the bass needs to punch more or something, but the mix doesn't really slap.
  11. This sounds exactly how I thought it would. Hopefully the other songs are better.
  12. Okay, I had to let this sit after listening to it a few times this morning. I LOVE this band and all of their output. The Great Collapse was, well, great, but I didn't think it was as good as the nearly-perfect Absolute Hope Absolute Hell or as solid as Hellbound. Those things being said.. This album is really, REALLY good. The first day of listening makes me think it's better than TGC, but I'm not sure if it beats AHAH. Maybe it does, but that will require more listening. The tracks are all incredibly well written. Each song has its own identity and something uniquely awesome about it. I feel like the tracks also rely less on chugging than the previous record did, which was an issue I took with a few of the tracks on The Great Collapse. While this album doesn't have choruses that are quite as infective as Heads Will Hang and Black Mammoth, I think it still beats it straight up in terms of songwriting. The only minor complaint I might have, if it's even a complaint, is I wish they actually took even more risks with their sound. Napalm Dreams is definitely a standout and is currently my favorite track alongside No Man is Without Fear, and really demonstrates that they can work with different sounds and still pull it off. I can't wait to dive into this record more when I have more free time to really digest it.
  13. I noticed that when I first listened to it that it sounded really "busy" at parts that made it difficult for anything sound really impactful, but I've since listened to the track using different apps and headphones and that effect seems to have subsided. So, I dunno.
  14. Okay, so after a bunch of listens: this song is solid. Not incredible, but definitely still good. Based on the only review of the album that I've read and a brief discussion with the reviewer, it seems to be that the NON-singles are much better than the singles for this album. Even an OKAY song from Fit for an Autopsy is still much, much better written than the majority of the output from nearly all other "deathcore" bands. So, yeah, the hype train continues.
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