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  1. This is such a dumb take for so many reasons that it's not even worth getting into
  2. Okay, I just listened to it. Parts of it I really liked, but I don't know how I feel about the chorus yet; I appreciate them trying something new, and it kind of sounds like Cattle Decapitation, but I'm not sure if I like it.
  3. I can't listen to this for another half hour but I already know this is going to be AOTY for me. Jealous of everyone that's already heard it.
  4. Almost through my first listen and I'm finding it pretty underwhelming.
  5. Okay I'm only 7 tracks in and I think every track I've heard is better than Unsainted and Solway Firth. I really, really dig A Liar's Funeral and Critical Darling so far, even moreso than Nero Forte
  6. This is easily my most anticipated album of this year. They're a gem in a genre that's so overwhelmingly stale.
  7. This is about as generic as generic gets. Yikes.
  8. For those talking about Sumerian, I'm pretty sure the label had little to no input on the band's creative process. Anyway, the kids these days would say this song fucking SLAPS.
  9. > says a band should terminate their professional careers because he doesn't like their music > their fans are toxic lol ok
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