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  1. Just going to wait for a 320 kbps version
  2. The singles were great, can't wait to listen to this!
  3. 'I Don't Know Why' is amazing
  4. If I decide to quit my job in july but end up working til november, I quit in november, not july.
  5. As I recall, they had a farewell tour, that ended late october or late november. You're right about it not being this year, but it wasn't in the summer.
  6. single

    Nickelback never disappoints (except for 'No Fixed Address')
  7. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others don't
  8. So, there won't be any screams on this album?
  9. I didn't like their first album but the singles for this album are a lot more to my liking
  10. Why are people hating on The Amity Affliction? I thought many of you guys love them.
  11. Why is this not in the trending section? They're so much better than a lot of bands get on there.
  12. Great album, a lot better than Unconditional. Along the lines of Challenger.