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  1. These guys never let down. My favourite Christian Metalcore band.
  2. 'Midnight Thoughts', song #8 isn't included.
  3. Will there be a higher quality uploaded? Just so I know.
  4. Also, the FLAC version is missing 'One Shot'.
  5. I really don't think they rushed this album. They could have left the instrumentals out of the album, and it would still leave 10 songs on the record, just like S.O.A.R. An album should have atleast 10 songs (lyrics + instrumentals), anything under that shouldn't be called an album, imo. *cough* In Hearts Wake *cough*
  6. I don't get why people are saying this is a downgrade from S.O.A.R. This album is even better than that one. Better lyrics, heavier and more passion in it.
  7. They’re working on a new album and they’re pretty close to wrapping things up.
  8. Great song. Was expecting something less heavy based on their first single. When I listened to the first minute of the song, it confirmed it, but then that breakdown happened. 8/10 song
  9. Amazing song. These guys deliver every single time!
  10. Sounds pretty good. Mix between 'Losing My Mind' and anything off of 'Coming Home' with more raps.
  11. What kind of dick must you be to say something like this? Ok, you don't like them, fair enough. But to say that they should disband, when clearly a lot of people like them is absurd.
  12. Wish he was still in Jamie's Elsewhere
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