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  1. Ashes Remain - Let The Light In (2017)

    Add Nine Lashes, Red, Disciple and Wolves At the Gate to that list.
  2. RED - Gone (2017)

    I second this, although I don't mind because iTunes automatically fixes this for me.
  3. Deuce - Here I Come (Single) (2017)

    It’s not even available in my country on iTunes..
  4. 12 Stones - Picture Perfect (2017)

    Just going to wait for a 320 kbps version
  5. Manafest - Stones (2017)

    The singles were great, can't wait to listen to this!
  6. 'I Don't Know Why' is amazing
  7. If I decide to quit my job in july but end up working til november, I quit in november, not july.
  8. As I recall, they had a farewell tour, that ended late october or late november. You're right about it not being this year, but it wasn't in the summer.
  9. Nickelback - Must Be Nice [Single] (2017)

    Nickelback never disappoints (except for 'No Fixed Address')
  10. Matty Mullins - The Great Unknown (Single) (2017)

    Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others don't
  11. I have a 320 version
  12. Falling In Reverse "Coming Home" album details

    So, there won't be any screams on this album?
  13. Starset - Vessels (Preview) (2017)

    I didn't like their first album but the singles for this album are a lot more to my liking