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  1. Banger of an album. They definitely nailed the heavier aspect.
  2. I'll probably wait until tomorrow to listen to this. Just wondering; are there any heavy songs (screaming)?
  3. Badly worded I mean how are you able to get these songs legally? Was it through kickstarter or something?
  4. I didn't pre-order, but I do use Apple Music.
  5. There’s another single released, ‘Devil’.
  6. As fast as I downloaded this shit, as fast as I deleted this shit.
  7. Song sounds like something Sylar would do.
  8. They have another EP called, ‘Rebuild, Release’ or something.
  9. Really glad this sounds more like their old work, excluding the screams, of course.
  10. So much better than 'Already Dead'. Straight up banger.
  11. Sounds like something that could have been on A Thousand Suns
  12. Apparently this version was unmastered. Somehow they released this unmastered version on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, ...
  13. Sounds like a mix of BMTH, Bad Omens and Sylar
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