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  1. First the Sonic movie fixes their mess, now Suicide Silence fixes theirs! Fuck yeah boys!! Welcome Back SS!!
  2. You know what....that wasn't half bad. It was lowkey wild. I enjoyed the first half better than the last half. It felt more consistent with shorter track times and more songs. One of their better albums for sure
  3. Far better than Freedom Child....but still hit and miss. It needs more tracks though
  4. This band deserves SO MUCH more recognition. Great fuckin debut!!
  5. The last album had some fun songs on there. Run was his best but I liked most if not all of Here Come the Runts
  6. Still an underrated band that is extremely unique and just makes solid music. Some bangers on here. No bad tracks though
  7. This is L-A-Z-Y. The vocals are the same, the bass seems the same. The lead guitars are replaced by acoustic but....c'mon now... Btw this is coming from a MEGA BB fan. I've loved them since I was 10 years old
  8. I'm not a fan of where this band has gone with this album...but I appreciate the change. Apart from some of the singles and Still in Motion, I really don't like this album. I had a feeling something felt off after Good Nature was "okay" to me. This band peaked with Peripheral Vision and I don't think it will ever match the excellence of that album.
  9. This might be their most consistent album to date. This is REALLY good
  10. Russian Hotel Aftermath>>>>> Torch I didn't like Torch at all. But I was referring to when You Asked For It leaked before any new singles
  11. Slapping teaser! Much better than the first teaser for Look At Yourself. I hope the band releases something soon
  12. I think it might be because I'm coming off the highs of Signs of the Swarm, Fit For An Autopsy, and Shadow of Intent but...this is just "OK". Nothing is sticking out to me. They are still a new and fresh band to me but I was expecting something greater.
  13. Lol This is what everyone was hyping about in the chat??? Okay
  14. THIS should've been their debut album. It is actually has decent writing and some great songs for radio and heavier listens. Foe or Friend's last minute is kickass!!! Great album, maybe top 10 or honorable mention.
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