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  1. He's got some great tracks on here! Love it
  2. Holy hell...........that was
  3. Solid stuff! The hype rises Also in before: "aNY GiVEn DaY? moRE lIKe anY gIVeN gENeRiC meTAlCoRE"
  4. This is some Roads to Judah shit! HELL YEAH!
  5. I got into their whole discography ever since I saw them at Warped Tour back when Brainwashed came. They became one of my favorite bands. All of their stuff is amazing! 5. The North Stands For Nothing 4. This is the Six 3. So What? 2. Brainwashed 1. You Are We
  6. Riff is "different" still really hyped though Okay, the riff does not hold up for me. If it took out the last measure of pinch harmonies, it wouldve been great
  7. LET'S GOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously, they aren't looking to top You Are We (I mean I don't think it is possible) but this is one hell of a follow-up. It's heavy, it's melodic, and it's incredible. I was somewhat sketched going into this because of the lukewarm responses but as I'd hoped, as a whole album from front to back, it really stands on its own and shows that While She Sleeps has grown even more in many ways. AOTY? Best Tracks: Anti-Social, Gulity Party, Elephant, Back of My MInd, Good Grief, Inspire, Gates of Paradise Worst Tracks: Haunt Me, I've Seen It All (They are still great but the replay value isn't as great as the other tracks)
  8. I love the community and how close people can be without knowing each other in person. Getting to know how this site works from the staff side is something I always wanted to see and experience too
  9. The riffs and that solo are 10/Stan
  10. I wonder if there is a song on here about his rough childhood and knife wounds
  11. Never said old school fans, I said "haters"
  12. Expectations met! Even though its early as hell, this is def gonna be top 10 albums of 2019 for me. All you haters can go listen to Suicide Season and PfP and cry yourselves to sleep. There is a reason BMTH is one of the biggest names in Rock/Metal. They would be playing in bars and supporting in arenas if they didnt improve over time. 9/10 BT: SHIT, Nihilist Blues, Fresh Brusies, WYGKMWID, Singles WT: Into the Dark
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