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  1. Fuck yeah! I love it. The masks are badass too including Corey's (just look at that sic collar)
  2. I mean, they've been talking about this being their last album and thinking about retiring soon
  3. FIRST IMPRESSIONS (except the singles, of course) 1. DEUTSCHLAND - Amazing intro, the song itself is fun and catchy and got better over time (4/5) 02. RADIO - As before, catchy as hell and a great riff throughout. It's kinda addicting (4/5) 03. ZEIG DICH - Killer track as a whole. Verses, chorus, and riffs are awesome! (5/5) 04. AUSLÄNDER - It adapts some modern tech and works well with it. Fun, catchy track (4/5) 05. SEX - Not much to say about this one. Cool chorus (2.5/5) 06. PUPPE - HEAVY AF Great slowburning track (5/5) 07. WAS ICH LIEBE - Another slow one; Not as good as Puppe but it still holds it's own (3.5/5) 08. DIAMANT - Solid interlude (3/5) 09. WEIT WEG - Some sick synths on this one. Slower, but still solid (3/5) 10. TATTOO - That's a solid riff right there. Climatic and epic chorus. (4/5) 11. HALLOMANN - That bass line tho. Another slowburner, feels a bit of a swansong but I like it. (4/5) 42/55 = 76% A good album overall. The actual track listing should've been switched up to add levels of slower tracks and catchier tracks. A good end to the band.
  4. I don't understand the hype behind this. It's very well made and produced but to me, it just lacks personality. Like I've heard it before. Solid track but unrecognizable
  5. Issa Bop! I think they are going out with their best material.
  6. Bad Things - 4.5/5 Deceiver - 5/5 Enough Is Enough - 5/5 Hell Is Where The Heart Is - 4.5/5 Give Up My Ghost - 4/5 Calling All Crows - 3/5 The Dead Days - 5/5 Like It Or Not - 3/5 Silence - 4/5 Time Keeps Running - 3/5 Goodbye Soul - 3/5 44/55
  7. Dig Deep has some of their best songs imo. Collapse, Lost in the Static, and even Laurentation Ghosts (which features Justin's work). Like I said, all of their albums are great, it's just personal preference
  8. After a couple listens, these songs grew on me. I like that the album is getting different sounds with different tracks. I'm really looking forward for the rest of the album!
  9. I think they have an incredible discography. I just like the flow and songs on the other albums better
  10. The last half is great! But this material doesnt really stack up to their past couple albums. Overall great album with some KICKASS riffs but I feel like it's missing something. Also, Behold the Crown is still annoying to me 6. Forging a Future 5. Rareform 4. Evergreen 3. Wolves Within 2. In Dreams 1. Dig Deep
  11. That solo at the end is fire!!!! New album in June, Let's Gooo
  12. So much better than the first single....not as "annoying"
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