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  1. Anacrusis is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life! Love it and thank you!
  2. Great album! It has a great mix between old Paramore and new Paramore in it
  3. I like all the singles so far! Yes even Thunder, the sing grew on me. I hated it at first but I like it a lot now
  4. I hate to be in the minority but this sounds very generic and I don't understand the hype at all.
  5. Great track! Looking forward to the album even more now!
  6. From a song like this, you can expect the Chainsmokers to feature on the album....... sucks eggs / 10
  7. single

    Mainly to focus on Slipknot and I don't think it was going in the direction he wanted.
  8. I wonder if all the songs they have on the deluxe edition will be better than the entire original album. This song is great too!
  9. Corey said on Instagram that Fabuless isn't the single coming on Friday.
  10. Stone Sour single on April 28th. They haven't announced the single title yet though.
  11. This is an awesome album that is definitely worth the wait! Possible AOTY for me!! Also Momentz is a fuckin banger! Favs: Momentz, Saturnz Barz, Ascension, Strobelite, Carnival, Hallelujah Money, We Got the Power Least Favs: Charger, She's My Collar (If I had to pick)
  12. Yes! Im so happy this leaked!!! Thank you guys!!!!!!
  13. I liked the Connection album especially Leader of the Broken Hearts. But all these singles are very meh for a band that is so popular.
  14. local music

    There is a band here from Buffalo called Sleepfirst with some guys I know and went to high school with. It is melodic hardcore with spoken word as well and is very good imo!