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  1. Some of the best artwork and deathcore in the game
  2. Not bad...but not great. WFMTC was one of my favorite albums of all time so if this is at least half of that, I'll be happy. Also the official artwork is really gorgeous if only they took that sticker stuff off.
  3. So I listened to this like 2...3...7 times already and I've come to the conclusion that...This is basically "amo 2" Tell me I'm wrong
  4. July 18th - Volbeat - Cheapside Sloggers July 26th - Infant Annihilator - Three Bastards
  5. Great record. Sequence, Red Pills, MZRY, 20/20, and Under the Skin are top 5. 5. Retrograde 4. Sudden Sky 3. Limitless 2. The Resistance 1. The Fallout
  6. The band is still going strong. This is definitely one of their heaviest albums, killer artwork too
  7. This band is pissing me off. Too scared to release new material. Should've ended with Mitch, even though You Can't Stop Me is a dope record
  8. I'm getting amo vibes......and no I'm not saying that this sounds like it would belong to amo. But BMTH influences new phases of metalcore. This is AA going into this trend finding more electronic sounds. Think "The Violence" for AA is equivalent to "MANTRA" for BMTH. It's similar to the sound of their last albums, self titled and TTS respectively. But with new changes to keep it interesting. Overall, it's a great song with a hard hitting chorus. It's gonna kill for concerts
  9. Verses are great and the drums are awesome. That's about it
  10. Song = Hard Me = Hard I going to call my mom to pick me up real quick
  11. Tbh, after listening to this and the Artificial Selection instrumental. The AS one is fairly superior. Also makes me excited for this band's next album
  12. Fuccckkkk that hits extremely hard. Damn! Also the artwork is INCREDIBLE
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