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  1. Peace was actually really solid. It has some great hooks on it 8/10, now..........onto War!!! BT: Recuse Myself, Peace, Two Ways, I Don't Believe You, Loneliness
  2. Underoath. But Desperate Times, Desperate Measures is a kickass song
  3. Been a big fan of the band since their first EP, skeptical with their first single. But after listening, some solid lyrics but only really enjoyed the last 3 tracks. Smoking Man should've been the tone they were aiming for. Creepy, great production, and quality lyrics. The rest of the album felt like each song was missing a key production part to give it more power
  4. 10. AWOLNATION - Here Come the Runts 9. Beartooth - Disease 8. Harm's Way - Posthuman 7. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 6. MGMT - Little Dark Age 5. Pusha T - DAYTONA 4. Architects - Holy Hell 3. KIDS SEE GHOSTS 2. I, Valiance - 333 (I and II, I wish III would wouldve dropped but still holds up) 1. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream
  5. It's like "Hurricane" vibes but better
  6. I will never understand their appeal. Most of their discography is bland and edgy. I did enjoy their direction on The Connection though. Leader of the Broken Hearts is an extremely POWERFUL song!
  7. That track was literally a snippet of X's verse and they wanted Kanye to come in a write and rap a whole song in his memory. It would've been cool to have other rappers come in and do the same but oh well
  8. Fan of the band but I'm losing is trash
  9. First of all, The Seventh Circle.....holy shit. Super emotional and the build to Doomsday is incredible when going through the album. Also best album art of the year for sure. Maybe AOTY for me....
  10. Spooky as shit but I hope there are some different lyrics on this album that aren't about having been to hell and back, or the devil is in me and the wind hurts my skin. Dope song though
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