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  1. Some amazing choruses, killer riffs, brutal vocals, great production. But...each song sounds a bit like the same with the same formula. Still a great record, I gotta go through a couple more listens for sure, there are just some flaws I thought would happen
  2. Made a couple more listens...still extremely upsettingly bad. A. N.(ot) I(t) M. O.
  3. Despite terrible marketing, they really pulled off a great album! The production and the space interludes are soooo damn awesome! Telekinetic is of course an insane song, Manifest is one of my fav songs of the year. Such a great progressions for the band, it never got boring. Possible AOTY for me! Vessels > Divisions > Transmissions
  4. I'm upset and disappointed. WFMTC was beyond perfect imo. Then this happens...big sad
  5. Damn, that chorus is incredible. This album is gonna be special
  6. This is very disappointing. The lyrics are hit and miss and he put two songs that are at least a year old on there. Plus he cut down Internet. I blame the producer to cut the times for more replays and more hits. B&B was a lot better but I liked this more than Stoney. Best Tracks: Singles, Allergic, Thousand Bad Times, Staring at the Sun, Hollywood's Bleeding, Myself
  7. Hopefully the hiatus isnt too long... the band needs to be consistent. 13 songs over 2 and a half years?! They have sooo much potential but never seem to get there I > III > II
  8. This album is like the essence of new Korn (Post SYOTOS) It has electronic moments that are great, the lyrics are heartbreaking, but the flow of some of these songs are forgettable. The album is a bit more hit than miss but when it misses, it's noticable. Some great songs on here like the singles, Ringmaster, Can You Hear Me, Gravity of Discomfort, Idiosyncrasy. The interludes are really unsettling and tears my fucking heart apart. But I wish the album had stronger pacing on some tracks. 13. Untitled 12. Korn III 11. The Path of Totality 10. The Paradigm Shift 9. Untouchables 8. See You On the Other Side 7. Take A Look in the Mirror 6. The Nothing 5. Follow the Leader 4. The Serenity of Suffering 3. Issues 2. Korn 1. Life is Peachy
  9. 7empest is one of the top 10 songs Tool has put out
  10. After years and years of waiting, they did the impossible and matched the hype behind this record. Absolutely incredible. 7empest is by far top 10 Tool songs. FUCKIN BRAVO
  11. Fun and catchy for the most part. There are some good tracks on here but a lot of the lyrics seem to be written by and for high school girls
  12. Hey man, some bands sell out but Knocked Loose sends a message about the future and Trump selling his own branded JUUL pods in 2020. This is very important
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