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  1. I feel sick about what CJ has done but this album is a mammoth!!
  2. The single is apparently supposed to come out on Feb 7th. Gaga was expected to drop an album this year, only time will tell
  3. 10. So What? - While She Sleeps 9. Disguise - Motionless in White 8. Periphery IV: Hail Stan - Periphery 7. IGOR - Tyler, the Creator 6. Melancholy - Shadow of Intent 5. The Nothing - Korn 4. ZUU - Denzel Curry 3. amo - Bring Me the Horizon 2. The Valley - Whitechapel 1. We Are Not Your Kind - Slipknot
  4. This album is building some crazy level of hype right now.
  5. I think they are grinding out as much music as possible until Loz loses his voice. Everyone complains there is soo much singing but his voice is getting bad...he keeps going to get surgery to keep going. It's really heartbreaking to me because this band is filled with so much talent
  6. I swear from looking at the album cover for a split second, I thought this was DGD
  7. I really don't understand the criticism of this track. It's a step in the right direction and seems to be the direction that You're Welcome is gonna have. The chorus is a MONSTER, the breakdown is a SMACK in the mouth, it's catchy as hell and it's heavy. It's a perfect recipe for an ADTR. The comparisons to Wage War make 0 sense to me. They would never go this electronic. Anyway, MAJOR HYPE for You're Welcome next year. Great track, everyone is gonna love it as time passes, especially live.
  8. First the Sonic movie fixes their mess, now Suicide Silence fixes theirs! Fuck yeah boys!! Welcome Back SS!!
  9. You know what....that wasn't half bad. It was lowkey wild. I enjoyed the first half better than the last half. It felt more consistent with shorter track times and more songs. One of their better albums for sure
  10. Far better than Freedom Child....but still hit and miss. It needs more tracks though
  11. This band deserves SO MUCH more recognition. Great fuckin debut!!
  12. The last album had some fun songs on there. Run was his best but I liked most if not all of Here Come the Runts
  13. Still an underrated band that is extremely unique and just makes solid music. Some bangers on here. No bad tracks though
  14. This is L-A-Z-Y. The vocals are the same, the bass seems the same. The lead guitars are replaced by acoustic but....c'mon now... Btw this is coming from a MEGA BB fan. I've loved them since I was 10 years old
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