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  1. 10. Currents. - The Way It is 9. Mac Miller - Circles 8. Enter Shikari - Nothing is True and Everything Is Possible 7. Run the Jewels - RTJ4 6. Code Orange - Underneath 5. AWOLNATION - Angel Miners and the Lightning Riders 4. Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner 3. Make Them Suffer - How to Survive A Funeral 2. Loathe - I Let It In and It Took Everything 1. The Weeknd - After Hours
  2. YES! This band never disappoints me, they outdone themselves here. Also I'm A Wreck is an amazing closer. This album is gonna be on repeat for a while.
  3. The song is definitely a grower. It would probably work in the flow of the album...if it ever releases
  4. This us really damn good! Sticks out to me compared to other stuff. Sick artwork too
  5. Wow....just wow. This album hits some insane levels that you'd never expect from a mainstream artist like The Weeknd. The production and synths are pitch perfect. This is a perfect definition of a vibe AOTY CONTENDER Fav: Hardest to Love, Alone Again, Save Your Tears, Singles, Faith, Scared to Live Least Fav: In Your Eyes, Until I Bleed Out (still great tracks but lower replay value)
  6. So much better than Checkmate. That drop is INSANE!!
  7. This is upsetting...I feel like nothing even happened on this record
  8. Cool but also forgettable...I feel like if they're going to keep releasing 2 min tracks, it has to sound cohesive as an album. This and Pigs Ear feels like "skits"
  9. Hands Like Houses - Headrush March 10th
  10. Tee he-HOLY SHIT!!! Nevermind...must've been a different band
  12. Just got back from seeing the movie, it was very simple but very fun and hilarious! Great performances and the soundtrack along with the score were GREAT! Highly recommend to check it out
  13. I feel sick about what CJ has done but this album is a mammoth!!
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