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  1. That smacks! I love the tuning the band uses, it's so stupid heavy
  2. I'm glad how consistent this album is. It's so much fun especially for pop punk fans. Definitely one of my favorites of the year and has TONS of replay
  3. The Face of Hate - Decent good numetal riffs, 3.5/5 Breaking the Mirror - great chorus and works with the structure of the song 3.5/5 Annihilation - Repetitive, and that breakdown tease...yikes 2/5 The Path - Very mainstream but still good mainstream rock 3.5/5 Prophet - I kept going back to this one. I liked the flow a lot. 4/5 Locked In My Head - Repetitive, Great vocals tho 2.5/5 God of Fire - 🔥 🔥 🔥 I love the riffs. Fantastic buildup still very repetitive 2.5/5 Stockholm - It's like how Anthem was to me. Heavy and short but a little forgettable 2.5/5 Louder Voice - Great from start to finish. Verses, choruses and transitions are great. Probably my most played 5/5 Vendetta - FFAK makes some great brutal metalcore like Pissed off, Shattered Glass, and Backbreaker. This definitely deserves to be up there. The suprise outro is gives me CHILLS. Still great HEAVY riffs, gonna be crazy live. 5/5 I enjoyed a lot from this album which I'll probably be getting slack for in the comments lol despite! I do respect everyone's opinions including negative ones and of course understand like the predictability of the flow that degraded some tracks like Annihilation, Locked In My Head, and GoF. Not the best from them but also not the worst! Louder Voice, Vendetta, and Prophet stand out as top 3 for me. 40/50
  4. I appreciate the approach to Mainstream and these guys fully deserve it for all the hard work on their albums. Some songs on here are a bit "generic" yes. The production overall from Drew Fulk elevates the hell out of it for me and I personally love it. Also Vendettas made me jump with that breakdown at the end. Great album. Not close to AOTY but it'll definitely be in my Top 10/HM. Also here's to hoping ADTR comes out on the 18th (my hopes are down low and my head is up high)
  5. Well this was very unexpected! Going off the single, I'm not sure what to expect.
  6. glad I pre-ordered this now! This sounds amazing! The progression of this band deserves so much attention and love
  7. It's so nice to hear something new from these guys! Can't wait for the album next month Also to anyone saying "bUt iTs nOT HeAvY" RELAX I guarantee there will be heaviness on the album!
  8. Where is the appeal??? Sorry but this is like Cold World bad... Hellbringer and Worldwide showed a lot of promise for the album but everything else? Just boring and generic
  9. Very cinematic and very thought out but the replay value compared to Eternity is almost all gone. Born Cold is still their best song!
  10. I like this a lot! The album was produced by Shooter Jennings which explains the lighter sound but I'm excited for it
  11. 10. Currents. - The Way It is 9. Mac Miller - Circles 8. Enter Shikari - Nothing is True and Everything Is Possible 7. Run the Jewels - RTJ4 6. Code Orange - Underneath 5. AWOLNATION - Angel Miners and the Lightning Riders 4. Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner 3. Make Them Suffer - How to Survive A Funeral 2. Loathe - I Let It In and It Took Everything 1. The Weeknd - After Hours
  12. YES! This band never disappoints me, they outdone themselves here. Also I'm A Wreck is an amazing closer. This album is gonna be on repeat for a while.
  13. The song is definitely a grower. It would probably work in the flow of the album...if it ever releases
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